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Civil war in egypt 1

Israel wants civil war in Egypt?

According to Israel's Yinon Plan, Egypt is to be broken up.

Civil wars require weapons.

Egyptian military officials fear that 10,000 of its weapons have gone missing since 2011.

Egypt Military Fears 10,000 Unaccounted for Weapons Since 2011 / Egypt’s Al-Ahram newspaper

Major General L. Hamid believes:

1. Arms can enter via porous borders with Libya, Sudan and Gaza.

2. Profiteers can descend on Egypt to capitalize on arms trading. 

Caches of large arms held by Egypt’s neighbors could end up within the country, the official was reported as saying.

According to Xymphora:

"It has been a busy few weeks for the Saudis, and Bandar Bush could probably use a vacation. They:

"supported the coup in Egypt by agreeing to financially backstop the moves of the Egyptian army;

"using their Salafis in Egypt, vetoed the appointment of Mohamed ElBaradei as interim Prime Minister..."

Chief of Staff of the US Army General George W. Casey Jr. with Egyptian Army officers in Egypt on Jan. 21, 2010. Casey met with senior military Egyptian leaders, visited different military facilities and visited American soldiers during his trip to Egypt.

There seem to have been a number of attempts, by unknown forces, to provoke trouble.

1. Two boys are thrown off the ledge and beaten as they lie motionless

2. "The armed forces cameramen caught one man firing a pistol at the army, another loading a shotgun and a third firing a weapon from behind shrubbery.

"The army videos show wounded soldiers being carried to safety.

"They do not prove the armed forces point that they fought to protect the entrance of the officers club - but rather that demonstrators used firearms."

Egypt: Conflicting Versions Of Army Killings

The plan by Israel and the USA may be to split Egypt up. Cairo would lose control of the Suez Canal and of Upper Egypt

"As the protests began last weekend, shadowy figures firebombed Brotherhood offices across the country."

Egypt: The second revolution

4. "A Coptic Christian priest was shot dead in Egypt's North Sinai province on Saturday, raising concerns about the potential for further sectarian violence...

"Local media reported clashes between Christians and Muslims in Luxor."

Egypt counts its dead after day of violence

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