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Blogger Doug Ross compiled these photos from Egypt

We suspect that within the US government there is a pro-Morsi faction and there is an anti-Morsi faction.

The pro-Morsi faction in the US government believed that Morsi was the best person to carry out the job of breaking up both Egypt and Syria.

The anti-Morsi faction in the US government had developed doubts about Morsi, and wanted him replaced by someone more reliable.

Barack Obama has avoided describing events in Egypt as a coup - a move that would lead to the suspension of US aid, but he said that support would now be reviewed.

Egypt : It is New Era - Egyptian Chronicles

Blogger Doug Ross compiled these photos from Egypt

Who will take over in Egypt?

Will 'the CIA's Morsi' be replaced by 'the CIA's ElBaradei'?

ElBaradei - Mossad links a

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has spent most of his life in the West.

"The recent trial of the Jordanian spy, Bashar Abu Zaid, accused of spying on Egypt for the Israeli Mossad, has cast further suspicions on Dr. ElBaradei.

"During the trial, Zaid said the Israeli Mossad asked him to promote Dr. ElBaradei ... as a candidate for the next presidential election." 

(ElBaradei - Mossad links) a

ElBaradei is probably too unpopular to win a free and fair election.

Adli Mansour, the top judge of Egypt's constitutional court, is to be sworn in as interim president after the Egyptian army deposed the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi.

 Anne Patterson is the US ambassador to Egypt.

"This fall of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, preceded by fall of Pig of Qatar, preceded by failure of Islamist terrorists in Syria, also preceded by failure of Qatari-funded Mali Islamist terrorists signifies the closing of this chapter of the latest installment of Tel Aviv and Washington's Mideast Mahdi Project, intended to set the Middle East on fire, in a controlled burn to eliminate all hostility to that little bastion of shit, known as "Israel. Bravo! To the brilliant Egyptian people!"

Total Failure of Zionist’s Egyptian “Mahdi” Project

Blogger Doug Ross compiled these photos from Egypt

Egypt protesters were against Obama, too (CNN)
Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator

Blogger Doug Ross compiled these photos from Egypt

Blogger Doug Ross compiled these photos from Egypt


giark65 (abel danger) said...

Thanks to Doug Ross for the images.

Anonymous said...

Muslim Brotherhood created by British Intelligence

Dr. John Coleman, a former British Intelligence agent...states in his report on Iran's Islamic Revolution that the Muslim Brotherhood was created by "the great names of British Middle East intelligence"...and that their mission was to "keep the Middle East backward so that its natural resource, oil, could continue to be looted..."


What REALLY Caused the Coup Against the Egyptian President


Army concern about the way President Mohamed Morsi was governing Egypt reached tipping point when the head of state attended a rally packed with hardline fellow Islamists calling for holy war in Syria, military sources have said.

...the American government has been providing arms, money and logistical support to Al Qaeda in Syria, Libya, Mali, Bosnia and other countries – and related Muslim terrorists in Chechnya, Iran, and many other countries. So moderate Arabs all over the Middle East and North Africa are becoming furious at U.S. interventionist policies.

From the comments:

The US “strategy of tension” in the ME is to promote the minority religious fanatics and use them to destabilize majority secularized Muslim societies. This was not possible under Saddam, so Bush had to invade Iraq, destroy civil society and the progress of several lifetimes, and stoke the fires of murderous religious fanaticism. The same thing is now happening in Syria, following on the successful destruction of Libyan civil society. The satanic ass holes in the US Gov can’t get away with another invasion so they need a proxy for the dirty work in Syria. They are cultivating dupes.

But why? Pundits can’t seem to figure out why the US is supporting the enemy that blew up the WTC. It makes sense when you realize that “al Queda” and dear old Osama BL did not bring down the towers. That convenient fiction created a scapegoat of the Muslim world. And who benefits most from the castration of Islamic power?


Read the rest:

Anonymous said... This is probably the best intel daily from on the ground.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Was Washington Behind Egypt’s Coup d’Etat?


While the Armed Forces have cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood, the Coup d’Etat is ultimately intended to manipulate the protest movement and prevent the accession of a “real people’s government”. The overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi by the Egyptian Armed forces was not carried out against US interests, it was instigated to ensure “continuity” on behalf of Washington.

Read the rest:

Anonymous said...

‘Morsi ousted with US blessing’

From its inception the uprising against President Morsi was aided by the US, researcher and writer Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich told RT. She argues that whoever succeeds the ousted Egyptian leader will likely be beholden to the forces that put him in power.
‘Egyptian army defends US-Israeli interests’

Again, for the military to have stepped in and removed him from power, and especially for General [Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Abdul Fatah Khalil] Al-Sisi, who was instrumental in blocking and enabling the Israelis to kill the Gazans, for them rejoicing over that is just mindboggling. The [Egyptian] military is an instrument of the United States of America, and the billions [of dollars] in support it has gotten for years now goes towards maintaining peace with Israel, not to serve Egyptian people.

Read the rest:

Unknown said...

Benghazi: Where Does Egypt Figure into All of This....?

This thing in Egypt isn't a coup, it's a counter-coup.

The installation of Morsi was entirely an expression of a covert operation by the Israeli Mossad, who helped create the Muslim Brotherhood in 1954 to destabilise Nasser and other Pan-Arabist Socialists.

The "uprising" of 2011 was not authentic and it was not native - it was entirely coming out of the American University in Cario (CIA front, natch.), which had come under control of the Cato Institute, which is by now a complete instrument of the Koch Brothers.

In Jesse Ventura's 63 Documents, he quotes from a leaked Koch weekend retreat agenda and a keynote delivered by David Koch where he express the immediate goal of his patrons (which included Clarence Thomas, Scalia, Eric Cantor and Glenn Beck that time around) to "take the Tea Parties global".

That's what they did.

Unknown said...

The Muslim Brotherhood are deeply into Thomas Freidman
(And female circumcision)

A match made in heaven.

Who Exactly is "Julian Assange"...?

Unknown said...

The October Surprise in Context

" The philosophical divide within the U.S. National Security establishment, especially the CIA, became quite serious in the aftermath of Watergate. To make matters worse, the election of Jimmy Carter in 1976, his campaign promise to clean the "cowboy" elements out of the Central Intelligence Agency and his "human rights" policies alarmed the faction of the CIA loyal to George Bush. Bush was CIA director under Richard Nixon. Finally, the firing of CIA Director George Bush by Carter, and the subsequent "Halloween Massacre" in which Carter fired over 800 CIA covert operatives in 1977, angered the "cowboys" beyond all measure. That was Carter's October surprise, 800 firings on Halloween 1977.

Bush and his CIA coverts were well aware of the Shah's terminal cancer, unknown to President Carter. The team had an elaborate vested interest to protect. They were determined to keep Iran intact and communist-free and put George Bush in the White House.


Hence, the Islamic Fundamentalists were the only viable choice through which the Bush covert team could implement its own private foreign policy. The results: the birth of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the fall of President Carter, and the emergence of something called the "New World Order." Mansoor's documents show step-by-step events:

1. In 1974, the Shah of Iran was diagnosed with cancer.

2. In 1975, former CIA director, and the U.S. Ambassador to Iran, Richard Helms learned of the Shah's cancer through the Shah's closest confidant, General Hossein Fardoust. The Shah, Helms and Fardoust had been close personal friends since their school days together in Switzerland during the 1930s.

3. On November 4, 1976, concurrent with Jimmy Carter's election as President, CIA Director George Bush issued a secret memo to the U.S. Ambassador in Iran, Richard Helms, asking:

"Have there been any changes in the personality pattern of the Shah; what are their implication pattern for political behavior? Identification of top military officers that most likely play key roles in any transference of power if the Shah were killed...who will be the leading actors? How will the Shah's pet projects, including the economic development program, be effected by his departure?"

4. By July 1977, anticipating trouble ahead, the Bush covert team issued preliminary script for the transition of power in Iran. According to John D. Stemple, a CIA analyst and Deputy Chief Political officer of the U.S. Embassy in Iran, "A ten page analysis of the opposition written by the embassy's political section in July 1977 correctly identified Bakhiar, Bazargan, Khomeini and Behesti as major actors in the drama that begin unfolding a year later."

5. Contrary to this analysis, in August 1977, the "official wing" of the CIA fed President Carter a 60-page Study on Iran which concluded:

"The Shah will be an active participant in Iranian life well into the 1980s...and there will be no radical changes in Iranian political behavior in the near future."

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