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Spartacus was first published by John Stamford in 1970. In 1995, Stamford died mysteriously in prison in Belgium, aged 56, just before he was due to stand trial on child sex charges.

The travel guide called Spartacus listed boy brothels around the world.

Some of these brothels have been visited by top people from the USA and Europe.

One of these boy brothels in Thailand was run by a 'spooky' American who was a Vietnam-war veteran.

One of these brothels in Haiti was allegedly visited by a UK government minister responsible for the security service MI5.

One of these boy brothels was in Richmond, a spooky part of London haunted by spooky American evangelical Christians.

The security services use some of these brothels to help blackmail and control top people.

It should be noted that the Marc Dutroux network, involving kidnapped young girls, stretched into very many countries.

Dutroux case: there were other dungeons

Former priest, John Stamford, publisher of Spartacus.

Among the places listed by Spartacus was the Elm Guest House, a boy brothel in London, favoured by the elite.

Peter Glencross, the commercial manager of Spartacus, reportedly helped turn the Elm Guest House into a boy brothel.

Peter Glencross

Allegedly, 'a Mr John Rowe, allegedly of the UK security service MI5,' also helped turn Elm Guest House into a boy brothel.

"John Anthony Rowe is the brother of Michael Stuart Rowe, AKA Paul Rinehart...

"Rowe and Glencross ... wanted to extend the model countrywide.

"They wanted ... dozens of guest houses around the country, in places where the care system was already infiltrated by their associates."

Bishop Brightly | The Elm Guest House Money Men / Bishop Brightly | Elm Guest House

Elm Guest House, in London.

"Spartacus would do the publicity and send the child abusers to their doors while (Michael Stuart Rowe's company called) RAWRO Investments Ltd franchised the 'facilities' – saunas, video equipment and sadomasochistic items... 

"But their plans extended beyond the UK borders. 

Reportedly, the 'Dutch venture' would allow Spartacus to organise, through Russell Tricker's company Toff’s Travel, the trafficing of children and transport of punters to various venues in various countries.

Bishop Brightly | The Elm Guest House Money Men / Bishop Brightly | Elm Guest House

Reportedly, a government minister, who was at one time the minister responsible for MI5, was a visitor to the Elm Guest House.

Spartacus was exposed by The Sunday Times in 1986, when undercover reporters were offered two boys in Manila, aged 8 and 14.

Elm guest house scandal: Coded advert that gave signal to perverts / Spartacus | theneedleblog

The Dutroux trial in Belgium - part of a vast cover-up.

The Marc Dutroux child-kidnapping network was reportedly protected by top people in the police and government in more than one country

Dutroux case: there were other dungeons

Dutroux apparently had 'dungeons' in various countries.

Children were raped by politicians, diplomats, celebrities, judges... in brothels such as the one above.

Phone records (Dutroux case:) reportedly show that calls to one particular Brussels brothel, which involved children, came from:

- The Embassy of the UNITED STATES

- The Ministry of DEFENCE

- The Ministry of INTERIOR

- Parliament of the EUROPEAN UNION

- Gendarmerie BRUSSELS 1000

- Police BRUSSELS 1000

The U.S. ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, who reportedly solicited sexual favours in a Brussels park. Gutmen is pictured with his wife Michelle Loewinger. nydailynews.

Phone records (Dutroux case:) suggest that calls to one particular brothel in Brussels came from:

- Companies (RTBF, SNCB ...)

- Federation of Catholic Scouts (FSC)

- Protection of children and youth in Flanders.

- IMP Prince of Orange.

Michel Nihoul, who was briefly jailed for his part in the Dutroux Affair.

 Marc Toussaint wrote :

"Tino was placed in children's homes when he was nine years old...

"He says the director of the these homes took him to orgies in large secluded villas where he was, with other children, sexually abused.

"He says he witnessed ... acts of mutilation and torture of children, and witnessed the killing of some of the victims. "

The people involved in the satanic ritual abuse of children are said, by witnesses, to include bankers, politicians, diplomats, royalty...

A good summary of the Dutroux case here.

Toos Nijenhuis,  Regina Louf, Paul Bonacci and many others have given evidence on 'the satanic ritual abuse of children'.

(Franklin , The Finders , McMartin preschool ,Johnny Gosch , David Shurter).

Toos Nijenhuis says she was ritually raped and tortured from 4 years of age by her parents, by her family doctor, and by the minister of the local church.

Sprengenberg Castle

She says she was was prostituted around the world for rituals and orgies.

She refers to a prince, a cardinal, a rabbi, Masons, Sprengenberg castle, Australia, Bavaria, Wales, Scotland, Saudi Arabia...

BRIEF: snuff movies and sacrifices of children in the Netherlands

Nijenhuis Toos points to a place where child sacrifice allegedly took place.


In London, a boy who stayed at Grafton Close children's home was sent to Elm Guest House and then to Amsterdam as a child sex slave.

Many children ended up in Amsterdam.

Paedophile connections

Amsterdam means child snuff videos, Warwick Spinks, Derek Brown, Mark Enfield, René Osterwalder....

Derek Brown reportedly spoke about a snuff movie made about 14year old Jason Swift in 1985.

Jason Swift was from a children's home in London's Islington.

René Osterwalder, a Swiss Doctor, reportedly wanted Romanian children to kill in snuff movies.

"Spinks was at the crossroads of several networks, including Zandvoort, through its contacts with Norbert de Rijke and Lothar Glandorf."

Rowe, from the Elm Guest house, went to Holland on frequent trips.

Peter Glencross, of Spartacus, lived in the village of St Leger des Vignes, in the centre of France, with boys that he had 'adopted'.

The boys were all from South America.

Hubert Védrine, the spokesman for the French president, lived with Glencross.

In 1990, the police discovered a vast store of child porn at Glencross's home.

Reportedly, some of these pedophiles are linked to the CIA's Operation Gladio.

French shocked

Elm Guest House's alleged visitor list allegedly includes:

Sir Stuart Bell MP, who died in 2012.

"The father of a boy who had been violated, unsuccessfully sought to have Bell investigated. The father found his son unconscious.

"An innocent man was tried and convicted , but the boys father believed the criminal was Stuart Bell."

In the Cleveland child abuse scandal Bell "made unsubstantiated accusations of 'clinical error' against local pediatricians and child sexual abuse specialists. The paediatricians, Dr. Marietta Higgs and Dr. Geoffrey Wyatt, were later absolved and their forensic clinical work validated at a committee of inquiry."

Sir Anthony Blunt, MI5

He died in 1983 around the time of a police raid on Elm Guest House.

Sir ##### ######### Conservative MP and member of the Monday Club with possible links to the security service MI6.

Savile and friends.

Ronald Brown, Labour MP died in 2002.

Sir ##### ###### Conservative MP and former cabinet minister.

Lord #### #######, former top cabinet minister

"Throughout his career, he was accused of pedophilia, specifically by victims taken from the 80 Welsh Children's Homes.

"Apparently, the police went to his home after finding a half naked boy in the street who told them he had been raped by ####### and his friends who had brought him to his house."

Professor ##### ########

Chris Denning of the BBC, who has been in prison for child abuse.

Sir Charles Irving, Conservative MP and member of the right-wing Monday Club.

#### ##### of the police Special Branch

Colin Jordan, fascist neo-Nazi politician.

#  ######, Buckingham Palace

Sheila #######

Woman Police Constable Elizabeth ########

A former Director of Social Services in Richmond 

##### ######, Queens Council

A former Director of Education in Richmond

The typical right-wing conservative.

Harvey Proctor MP, member of the Monday Club.

It was reported that Proctor had spanked boy prostitutes in his London flat.

He became private secretary to the Duke of Rutland, whose Belvoir Castle is hired out for private parties. Catherine Zeta-Jones filmed The Haunting there.

##### #######, world famous Pop Star, known by the nickname of "Kitty", and said to be linked to the Kray Twins.

Sir Jimmy Savile, alleged Satanist murderer and friend of many of the top people, including those in Israel.

Police Constable ####### #######

Sir Cyril Smith, former Liberal MP and alleged rapist of children.

A former head of Grafton Close Children's Home.

A former leader of the Greater London Council

Police Constable ##### #####

Many others.

Op Fernbridge: Haroon ‘Harry’ Kasir Arrested


Anonymous said...

The NSA Given a Free Hand to Operate in Germany

Fomenting Civil War in Egypt

Venezuela: U.S. and Opposition’s Private Sector Waging Economic War, Attacking Food Sovereignty

Anonymous said...

- Striking similarities between the pyramid of pedophiles on the article and the old pyramid of power provided by Fritz Springmeier.

- Best book on Dutroux case: X-Dossiers (wasn't it translated?)

- Best webpages on the same:

Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions (
Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (

...both are gone, but some pieces are scattered on:

Anonymous said...

The net is closing in.

Anonymous said...

Missed out is that the BBC issued internal warnings that certain people ona long list should be kept away from young boys at all times the list included some well known names as Frankie Howard and Wilfren Bramble and i believe the comedian chap from on the buses.
That the BBC knew of this yet still employed these men is disgusting, BTW in the 19303such people as guy burgess and other active boy-nobbers worked for the beeb

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Um... if they're 'boys', which is to say children, then there is no 'WILINGLY', misspelt or otherwise. Since consent must be informed, and since children are incapable of informed consent, then any adult who has sex with a child is taking advantage of that child. Given all this, they're all victims and there's no point differentiating between them.

Not unless you're an abuser that is. An abuser's first and only weapon is to blame the victim - "It was all his idea!" And what would your response be? To nod in sympathy? "You poor thing, those terrible children leading you astray."

And did you say 'BUMBADILLO'? What the fuck are you talking about? Complete nonsense? There is no such word apart from its use in a drearily written Lord of the Rings parody. And what is 'SOLOMONS DICTIONARY OF SEXUAL TERMS'? Is there such a thing? A quick google check makes me doubt it. I even wonder if 'HELEN MARX' isn't bullshit too.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

You probably haven't heard but --

A Mr. "Zeller" (jewboy), Mayor of San Diego, has admitted sexual harassment of women who work with him, but he will not resign, as he feels he deserves another change.

A Mr. Elliot Spitzer, former Attorney General for the State of New York, and who went after prostitution rings and call girls during his reign of terror, was found to be "John # 9" , a client of a very high class call girl ring in New York City. He resigned in disgrace (hypocrite) but 3 years later, he is running for New York City Comptroller (controller of the money, naturally).

A Mr. Anthony Wiener (really, that is his name) was forced to resign from the U.S. Congress when it was found that he had accidentally sent a close up shot of his naked wiener out to the world of Facebook and Twitter.
Accused of boy-nobbing, He initially said he account had been hacked by Al Qaeda, then finally admitted (months later) that he "accidentally" sent it. His wife (Hillary Clinton's lesbian lover) was not very happy. He resigned from Congress in disgrace, but now he is running for the Mayor of New York City, and he is in the lead.
Moral: you can't keep a bad Heebrew down -- like the vampires they are, they rise from the grave of public disgrace to continue to rape, plunder, destroy and hypocritize (made up word) our society to somehow, make it worse.
What interesting genetic programming....

Anonymous said...

To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.

Libbre David 37

A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat.

Hadarine, 20, B; Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348

A Jew may violate but not marry a non-Jewish girl.

Gad. Shas. 2:2

Anonymous said...

Before exhibiting to our readers the first capital crime of Christianity, in establishing itself by the unscrupulous use of force on the ruins of Paganism, we think it necessary to refer to the Agape or Love-feasts, which appear to have disgraced the early Church. Even in the time of Paul the celebration of the Eucharist was the occasion of some scandal. [5:2] We learn from Justin Martyr, Minutius Felix and others, that the Pagans accused the Christians of indulging in orgies of gross licentiousness in their secret festivals, which were held at night. Justin Martyr, while repudiating the charge on behalf of the orthodox, was careful to add of the heretics: "Whether or not these people commit those shameful and fabulous acts - the putting out the lights, indulging in promiscuous intercourse, and eating human flesh - I know not." [5:3] Theodoret, in his work on Heretic Fables, charges them all with lewdness, "such that even stage-players were too modest to describe it, or hear it described," and he asserts that they had exceeded and eclipsed the greatest proficients in wickedness. [6:4] Clement of Alexandria says that "Carpocrates and Euphrates maintained the community of women," and adds, "of these and others of like sentiments, it is said, that they have a supper (for I cannot call it a love-feast), where men and women meet, and, having eaten plentifully, the candles are put out, and they mix together promiscuously." [6:5] Eusebius also says that the Carpocratians gave occasion of reproach to the Gospel, and that it was chiefly owing to them that Christians were charged with promiscuous lewdness and other crimes in their assemblies. Origen also puts the crimes with which Christians were charged to the account of the Ophites and Cainites. Yet the evidence of Justin Martyr proves that such charges were brought against the Christians before these sects existed. Tertullian, indeed, after becoming a Montanist, divulged the fact that in the Church which he had before so zealously defended the young men lay with their sisters in the Agape, and wallowed in wantonness and luxury. [6:6] Such accusations were made by those who had been Christians themselves, in places as far apart as Lyons, Rome, and Asia Minor. Trials took place before competent tribunals, and the Christians were punished. When we know that the Agape were prohibited by several councils because of the scandals to which they gave rise, it is difficult to exonerate the early Christians from these grave charges. Much of the persecution to which they are alleged to have been subject by the best and wisest emperors, probably arose from these secret midnight meetings. [6:7]

Chris said...

Just a clued in mother of two small children here.

Hell will hath no fury as to the indignant rage that us loving human mothers and fathers will exact on these "people" once the covering power structure crumbles away.

There is NO excuse for their behaviour except pure evil in their hearts.

Time for payback is loooooong overdue!

Mother lioness GROWL!!!

Anonymous said...

ELIOT Spitzer utilized the services of adult prostitutes. So what? Most married men would do the same, given the opportunity. He is otherwise a decent, truth-seeking individual and perhaps was getting too close to exposing Wall Street.

Anonymous said...

I think it is now clear to millions around the world now that the banker families are running the word through the blackmail of paedophiles. Many, many journalists in the West know this but they are afraid. They'd rather allow children to be abused and murdered than risk their own lives. Their inaction makes them culpable. These globalists and all who have helped them, either by their actions or their inaction, are doomed, and horribly so. Many of these journalist were raised as Christians. To any Christian journalist reading this now I would like to say this: Jesus Christ too was afraid. But, by choice, he died an horrific death. By his example he taught us all how to die, how to lose our 'lives' and preserve out souls. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

thankyou Helen Marx for some good common sense here. We often mix up boys that want to do this with boys that were forced, several figures in the Haut De Gerenne case insisted the boys were willing victims, and proving this untrue is very difficult when in some cases these boys have been missing 30 years.
We cannot smear they all when the majority had no chioce but go along with this perversion

Anonymous said...

Interesting. The blame-the-victim meme getting a tag team effort.

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