Monday, June 10, 2013


Six Turkish policemen commit suicide during Gezi protests

Turkey protesters clash with police in Ankara



The Israeli regime injects Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails with 'dangerous viruses' before releasing them, a report says.

"A Palestinian released from Israeli jails, Rania Saqa, has brought to light that the Israeli regime injected detainees that are out of prisons with dangerous viruses," Russian daily Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote on Friday.

Saqa also said many of the prisoners are suffering from mysteriously incurable diseases such as bladder cancer and liver disorders.

She said it is a standard procedure for Israelis to inject Palestinian detainees before freeing them.

"Most former inmates die after being released from Israeli jails," the newspaper wrote.



Anonymous said...

They never should have made that movie, "Wag The Dog".

Anonymous said...

you cannot get more evil than israel, this despicable nation has robbed the world, they did it to germany in the 30s and now they are doing it to us.
We must throw out all dual passport holders and clear them from positions of authority

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