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Susan Stewart, sitting on the Scottish Parliament Committee in 2010

Dr Susan Stewart worked with vulnerable children, advising courts and local councils on whether or not they should be taken into care.

Dr Susan Stewart was a government adviser on child protection.

Dr Susan Stewart was the manager of a 'child and family assessment centre' for the top Scottish children's charity Aberlour Child Care Trust.

She has now been charged with fraud over allegations that she falsely claimed to be a medical doctor.

Child abuse expert charged with fraud over allegations she falsely claimed to be a doctor.

A child protection services source said: "I just hope the police investigation doesn't reveal anything sinister in her motives."

Susan Stewart was head of Aberlour's Langlees family centre in Falkirk and would have had a role in taking a number of children away from their parents and placing them into care.

Aberlour Child Care Trust is Scotland's largest dedicated children's charity and has centres across Scotland, from the Borders to Aberdeenshire.

Charles McKenna was found guilty of three charges of sexual abuse between 1976 and 1981

In 2003, Aberlour Child Care Trust took on a convicted child abuser Charles McKenna as a volunteer to mentor children.

McKenna was allowed to mentor an eight-year-old boy.

The police alerted Aberlour that McKenna had been a key member of  a child sex abuse ring at St Ninian's School in Gartmore, Stirlingshire.

Princess Margaret visits Aberlour.

Aberlour began in 1875 with the founding of an orphanage at Aberlour near Balmoral.

"With the Royal Residence of Balmoral relatively close by, Aberlour orphanage was lucky to receive a number of Royal visits. 

"In 1907 Edward VII visits the orphanage followed by Edward VIII and Queen Mary in 1922....

"Fire tears through the orphanage in 1931 and again in 1937, destroying some of the buildings..."

The Aberlour Child Care Trust was set up in 1978.

Ken Dunbar is Chief Executive of Aberlour.

13 July 2012

Common Purpose in Scotland recently organised a day on leadership... the Chief Executive of Aberlour Childcare Trust Scotland took part.

uae - Common Purpose

Ken Dunbar, the Chief Executive of Aberlour, began his career in Leisure Management in Scotland in the late 1970s. 

"He moved to Brighton in the early 1980s..."



Anonymous said...

What's going on with the 7 comments at the bottom of the Common Purpose "Scotland and Leadership in UAE" page?

Spot the fake comment!

Anonymous said...

while I was never a sexually abused child, life in the predominantly British settlement to which my parents brought me in the fifties was pretty dismal.

The photo of Princess Margaret's visit reminds me most painfully of the extent to which we peasant children were encouraged to put flowers in our hair and dance pretty folk dances in order to make a special day for VIP such a Lord de Lisle at our sesqui-centenary 'celebrations'.

In those days we saluted the flag and honoured the Queen etc and were otherwise basically brainwashed and exploited.

I have learned a bit since then, and what I learned in the microcosm of where I live, is expanded and expounded by my fellow ex-convent girls and circus performers. Long may we 'serve' in Love and Truth the way of non-violence xx

Unknown said...

"Attack 'devil' Liddell was Dunblane massacre survivor

Ryan Liddell was put in intensive care at Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow suffering gunshot wounds

Dunblane man guilty of rape bid

Man slapped 'hysterical' victim

Rape bid accused 'like the devil'

Ryan Liddell's victim, a 76-year-old retired nurse, described him as a man who looked like the devil.

What the jury in his trial did not hear was that as a five-year-old child, Liddell was one of the survivors of the Dunblane Primary School massacre on 13 March 1996.

The school gym shooting spree by Thomas Hamilton killed 16 Primary One children and their teacher, and left another 12 pupils and two staff wounded.

Liddell's link to the massacre was not revealed in the trial at the High Court in Dumbarton, which ended with him being convicted of assaulting the woman with intent to rape.

However, the jury was told he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) at the age of six and that he had sleeplessness and anxiety since childhood.

Following the massacre at his school during a gym class, Liddell was placed in intensive care at Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow suffering gunshot wounds.

Liddell might have been left distressed and traumatised by the Dunblane massacre, but so would all the others involved, and nobody else has behaved like this” "

Anonymous said...

Egypt : The Next President

Anonymous said...

The Fall of Singapore - The Great Betrayal (Rare BBC Documentary)

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