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Schmidt, a German American.

Eric Schmidt is the executive chairman of Google, and he is married to Wendy Boyle.

Google is allegedly the world's largest source of porn, including child porn.

Schmidt is a member of the notorious Bilderberg Group

The Mail on Sunday reminds us that 58-year-old Eric Schmidt, "the unlikely sex symbol with thinning hair and pockmarked skin", has had a string of affairs with younger women.

"Schmidt, worth an estimated £5.4 billion, is believed to have had at least one mistress sign a confidentiality agreement not to divulge any details of their relationship."

gay-o-meter/gaydar for Eric Schmidt

TV presenter Kate Bohner had a three-year affair with Schmidt from 2007 to 2010.

Bohner's close friend Jason Parsley says: "It is ironic that someone like him can be so free and easy discussing other people's privacy issues online while using his vast wealth to protect his own image."

Bohner called Schmidt 'Dr Strangelove'.

Schmidt has been linked to Lisa Shields who works as a publicist for the notorious Council On Foreign Relations.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Pistol Packing Pandas | Facebook.

The internet has been used to expose false flag operations.

The internet has been used by the CIA to promote its propaganda.

Google's Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen. CIA Money Launched Google

What happens next?

Google's Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen have written "The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business." 

Engine of humanity: 'The New Digital Age' - - Financial Times

According to Schmidt and Cohen:

1. Most people are moderates and the internet allows moderates to work together for peace.

2. "Generally speaking, connectivity encourages and enables altruistic behaviour."

Unfortunately, the internet helped the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood to wreck Tunisia.

Unfortunately, the internet is being 'balkanised'.

Google increasingly directs people to particular sites, according to their supposed interests. Google Allegedly Manipulating Search Results Favoring Big Brands ... / The Dark World of Google Manipulation. | The Hive

Some Islamophobe in Boston, for example, may be directed to sites that spew out lies about the recent bombings.

There is very obvious censorship of the internet in China.

In the USA and in Europe the process is more subtle.

The Motive Behind the Boston False...

According to Schmidt and Cohen:

Information, like water, will inevitably find a way around barriers placed in its path.

But, Egypt provides an unpleasant example of this, as the Egyptians were able to find the CIA propaganda, aimed against President Morsi.

Richard Waters, in the Financial Times, reminds us that "the Nazis used the information technology of their day to great effect." ...

According to Schmidt and Cohen:

The internet has the advantage of 'decentralised architecture' and 'anonymity'.

This makes it hard to control. 

However, as Schmidt and Cohen admit, the internet records a lot of information about us, and stores it for ever.

This provides a tool for tyrants.

The CIA likes to use the internet to attack truthseekers?

According to Schmidt and Cohen:

Tyrannical governments can use certain websites as 'venting spaces', where members of the public can ineffectually vent their anger.

You have probably seen websites that allow people to blame Israel for such events as the Battle of Banquan, or that allow people to blame Iran for the Lockerbie Bombing.

Richard Waters, in the Financial Times, asks if "the Facebook generation will be too apathetic to use the new-found power at its disposal."

insane> - Yuba City, CA - T...

Richard Waters refers to Henry Kissinger who attacks the "mad consensus" of certain people online.

Kissinger tells Schmidt and Cohen: "Unique leadership is a human thing, and it is not going to be produced by a mass social community." 

In other words, the internet alone cannot topple someone like Ben Ali of Tunisia.

You also need lots of snipers working for the likes of the Pentagon and NATO.

You also need leaders like Obama, and bankers to back them.

"The Facebook generation will be too apathetic to use the new-found power at its disposal."

Richard Waters, of the FT, warns that attempts by governments to control the internet have only just begun!

How do you spot a  conspiracy blog that's run by the spooks?

Such a blog never blames the CIA or Pentagon for organising such things as pedophile rings, mind control operations or people power revolutions.

Schmidt is a common German surname

Ernst Schmidt is famous for having slept with Hitler.

Hitler was gay | World news | The Observer

Ernst Schmidt, Max Amann & Adolf Hitler

In 1929 Hitler wrote a letter about masochistic and coprophiliac fantasies he had been having.


Anonymous said...

May I add a caveat to your last point?

"... or it never mentions them at all."

No shortage of those sites out there.

I wonder if the satanist/MK crowd imagine that they'll be able to divert all the blame to the Jewish/banking crowd and somehow be left standing at the end of it holding the keys to the kingdom? Like the kapos throwing over the SS so they can rule the regular inmates, kind of thing. Is that what they think will happen?

Small dreams of a scorpion, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Aang, if Google is so evil (and I don't doubt it) why do you still insist on aiding them by using Google links instead of direct links?

giark65 said...

Excellent coverage on Schmidt. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Leaked CIA Document and Freedom of the Press
Court Guts Reporter's Privilege in One of the Most Significant Press Freedom Cases in Decades

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Newspaceman said...

Anon 11.38 -

Maybe some sites, and you don't mention any in particular, have enough on their hands dealing with the MK/ "Satanism" (your words) angle, without getting drowned in a sea of whatever.

Your "caveat" would suggest that these unnamed sites would be run by the "spooks" which is laughable, given the one's I read anyway.

MK/Satanism/celebrity worship are obviously connected with the ongoing creation of a one-world, one-king, society.

"Like the kapos throwing over the SS so they can rule the regular inmates"...

Pigs - Animal Farm

CIA - Pentagon - Puppets of the British Royal Family - always have been, always will be. It was reported just last week that the top-dog of the CIA was heavily influenced by James Bond. That's J & B, the masonic pillars.

The "elite" chortle at "our" stupidity.


Anonymous said...

11:38 AM, looking back you will see the historic conspiracy ruling the British empire effectively renewed their power with the American revolution seemingly against themselves. The coming revolution against Jewish power will be no different. A bloody stage show involving heads of states as lead actors. Watch the engineering in action at various Cointelpro sites.

Anonymous said...

Schmidt a "German" name? You mean Jewish, don't you...?

Schmidt lives about 2 blocks from my mother in Palo Alto. He was renovating his old English style home to make it "green" (by tearing down and rebuilding??) and had many private armed guards surrounding the place, including blue tarps all over to prevent anyone from seeing what he was doing exactly. My sister and I drove by and took some video, disregarding the guards. We were on a public road, after all.
There is something quite strange about these very wealthy and private individuals- they ALL employ immigrants to do their gardening, housekeeping- and I would say 100% of these folks do not even know their workers last names, nor their addresses, nor even have a copy of their identification. They are all most likely illegal immigrants. None of these billionaire/multimillionaire people hire Americans- they are all Latin workers & hardly speak English if at all. It would be very easy for a sayanim to put one to work to do a bit of corporate or personal spying. Something to think about.

Kristin in Arizona

Anonymous said...

Relax Newspaceman,

When I say the MK/satanist crowd I don't mean those who cover it, I mean those who are in it. It's my considered opinion that it's this latter group who run those sites that urge us to shake our fists at Jews and only Jews. If you want to know what one of those sites looks like just go to WRH.

To make things clear my comment was intended to be ironic. The top of the MK/satanist totem is Jewish. And satanist. They're both. Thus what the minions lower down on that particular totem, who are clearly anti-Jewish, think they're going to achieve is in reality a pipe dream.

Truth is, the 'totems' aren't totems but rather pillars, and it's a twin pillar world. The task of each pillar, Jewish and satanist, is to point fingers at each other Hegelian style whilst leaving those at the top, who are both and neither, unscathed.

Still, a blog that contends that the world is one-pillar is better than nothing. At least it gives you half the picture. Admittedly this would comprise a blind spot but people look about. They get it.

As do the lovely schoolgirls here!

best etc. etc.

Newspaceman said...

11.34 - Thanks, and thanks for the info.


Anonymous said...

Hello ~

Your link ~ 'The Dark World of Google Manipulation . . ' link is broken.


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