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Michael Jackson said he would like to hug Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.

Thompson and Venables were just 10 when they murdered two year old Jamie Bulger in 1993.

Jamie Bulger

Michael Jackson, who is thought to have been the victim of a child abuse ring, often talked about the Bulger case during a series of interviews with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach eight years ago.

Child killer Jon Venables is being released from prison again.

Fury as judge who gave Bulger killers secret identities casts doubt on links between child porn and sex crimes

In CIA mind control, children are trained to kill other children.


Jamie Bulger, having been taken by Venables and Thompson.

"One moment James was at his mother's side, riding a toy giraffe and pinching a few Smarties from a Woolworth's counter. 

"Then she turned her back, just for a split second, and he was gone. 

"On CCTV footage which captured the moment of his abduction frame by haunting frame, we saw him being taken through the mall by a pair of shadowy silhouettes. 

"His final journey ended on a railway embankment in Walton. James, who was a month short of his third birthday, was found two days later, on February 14, 1993. 

"He had 22 injuries to his head, and another 20 to his body, inflicted with a 22lb iron bar and 27 bricks."

Jon Venables drew this picture entitled 'MY DAD'S HOUSE, weeks before he and Robert Thompson murdered two-year-old James Bulger. http://www.dailymail.

According to the official story, two 10-year-old boys, Venables and Thompson, dreamt up the ritual murder, in great detail, alone.

The interviews: Robert Thompson/Jon Venables 

Two youngsters who found a new rule to break | UK news | guardian

"Robert Thompson's mother Ann married Robert Thompson Snr when she was just 18... 

"An aggressive alcoholic, he would beat Ann mercilessly. 

"On one occasion, she suffered a miscarriage when she was jammed in a door during a violent row.

"The boys did not escape the beatings. They were punished by their father with sticks and belts. 

"'See the evil in my eyes, tw*t,' he'd say to them when he was angry.

"In 1988, he abandoned his family for another woman. Ann Thompson was unable to cope and turned to drink. 

"At the Top House pub in Walton, neighbours recalled her fights with other women, and sometimes even with men."  


Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was an American serial killer and sex offender, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal who committed the rape, murder and dismemberment of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

When Jon Venables stayed with his father Neil, there were videos to watch, including Child's Play 3.

In Child's Play 3, the spirit of a serial killer enters a doll named Chucky.

Chucky kills people.

There is a struggle on a railway track.

In 1993, ten year-old Jon Venables grabbed a two year-old boy called James Bulger and tortured him and battered him to death.

James Bulger's mutilated body was found on a railway track.

Jon Venables accomplice was 10 year-old Robert Thompson.

Jon Venables spent 8 years in the care of the state and was then released. (The Sun)

Jon Venable's father Neil separated from his wife Susan when Jon was four.

After his parents separated Jon began to have problems at school.

Jon's mother Susan Venables has been described as a loose woman whose neighbours "noted a procession of men friends for Mrs Venables". 

(Did bad parenting turn Thompson and Venables into killers?)

Reportedly, Susan was prone to hysterics.

"She came from a 'strict and disciplined' background, and had been observed physically and verbally assaulting Jon."

Jon had a terror of being rejected by his mother.

Jon was afraid of his mother.

(Did bad parenting turn Thompson and Venables into killers?)

James Bulger

Back in 1991, when Jon Venables was eight, his teacher reported that the quiet, timid boy would "rock back and forth in his chair, holding onto his desk, moaning and making odd noises." (Death of James Bulger)

"He banged his head on the furniture... cut himself with scissors... tore down the displays and artwork of other students...

"He approached another classmate from behind and began choking the boy with a wooden ruler...

"No one thought of Jon as a 'bad' kid ... some teachers thought of him as a sweet child, and felt sympathy for him. They thought he was pleading for help."

Jon had a squint in his eye and other kids mocked him.

"Jon was an easy target for the other kids, and they teased him mercilessly, because he was so easily worked up by their provocations...

Jon met Robert Thompson, a manipulative kid who reportedly had psychopathic tendencies.

The two became bullies.

Robert Thompson's parents, Ann and Robert, were heavy drinkers and there was violence in the home. 

The family eventually split up.

Ann had got married to Robert in order "to escape the severe beatings from her father." 

(Death of James Bulger)

Ralph and Denise Bulger

Ann's husband Robert Thompson beat Ann in front of the boys.

And, Ann Thompson beat her sons with sticks and belts.

Young Robert was beaten by his older brothers.

After Jon had met Robert, "Jon disrupted the class...

"Robert was quiet, but seemed to be a shrewd liar, and able to manipulate other students."

When Jon confessed to killing James Bulger, he showed hostility toward his father, "particularly when the issue of sexual assault on James came up. 

(Death of James Bulger)

"He walked over to his father and began punching him, crying 'me dad thinks I know and I don't.'"

How the military treat people

If Jon Venables had come from a posh family, joined the military and gone off to Afghanistan to kill children, he would have been treated as a hero by the Sun newspaper.

"Reports ... emerged that he was given dispensation to join the Army at 18." 

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Byrne tied up, gagged and strangled his child victims for his sexual pleasure. 

Some of his victims thought they were going to die. 


Shy Keenan

The Liverpool Echo, 4 February 2008, had a news story entitled Monsters ruined my life (uk)

Shy Keenan, as a child, was in the hands of a child-abusing paedophile ring.

Stanley Claridge and his ring abused children in Wirral’s Noctorum estate, near Liverpool in the UK.

At the age of four, Shy Noonan became Claridge’s step-daughter.

Stanley Claridge

She was then raped every day and was often being beaten by her mother.

When she was 10, Shy was attacked by the local gang of child abusers and left for dead in a field, her skull fractured.

Schools, social services and police failed to protect Shy.

The abuse occurred mainly on the Noctorum estate between 1971 and November 1982.

Photo from Liverpool in the UK by Man vyi 

The Phoenix survivors website features a suicide note which a child-abuse victim wrote to his mother.

It reads: "What that b**tard did to me I will never forget. 

"I will come back and haunt him I hope. 
"Nobody knew that whilst a kid I was being done by a b**tard that done others, but the big question I would like to be answered is: Why me? 

"Did I ask to be done by a paedophile? Did I ask to be sick for 10 years?"

Now says Shy: “None of us want his death to be in vain and we will never forget him. This country has got a long way to go when it comes to really helping victims. The lack of counselling is appalling.

Shy was filmed and photographed during the rapes until she was 14.


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Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks

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The NSA collects all that data but the pedophiles continue, unmolested.

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its their way of not releasing their power, e g two positives or two negatives dont earth the power, it stays in the vehicle, this is why poofs often suffer never trouble or depression

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