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According to a former Washington lobbyist, the CIA wanted to assassinate Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi and his co-accused, Al-Amin Khalifa Fhimah, before their Lockerbie Bomb trial could took place.

The former Washington lobbyist William C Chasey, 73, makes this claim in his autobiography, Truth Never Dies.

CIA 'wanted to kill Lockerbie bomber before trial'

Chasey says that he was asked to plant homing devices on Megrahi and Fhimah as part of the plot.

Monzer al Kassar, reportedly the CIA's partner in the smuggling of heroin.

Reportedly, the CIA brought down Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, in order to destroy evidence of their heroin smuggling.


Reportedly the CIA framed Megrahi, using fake evidence.

Fhimah was acquitted in the 2001 trial.

Megrahi was found guilty and, allegedly was later made sick by the CIA.

Charles McKee, one of the whistleblowers killed when PanAm 103 came down over Lockerbie. US spooks were waiting in Lockerbie to remove certain evidence. 

William Chasey is president of the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility, a non-governmental organisation.

He became involved with Libya and the Lockerbie investigation when he was a lobbyist in Washington.

"On behalf of business clients, I went on a lobbying mission in 1992 with a US congressman in a bid to stabilise relations between the US and Gaddafi's hated regime," he said.

He says he was taken to a private meeting with the two Lockerbie accused at a house in Tripoli.

"Myself and the congressman and his wife then met Gaddafi and heard his pleas for help within Washington to get sanctions lifted, and heard his claims that Libya was not involved in Lockerbie," Chasey said.

CIA 'wanted to kill Lockerbie bomber before trial'

In 1995, Chasey wrote a book, Foreign Agent 4221: The Lockerbie Cover-Up, which claimed Libya was not responsible for the bombing.

The US government decided to take revenge on Chasey, and he was investigated by the FBI.

"The FBI investigation, along with a probe by the US tax service, damaged my business and put incredible pressure on my wife, Virginia, and our young daughter Katie," he said.

He said: "I was hit with 21 felony charges over crimes including wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, even larceny and forgery over allegations I stole headed notepaper from congressional offices."

He denies the claims and says all but one were dropped in 1998.

CIA 'wanted to kill Lockerbie bomber before trial'


In 1998 Chasey was contacted by the CIA at Dulles Airport in Washington.

"An agent approached me and asked if I could meet again with Megrahi and Fhimah to pinpoint their location so the CIA could assassinate them. In return, the charge would be dropped and my record expunged," he said.

"My belief is that the CIA wanted the suspects eliminated to stop any trial taking place...."

Chasey was sent to jail.

He said: "I was sent to Allenwood Federal Prison in Pennsylvania and was amazed when I was joined in the canteen one day by the same CIA agent and one of his colleagues, dressed as inmates.

"They offered to free me and clear my record, but I said I would not take part in their plot to put electronic homing devices in the suspects' residences so they could be targeted...."

Chasey has been diagnosed with incurable cancer.

CIA 'wanted to kill Lockerbie bomber before trial'

On Jan. 30, 1990, Tony Gauci was shown a SLALOM shirt and was asked if he had sold one to the mysterious buyer (alleged to be Megrahi). "That man did not buy any shirt, I am sure," Gauci stated to the investigators. Ulrich Lumbert wrote: "I confirm today on July 18, 2007, that I stole the third hand-manufactured MST-13 timer PC-board consisting of eight layers of fiber-glass from MEBO Ltd. and gave it without permission on June 22, 1989, to a person officially investigating in the Lockerbie case."Lockerbie: J'accuse - OhmyNews International

Dr Jim Swire, whose daughter Flora, 23, died in the bombing, believes Megrahi was innocent.

"I think Bill Chasey is telling the truth about the CIA," says Swire. "He is a respected philanthropist and was a leading lobbyist in Washington, so he's not a crank."


Cheltenham College pupil Jack Bowlby


Anonymous said...

The “Tonkin Gulf War Pretext Incidents”: When the US Wants to Start a War, it Lies

Was Washington Behind Egypt’s Coup d’Etat?
Did the Pentagon give the "Green Light".

Anonymous said...

MP: Ireland a Lapdog for US Imperialism | Hero

Will The New Egypt Allow Palestinians To Arm - Morris

Anonymous said...

giark65 (abel danger) said...

Not my area of understanding but David Hawkins did make allegations. Please note Hawkins was high up in Schlumberger and a global trouble shooter. His take on that scene is first hand.

Back to Lockerbie...

Rössing Uranium Mine and Stealing Billions of Pounds-Worth of Namibia's Natural Resources

The past and future British Prime Ministers made a point of visiting the Rössing Uranium Mine in Namibia (illegally occupied by apartheid South Africa in defiance of UN Security Council Resolution 435). In 1989, the Rössing mine was jointly owned by Rio Tinto Group and the Iranian Government, and was supplying uranium to develop Iran’s nuclear programme. Mrs Thatcher was so impressed with the Rössing Uranium Mine that she declared it made her “proud to be British”, a sentiment echoed by Mr Cameron (see

It has recently been reported that Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron concluded a secret nuclear deal with the apartheid regime during their visit in 1989 (see

On 21 December 1988, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, was the most prominent of the 270 victims of the Lockerbie bombing. In the months leading up to his death, Carlsson had warned that he would start proceedings against the countries and firms which had been defying UN law over many years by stealing billions of pounds-worth of Namibia's natural resources.

Thank you again for detailed reporting.

Unknown said...

The Maltese Double Cross – Lockerbie discusses evidence and witnesses that would eventually figure at the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing trial in 2000:
• the Mebo MST — 13 timer fragment, which Thomas Thurman of the FBI's forensic laboratory said that he identified on June 15, 1990;
• Mebo's Swiss owner, Edwin Bollier, is interviewed at length;
• forensic scientist, Dr Michael Scott, describes DERA's 'forensic expert', Alan Feraday, as a technician without any formal qualifications as a scientist;
• solicitor, Alastair Logan, criticises DERA's Dr Thomas Hayes for the forensic evidence that was used to convict the Maguire Seven;
• former CIA operative, Oswald LeWinter says the appointment of 'Libyan dirty tricks expert', Vincent Cannistraro, to head the CIA's team investigating Lockerbie 'would be funny, if it were not an obscenity';
• Department of Defense Whistle Blower Lester Coleman linked the bomb to a terrorist cell trained by CIA operative, Edwin P. Wilson; and,
• best-selling author, David Yallop, reviews the available evidence and looks at who might have been responsible for the Lockerbie bombing.
The documentary disputes the conclusion reached by the official investigation into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, instead advancing the theory that the bomb was introduced onto the aircraft by an unwitting drug mule, Khaled Jafaar, in what the filmmaker claims is a CIA-protected suitcase.
Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, former prime minister of Iran, discusses the idea that Iran took revenge for the shootdown by the USS Vincennes of Iran Air Flight 655 in July 1988.
FTR #61 Previously recorded segments and archive programs analyze a growing and compelling body of information indicating complicity on the part of elements of Western intelligence agencies with the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 on 12/21/88.
This program updates that information by discussing the shoddy (and probably illegal) treatment of former Defense Intelligence Agency operative Lester Coleman. Coleman provided information alleging that a DEA sting operation went awry, permitting the Pan Am 103 bombers to carry out the act. Imprisoned in New York City, whistle blower Coleman has been denied access to treatment for the cancer that afflicts him, thus endangering his life.
In addition, the broadcast sets forth the alarming circumstances surrounding the death of documentary film-maker Alan Francovich, whose film The Maltese Double Cross accesses Coleman's allegations, as well as highlighting other evidence of the complicity American, British and German intelligence services with the bombing.
The film had been the focus of active attempts at suppression. Francovich died of an apparent heart attack while going through U.S. customs in Houston, with documents in his possession that would exonerate Coleman and implicate the Reagan and Bush administrations and the CIA in a number of unsavory and illegal activities.
Francovich's previous most famous documentary provided the first, comprehensive historic investigation of
Operation GLADIO

Unknown said...

Eurozone Crisis A History of Britain and the EU - Thatcher bombs Libya to annoy the Europeans

Unknown said...

The reason for the Reagan Administrarion's apparent complete cowardice in the face of Islamic Terror in the Middle East was this: Around 1984, Hezzbollah kidnapped the Beruit Station chief for CIA and the George Bush Secret Team, William Buckley (not that one), and he was traded to the Iranians and transferred to Tehran where he was interrogated by Kohmeni's people.

In fact, he was tortured to death. On videotape. And the Ayatollah sent the videotape of his full and complete confession to heroin trafficking through Syria and Lebanon from Afghanistan back to Washington by Fed-Ex.

Jinkies! Former Reagan White House staffer and truthteller Barbara Honegger vs. The Casey Family

Unknown said...

Benghazi: Where Does Egypt Figure into All of This....?

This thing in Egypt isn't a coup, it's a counter-coup.

The installation of Morsi was entirely an expression of a covert operation by the Israeli Mossad, who helped create the Muslim Brotherhood in 1954 to destabilise Nasser and other Pan-Arabist Socialists.

The "uprising" of 2011 was not authentic and it was not native - it was entirely coming out of the American University in Cario (CIA front, natch.), which had come under control of the Cato Institute, which is by now a complete instrument of the Koch Brothers.

In Jesse Ventura's 63 Documents, he quotes from a leaked Koch weekend retreat agenda and a keynote delivered by David Koch where he express the immediate goal of his patrons (which included Clarence Thomas, Scalia, Eric Cantor and Glenn Beck that time around) to "take the Tea Parties global".

That's what they did.

Unknown said...

Arrow Air Flight 1285 is "The Other Lockerbie", the one no one ever heard of.

The Air Crash Investigation into the cause of the crash killing over 200 US Army Rangers returning home for Christmas from their Peackeeping Mission in the Sinai produced a 3 way split decision as to the cause.

The difference of opinion split was as follows:

Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ): We did it. We blew up the plane to show that we can strike at the Yankee infidels wherever they are in the world.

Canadian Air Crash Investigstors: 230 US Amry Rangers will have had considerably more muscle mass than 230 average passengers, so the plane crashed because it was too heavy.

American Air Crash Investigators: Ice.

The fact that Arrow Air was a CIA propriety airline used by Ollie North to move drugs and guns around the world and the huge stash of untraceable Czech weapons and rocket launchers stowed in the hold for passage on to Nicaragua was presumably felt to have absolutely nothing to do with it either.

Together with the Beruit Barracks bombing, KAL-007 and Lockerbie, this places the loss of American lives due to acts of terror directly resulting from foreign policy blunders during the Reagan years far in excess of a thousand lives, without even counting the minor incidents.

Barack Obama's body count currently stands (officially) at 7 - but since the the 4 at Bengazi were as a result of a botched October Surprise military coup, and the three in Boston are made up people, it's actually really zero.

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