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Sara Al Amoudi

Sara Al Amoudi may be:

1. A daughter of Osama bin Laden.

2. An estranged wife of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

3. A prostitute.

Sara Al Amoudi may have dated:

1. Hollywood star Joaquin Phoenix.

2. Hollywood star Colin Farrell.

3. Former Arsenal footballer Freddie Ljunberg.

Elliot Nichol

Sara Al Amoudi has been linked to the occult.

Elliot Nichol, a former associate and alleged ex-lover of Sara Al Amoudi, "is accused of dabbling in the occult with her at the Cliveden estate in Berkshire, scene of the Profumo scandal."


Wafah, a member of the Bin Laden family.

Lord Mereworth, an 'acquaintance' of Sara Al Amoudi, says that Al Amoudi has talked to him of being the estranged wife of King Abdullah.

A former boyfriend says Sara Al Amoudi spoke of being Osama Bin Laden's daughter.

Sara Al Amoudi has claimed to be the daughter of Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi, one of the world's wealthiest men, but he denies paternity.

Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi, one of the world’s richest men, was born in Ethiopia to a Yemeni father and Ethiopian mother and received Saudi citizenship in the mid 1960s. 

"Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi has been linked (in the press) to the financing of organizations with associations to terrorist groups. 

"The alleged princess, herself, has stated this to numerous individuals." 

Sarah Mohammed Al-Amoudi

Sara Al Amoudi has told acquaintances that her father is the wealthy Saudi Mohammed bin Aboud Al-Amoudi, but he denies paternity.

In legal papers, Sara Al Amoudi has claimed to be a Saudi-born heiress, married at 13 and exiled because of an adulterous relationship.

Sara Al Amoudi

Property developer Amanda Clutterbuck claims that Sara Al Amoudi is a high-class prostitute who picks up clients in Harrods.

Sara Al Amoudi is the owner of luxury cars and has a "huge entourage of employees."

According to Barclays bank, she had £165million in her account. 

According to Swedish male model Patrick Ribbsaeter: "She didn't wear the burka as a rule - she wore designer clothes... She was drinking champagne every night." 

Patrick Ribbsaeter

According to South London furniture dealer Ms Negat Ali, Sara Al Amoudi is an Ethiopian.

Ms Negat Ali, who is originally Ethiopian, says she once shared a flat with Sara Al Amoudi.

In 2000, Sara Al Amoudi became pregnant "and gave birth to a daughter at St Mary’s Hospital... where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's son, Prince George, was born... 

"The infant was used to seek maintenance payments from a variety of men."

The daughter is now at a private school.


Sara Al Amoudi's lawyer has accused Ms Negat Ali "of being a disgruntled former servant trying to settle an old score with claims that are entirely untrue."

Sara Al Amoudi is currently involved in a court case involving six properties.

Property developer Amanda Clutterbuck and her partner Ian Paton allege that Sara Al Amoudi defrauded them.

Sara Al Amoudi claims that Ian Paton had been her 'lover' for around a decade, "taking millions of pounds from her over this time."

Sara Al Amoudi

In court, Amanda Clutterbuck and Ian Paton's lawyer named a number of men linked to Sara Al Amoudi.

These include:

1. "Sammy, who is the father of her child".

2. Gerald Jerko Zovko, "who is believed to have been married to Al Amoudi until he was killed in Iraq in early 2004 while working as a private security contractor."

3. Cliff Besley, an Australian triathlon champion.

4. Lord Mereworth, "an 83-year-old divorced, heirless and apparently very wealthy hereditary peer."

5. Elliot Nichol, "with whom Sara Al Amoudi appears to have had a lengthy affair."

Elliot Nichol, who died of alcohol poisoning in 2009, was reportedly obsessed with the occult. 

Nichol reportedly lived with Sara Al Amoudi on the Cliveden estate, scene of the Profumo Affair.


Anonymous said...

No way shes the daughter of Bin Laden, not in 100 years. Just a high class prostitute....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Bahraini authorities raid homes and torture suspects for confessions

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

I asked amongst all my friends and found at least four people who hadn't slept with Ms. Al Amoudi (I say 'at least' because one wasn't sure).

Thus it is fair to say that she's not a complete trollop, and shame on you for implying otherwise.

best etc. etc.

shirlz007 said...

either The Bank of England got its end of year report wrong, or 100,000 bars of gold has disappeared from its vaults between Feb and June.

Anonymous said...

^ Confirm, there was a spanish magazine that published his royal c0ck, while the new father was pissing during a ride with horses...

They - the Royals - consider themselves as heirs of DAVID.

Either CHOSEN wannabbes or real chosen ones.

Anonymous said...

shirlz007, thanks for the news.
They write whatever they like,
and unfortunately nobody cares.

Gold and prices in general
are totally manipulated.

Anonymous said...

Chinese firm Huawei controls net filter praised by PM

The artificial debates between Capitalism and Communism,
"nationalised" central banks and private ownership,
democracy and dictatorships are deceptions.
Obviously it does not matter who owns a corporation:
Who secretly controls it rules.

"Huawei strongly denies having close ties with the Chinese government, pointing out it is 98.6% owned by its employees - with the remaining amount held by Mr Ren"
"Huawei's founder Ren Zhengfei, a former officer in China's People's Liberation Army, visited Downing Street last year after his company made a £1.3bn investment into its UK operations."

Does it matter if all our communications are watched by the USA military's NSA or China's military Huawei corporation ? Total surveillance is aimed against us.

"Even when TalkTalk subscribers turn filtering completely off, their traffic is still routed through Huawei’s system."

"Illegal websites - including ones showing images of child abuse - are blocked for all customers with the help of a list maintained by the non-profit Internet Watch Foundation."
So in effect we can now only see sites approved by the worldwide police state.
Instead of putting child porn site operating criminals in prison, the secret rulers finance them to enslave and terrorise us.
Fast and Furious.
Hard to believe, is it not ?

Pedophilia, like (Islamist or home-grown) terrorism, practiced by the ruling death cult, are used as labels to enslave us. Just like the war on drugs and cancer are used to kill us with both.

UK Porn Filter Will Censor Other Content Too, ISPs Reveal

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Aangirfan, the French clothing designers - Brooklyn we go hard - who did the model gig at Savile's cottage, appear to have taken their name from one of Jay-Z's tracks.

As hopefully most know, Jay-Z incorporates "masonic" symbolism in "his" works and shows.

Note Jay-Z's recent release - Magna Carta, Holy Grail - it's on the same front cover of Rolling Stone's Tsarnaev.


Newspaceman said...

Sorry to double comment - but saw the articles when they came out and had little time to look into.

One wonders if the "sour faced", fairly ugly, Prince Charles eared model, is alluding to something, if we bear in mind 911, Jay Z, "Savile's" cottage "smoking" twin chimneys, and the manner of his top buttoned thus "triangled/pyramidical dress. I don't know anything about photography/fashion though, so maybe there is a reasonable rationale.

Although that could be Scotch Mist.


Anonymous said...

Massacre in Egypt: US-Backed Junta Kills Scores, Wounds Thousands of People

America: Super-Bully Nation

Matthew Steeples said...

You link to our pages but seem to have linked to our story about Jimmy Savile rather than the four features we've done on Sara[h] Al Amoudi. Here is the first of them:

Anonymous said...

Surprised no one posted the recent article from London, with full photos of all three sisters, Sara Al-Amoudi, Samera Al-Mutawakel and Maha Al-Mutawakel. Here's the link below.

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