Monday, July 22, 2013


Willem Marx

"Kate had the unfortunate let-me-just-hide-behind-the-rose-bush encounter with two of her exes, Henry Ropner and Willem Marx (they sound like Hollywood producers)."

Kate Middleton Meets With Ex Lovers

Henry Ropner

"Kate dated Ropner briefly in 2007 after a short split with Prince William... "

Kate Middleton Meets With Ex Lovers

Prince Harry

"Queen Elizabeth doesn’t mind. She thinks it’s 'jolly' that Kate slept with Harry..."

NOT A VIRGIN! | Weekly World News

"Are Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton wrapped up in a super sensual love triangle?"

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton Wrapped Up in Steamy Royal ...

The royal twins are named Dwayne and Stacey.

The full statement from the Palace:
Her Royal Highness was safely delivered of twins.

The father was present for the birth.

Her Royal Highness and her children are all doing well and will remain in hospital overnight.


Anonymous said...

I do not get your post about Kate's baby. Why do you believe (or how do you know) that she had twins? If she did, what would they do with the other, sacrifice it to satan? Please explain. Thank you, Cathy

Anonymous said...

Yes explain

Anon said...


O: ...It was a pun.

C: (pause) A PUN?!?

O: No, no...not a pun...What's that thing that spells the same backwards as forwards?

C: (Long pause) A palindrome...?

O: Yeah, that's it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Its amazing how the media is pushing this "event" to push the royals on to the American public. I guess the relationship has to be modernized and expanded since visiting the queens lands (investments) is a must. I wonder if the relationship can survive the truth. Or does a baby paper over the past enough to forgive and remember our past and future rulers?

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