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Good friends once more.

THE TIDE turned in Syria as early as May 2013, when the BBC started criticising the rebels.

The CIA and Pentagon would appear to have a new policy.

"You’ve probably noticed the change in tone of the Atlanticist press on the Syrian issue. 

"The 'rebels', these 'champions of Freedom', have suddenly turned into fanatical terrorists who tear each other apart." 


According to Thierry Meyssan, "Washington has simply abandoned the idea of ​​overthrowing Assad... 

"Next step: the loss of French influence in the region."

'Soon, no more obstacles to the new Sykes-Picot', by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, 22 July 2013,

Secretary of State, John Kerry 

According to Thierry Meyssan:

"The Atlanticist press has discovered with horror that the armed opposition in Syria is composed of fanatics hated by the vast majority of Syrians...

"The Free Syrian Army and the Al-Nusra Front, instead of fighting against Damascus troops, are waging a merciless war against each other..."


Thierry Meyssan writes:

"What I wrote [1], which was labeled as 'conspiracy theory' by the mainstream press, is becoming obvious ten months later...

"CIA director, John Brennan and Vice President Joe Biden, have convinced Congress behind closed doors that they should not send decisive weapons to Syria... 

"The Geneva II Conference, discussed for the past year, is coming into focus."


So, there have been changes of leadership in Qatar, Egypt and Iran.

France and the United Kingdom used to share the Middle East.

After the coming Geneva II Conference:

"The United States and Russia will divide North Africa and the Levant, at the expense of France, dividing the region into zones sub-contracted by the Saudis (Sunni) or the Iranians (Shi'ites)."

“Soon, no more obstacles to the new Sykes-Picot”, by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, 22 July 2013,

Egypt's Sissi now compared to Nasser, a nationalist.

Israel and the CIA would appear to have somewhat different views on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Israel believed that it could use the Muslim Brotherhood to break up Egypt and its neighbours.

The CIA believed that it could use the Muslim Brotherhood to control the Islamic World and to destabilise China and Russia.

The CIA now seems to have decided that its original policy of backing Morsi was not working?

Proposed US House bill keeps Egypt military aid, amid steep cuts

The Saudis have backed the toppling of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

We assume that the Saudis are backing the Pentagon?

F. William Engdahl refers to the Saudis’ Unprecedented Break with Washington over Egypt.


Anonymous said...

Countercoup by Egyptian Military Blocks Bid by Morsi, Moslem Brotherhood to Usurp War Powers Vs Syria, Ethiopia

US Congress Must Deny Funding to Syrian Rebellion

Morsi Ousted by Generals to Stop His Plan for Sending the Egyptian Military to Attack Syria’s Assad

Unknown said...

On the eve of this year’s Bilderberg meeting, the Anglo-French intelligence bosses have clearly shown their hand with two high-profile attacks on Obama. Wednesday, June 5 marked the liberation of Qusayr, the great Stalingrad of the Syrian terrorist death squads deployed by NATO against Assad. With the rout of these terrorists, the main units of the self-styled Free Syrian Army, along with the Nusra branch of al Qaeda, are likely to face annihilation in the short to medium term.

On the same day that Qusayr fell, the British and French governments hysterically demanded that Obama undertake a total bombing campaign against Syria, whatever the consequences in regard to Russia and other powers. To his credit, Obama is continuing to say no to this lunatic Anglo-French neocolonial adventure.

On that same June 5, the London-based daily The Guardian, in an article by the expatriate American Glenn Greenwald, hyped a court order from the secret FISA panel of federal judges showing that the US National Security Agency was routinely monitoring the telephone records (including time, locations, call duration, and unique identifiers, but not the contents of the conversations) of possibly unlimited millions of Verizon phone subscribers. Back in the US, reactionary talk show hosts began screaming

“Obama taps your phones!”

On June 6, again in advance of every other newspaper in the world, The Guardian published another article by Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill revealing that the National Security Agency, under a program called Prism, had obtained direct access to the servers of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Apple, Youtube, Skype, AOL, and Microsoft, and was busily monitoring the content of e-mails, file transfers, and live conversations. Back in the US, reactionary talk show hosts began screaming,

“Obama reads your e-mail!”

Under George Bush, warrantless wiretaps and similar illegal programs were revealed by various media organs. These revelations had minimal impact on Bush, whose base was indifferent to civil liberties.

Obama’s base, by contrast, cares very much, and has been visibly upset by these new reports.

While strongly condemning these totalitarian programs, we must also not lose sight of who is putting these reports into circulation, and why.

Phone taps are bad, but a general war in the Middle East leading to a possible Third World War is far worse.

"'Mr. President, we have something of a disposal problem...."

The Late Ambassador Chris Stevens was greatly admired in Damascus, and across the Levant (except Israel), in particular, we are told, by both Presidents Assad, and Assad Sr. was not only on good enough terms with James Bakker III in 1989 to dodge the (correctly aimed) bullet of blame as regards the source of the Pan-Am 103 Lockerbie bomb case, the dynasty are old business partners of Oliver North in the heroin traffick through the Syrian-controlled Bakah Vallye in Lebanon.

Unknown said...

"There are Arab countries where thre is no freedom, or liberty, at all;

which have one-family rule, who even give the name of their family to their country.

But there is no Jihad in such countries,

But the Jihad is in Syria, and it seems that those who are fighting it are ready to spend an ocean of blood....

"So, when are you starting in Saudi Arabia...?"

"What you are askling us to believe is that a revolution supported by McCain, by Lieberman, by Britain, France, AmericaI, Isreal, Saudi Arabia, by Qatar - is a revolution for the good, for truth?

Are you asking me to believe that Netanyahu is now on the side of haq?"

Unknown said...

Operation Condor - The 40 Year Legacy of CIA Sponsored International Right-Wing Terrorism

"We have a disposal problem, Mr President...."

Ali Soufan: "I don't mean to sound crude, but whack them".

These are all people who have BEEN THROUGH due process, many of them detailed and convicted at Guantanamo and then LET OUT by the Military Commissions under the Bush Administration from 2006-2009.

These are people who have been turned and recruited by CIA in Camp X-Ray and sentenced to time served,

They are a CIA- Mossad Contra Death Squad created as policy under Cheney and turned into protected hired killers to destabilise foreign governments and cause carnage.

Kill them.

Anonymous said...

Lift the BS Veil of Religious Fighters and you got it real: Mercenaries (rent-a-terrorist).

Tarpley's view (morsi-ousted-by-generals-to-stop-attack) seems BS to me.

Anonymous said...

very helpful

Anonymous said...

Syria : Pentagon lays out U.S. Military invasion and destruction of Syria (Jul 23, 2013)

Dempsey lays out military options for US in Syria

Troops on the Ground? Martin Dempsey’s Five Options for War with Syria

(Michel Chossudovsky )
By Global Research News

Military observers have emphasized that at least four of these options including a limited no fly zone could lead to a war with Iran as well as confrontation with Russia, which is supporting Syria’s air defense system. Direct U.S.-NATO military intervention in Syria could potentially lead to a regional war which has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon since 2003.

Thank you Aang, for your great blog.

su said...

So Cameron the Etonian rooster today announces he will continue the fight for gay marriage and he has taken steps to block internet child porn.

Problem solution scenario here again, if they can blog porn they can blog anything and the sheeple wave their little plastic flags and feel safe.

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