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Alison Jackson/Rex/Rex USA.

"The precise sequence of events in the delivery room will always remain a closely guarded secret for those present...

"They have refused all requests for interview."

a perfect birth

"But the family of neonatologist Dr Sunit Godambe... have told of their pride that their treasured son helped deliver a future King."

Dr Godambe studied paediatrics in India.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Kate "sailed through a textbook delivery."

"The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth without recourse to powerful painkillers. 

"Her calm demeanour is said to have moved the seven-strong medical team."

In the £5,000-a-night suite in the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital, "four midwives monitored" the unborn baby. 

Also present were the Queen's former gynaecologist Marcus Setchell and two other top doctors.

Gynaecologists Marcus Setchell (centre) and Alan Farthing (right)

The midwife team consisted of :

Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent, professor of midwifery at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Arona Ahmed, from East London

Jacqueline Venkatesh, from Harlow, Essex 

Lisa Greene, from East London.

11 hours labour and all natural - a perfect birth

The Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital.

Mr Setchell was assisted by consultant obstetrician, Guy Thorpe-Beeston, and Dr Sunit Godambe, a specialist in complex and high-risk births.

Nina Forman and her daughter Orli in the Lindo Wing with newborn David

11 hours labour and all natural - a perfect birth


Exclusive: Kate Middleton Infertile from Cocaine & Ecstasy; Living Separate Life from Prince William - October 3rd, 2011



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Saudi Arabia, Corrupt and Fraudulent Regime: Saudi Prince defects from Royal Family

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Thousands of Syrian Police who joined the Rebels are on U.S. Payroll

giark65 (abel danger) said...

Gosh...that gave me a tickle.

thank you

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Kate is so perfect in every way ... it's almost unreal.

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Five Palestinian teens face life in prison for alleged stone throwing

'S Arabia signs deal with Israeli army to buy weapons for militants fighting Syria govt.'

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Kate Middleton Infertile from Cocaine & Ecstasy

October 3rd, 2011

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: According to Kate Middleton’s physicians, she is not able to conceive children.

Prince William’s wife is being given vitamin supplements and is on a special diet.

However, all of the expensive treatments are not expected to make up for the years of abuse Kate, 29, put her body through by using cocaine and ecstasy, according to royal family staff to

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Poor Kate!
It must be hard to admit that you can't become pregnant.
I wonder what I would have done in her shoes? Maybe I would have done the same thing as she has done.
But now it is much worse: instead of having everyone's sympathy, she has become a joke.

Ann Diamond said...

On the other hand...

Anonymous said...

In the first pic there are the doubles of Will, Kate and "Lizzy". Well, three of the many....

Anonymous said...

Musing over Kate the Fake Middleton' baby bump

24 April 2013 13:52

Kate’s failure to look at all pregnant over the past seven months, her flitting about in stilettos and high heels, and her lack of swollen ankles or any of the hallmarks of typical pregnancy have stirred remarks throughout the United Kingdom even after her roundish tummy made its Windsor appearance: "She still doesn't look pregnant in my opinion," wrote one Mail reader, "just looks like she's full after a good meal!" Another pronounced: "I have not seen a single photo of Kate Middleton where she even looks pregnant."
Sniped one cryptic commentator of Kate’s now-appearing pregnancy bump at the Scout event: "Now you see it, now you don’t." Another simply wrote: "Surrogate." One poster, "Laddie," wrote: "I am sorry, but her bump still looks really fake... There was a reason they used to have royal women give birth in public. Red arrow me all you like, but this is a very strange pregnancy from start to finish!"
Laughed one New Zealander: "How cool that the bump was allowed to go along. Is this the first (and last?) we will see of it?" "Kate has remembered her pillow today," another gently mocked.

One Kate-loyalist poster responded: "Those fake pregnancy comments are so bizarre!"
But persistent.
Meanwhile, other correspondents noticed, in the Mail Online’s many photos of Kate, some strange shadows that seemed to reflect off of the tops of Kate’s feet: "It could be a reflection in her shiny tights from something up her skirt (part of the [pregnancy] prosthesis!!!),"

Or is she perhaps not pregnant at all, but just enjoying pretending to be while somewhere, a surrogate is secretly gestating an in vitro fetus that will soon be produced as William and Kate’s own child? One poster called her, "Kate the Fake."

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the deliberately posed "post-birth bump" photo it screamed out "official narrative", not least because there was very little evidence of any pregnancy beforehand. Why was she posed like this?

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