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The Western security services use snipers to kill innocent civilians and foment trouble.

Such snipers have been used by the CIA and its friends in: 

The USA, UK, Norway, Belgium, France,Yugoslavia, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Venezuela, Thailand, Indonesia, Romania, Russia, Kyrgystan,  Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan... 

Strategy of Tension, used to manipulate public opinion.

Recently there were shootings in Cairo - part of the conflict between Morsi supporters and the Egyptian military.

A third force fired at both sides. 

"This revelation raises serious questions about the true nature of the conflict in Egypt and the disturbing similarities between this incident and similar ones in Syria, Thailand, and elsewhere."

A Cairo doctor, a Morsi supporter, related:

"I saw four to six motorcycles coming from the direction of the Rabaa intersection to the Republican Guard barracks...

"The men on the motorcycles were all masked.

"And it was hard to see them through the dark and the tear-gas smoke, but they seemed to be shooting.

"They were coming from behind the protesters, so they were shooting toward the protesters and the Army. 

"Then the Army started firing. And the protestors were firing. I saw firing from both sides."

An Army officer, a policeman, and a soldier were reported killed.

After the Shooting In Cairo - New Yorker

"The Cairo snipers were from some as yet unknown third party whose interest was ...ensuring that violent clashes and killings would take place so as to stoke tensions and foment civil war. 

"Keen observers will note that we have seen this scenario before..."

Civilians being massacred in East Timor by US trained forces. 1991 Santa Cruz massacre

In Indonesia, US trained forces, disguised as Ninjas, murdered civilians.

The cia's ninjas

CIA pilot Allen Pope during his trial in Jakarta, 28 December 1959.

The CIA's Allen Pope bombed civilians in Indonesia.

May 1998.

When the CIA decided to topple Suharto, masked gunmen shot dead a number of students in Jakarta, in May 1998.

In the UK, in 1972, there was the Bloody Sunday massacre. 

Seven children were among the dead. 

There are reports that hidden military snipers provoked the massacre. 

Bloody Sunday in the UK

"It was members of his own RGJ regiment who fired on the Paratrooopers that day - they were under secret orders to provoke the Paras into attacking the crowd at the march." 

LED ZEPPELIN and Clockwork Orange; VIETNAM WAR ...(comments) 

Bloody Sunday 

At Global Research, on 28 November 2011, Gearóid Ó Colmáin wrote: 'Unknown Snipers and Western backed "Regime Change"

Among the points made: 

Romania 1989. 

In Susanne Brandstätter’s TV documentary 'Checkmate: Strategy of a Revolution':

Western spies revealed how death squads were used to destabilize Romania and turn its people against the head of state Nicolai Ceaucescu. 

Dominique Fonvielle, formerly of the French secret service the DGSE, said that spies have to "destabilize the people to the disadvantage of the ruling regime." 


Roma Sisters 
Roma, Romania by The Global Fund 

The western spies interviewed in the documentary revealed how the Western media play a central role in disinformation. 

The victims of Western-backed snipers are presented to the world as evidence of a crazed dictator who was 'killing his own people'. 

Russian Kids Bridge Jumping
Russia by goingslowly 

Russia 1993 

In 1993, Boris Yeltsin’s counter-revolutionaries made extensive use of snipers. 

According to many eye witness reports, snipers were seen shooting civilians from the building opposite the US embassy in Moscow. 

The snipers were (wrongly) attributed to the Soviet government by the international media. 

The CIA's Moslems. The west used al Qaeda to help break up Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavia 1990s 

Secret US military support to terrorist groups in Yugoslavia created the conditions for 'humanitarian' bombing in 1999. 

(German Intelligence and the CIA supported Al Qaeda sponsored terrorists.) 

Venezuela kids thumbs up to you.
Venezuela. By One more shot Rog 

Venezuela 2002 

In 2002, the CIA attempted to overthrow Hugo Chavez. 

On the 11th of April 2002, an opposition march was organized. 

Snipers hidden in buildings near the palace opened fire on protestors killing 18. 

The media claimed (wrongly) that Chavez was 'killing his own people'. 

Thailand April 2010 

On April 12th 2010, there was a conflict between 'red-shirt' activists and the Thai government. 

Unknown snipers killed 21 people. 

Thailand's prime minister "Mr. Abhisit ... blamed rogue gunmen... State television broadcast repeated images of soldiers coming under fire from bullets and explosives." 

"Military observers say Thai troops stumbled into a trap set by agents provocateurs..."

Kyrgyz Kids
Kyrgystan by fearghalonuallain 

Kyrgystan June 2010

Ethnic violence broke out in the Central Asian republic of Kyrgystan in June 2010. 

Unknown snipers opened fire on members of the Uzbek minority in Kyrgystan. reported: 

"Inhabitants offer convincing testimony of gunmen targeting their neighborhoods from vantage points...

"Many people are convinced that they’ve seen foreign mercenaries acting as snipers...

"Inhabitants report seeing black snipers and tall, blonde, female snipers from the Baltic states.

"The idea that English snipers have been roaming the streets of Osh shooting at Uzbeks is also popular." 

In August 6th 2008, the Russian newspaper Kommersant reported that a US arms cache had been found in a house in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, which was being rented by two American citizens. 


An effective means of keeping the government firmly on America’s side would be to insist on a US and European presence in the country to help 'protect' the Uzbek minority.

Ethnic tension can be used to create an environment of fear in order to prop up an unpopular dictatorship.

Islamic Jihadism can be used to create what Zbigniew Bzrezinski called 'an arc of crisis'. 

'Unknown Snipers and Western backed "Regime Change"'

Tunisia by karim76 

Tunisia January 2011 

On January 16th 2011, CNN reported that 'armed gangs' were fighting Tunisian security forces.

Many of the murders committed during the Tunisian uprising were by 'unknown snipers'.

There were videos posted on the internet showing Swedish nationals detained by Tunisian security forces.

The men were clearly armed with sniper rifles. 

Professor Michel Chossudovsky, William Engdahl and others showed how the uprisings in North Africa were following the patterns of US backed people-power coups.

The CIA and its friends, with the help of sections of the Tunisian military, toppled Ben Ali. 

Egypt 2011 

On October 20th 2011, the Telegraph newspaper wrote that Mina Daniel, an anti-government activist in Cairo, had been shot dead by an unknown sniper. 

On February 6th Al Jazeera reported that Egyptian journalist Ahmad Mahmoud was shot by snipers. 


Libya 2011 

A video was aired by Al Jazeera showing demonstrators being fired upon.

The video was edited to convince the viewer that anti-Gaddafi demonstrators were being murdered by the security forces.

However, the unedited version of the video clearly shows pro-Gaddafi demonstrators with Green flags being fired upon by unknown snipers.! 

The attribution of NATO-linked crimes to the security forces of the Libyan Jamahirya was a constant feature of the brutal media war waged against the Libyan people. 

'Unknown Snipers and Western backed "Regime Change"'

British spies 'used to carry out acts of terrorism' in Basra, Iraq.

Syria 2011 

"At the outbreak of the violence in Syria in 2011, many wondered how the situation on the ground escalated so quickly...

"Unknown snipers stationed on rooftops in cities such as Deraa and Hama were indeed the main culprits. 

"Interestingly, the Arab League observer mission, itself openly hostile to the Assad regime, noted in its report of early 2012 that many of the atrocities including sniper shootings, could be correctly attributed to a third, unknown force inside the country..."


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kenny everett again

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The sniper is considered a coward in many military schools, he hides and kills in anonymity.
Recently a british SAS sniper was convicted of bringing backa pistol from iraq, not one of his colleagues would speak up for him
The SAS are terrorists, they break the rules of war, the appaling toll of SAS marraiges tells its own story, many woman are too ashamed of what their men do, i know i was one of them.

brian said...

yes indeed
'The killing of more than 50 people at a demonstration in support of ousted Egyptian President Morsi in Cairo on July 8 has justifiably horrified many in Egypt and internationally. The pro-Morsi elements have placed the blame on the military forces, while the military claims it was attacked with live ammunition. While accusations are hurled back and forth, a new aspect to this story is emerging – the presence of a third force, namely snipers stationed on rooftops firing at both sides of the conflict. '


someone is working to 'create change'..what a pity these snipers are never caught..who would they lead to?

Anonymous said...

I was in a bar frequented by military personel, a lot of laughing from nearby attracted my attention and this guy was bragging that 3 women were standing close together and he put one bullet through the first ones head and as they stood in line to him, he killed all 3 with one shot, people like this make me sick.
I am ashamed of our military

Anonymous said...

The late Geofreey Hartwell was a secretary to Sir Anthony Blunt some years ago, and reported Blunt and his boyfreind several times to the metropolitan police about Blunts abuse of school boys, and procuring them for others.
Geoffrey Hartwell died in 1978, Blunt was never prosecuted, but he lost his knighthood ina big cover up to protect the royals.
David Hartwell

Ian Leslie said...

Between giving up and making bombs, must lie many paths! Weakness prevails over strength. Gentleness conquers. Become the calm and restful breeze that tames the violent sea.

Anonymous said...

All of a sudden... the oil and other goods that were depleted while MORSI was still in power... Have magically, or caballistically, reappeared.

Anonymous said...

Ex-SAS, thank you for your honest comment, I hope you enjoy your new life.

Do you know if only those with empathy get sick with PTSD after killing people ?

Depleted oil cabalistically disappears and reappears worldwide since decades, just like global warming etc, very good comment too :-)

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In absence of the Czar - soon to be erased as the rest of the Romanov's - its military leaders take a sore decision and a multitute of protesters has been shot from multiple locations: The Lena Goldfield Workers and the Massacre of 4 April 1912

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Trayvon/Zimmerman: Are the Masons Playing a Little "I know what you are, but what am I...?"

Alex Jones NEVER talks against the Freemasons.

In fact, he vociferously defends the Satanic criminals, traders in human misery and pirates who drafted the US Constitution from allegations of Masonic unholiness.

But not in this instance...

That's VERY significant...

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