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Graham Hancock - The War on Consciousness

Via hirundine


Anonymous said...

Good to see a secular intellectual acknowledge that this word “science” is not reliable and therefore is neither the rock nor the answer to everything, far from it. All science is, is the understanding of the mechanics of the universe (the creation) the details of the “big bang” already provided for us in the book of Genesis. The truth is that we are spirit beings with physical flesh, for the period of our earthly lives. The spirit lives on for eternity, either with the Creator or separated from Him but does not return for further earthly lives. From personal experience, my best friend contacted me at his funeral, firstly to thank me for coming, assure me everything would be fine and that I am going to love it where he now was. After the service all we were doing was to dispose of the body, the actual person elsewhere, in another dimension aka Paradise I gather. Therefore the humanist belief that the individual lives on, only in our memories, is likewise an error.

It is for this reason these questions should be examined by individuals with the utmost seriousness and not be discarded frivolously, based upon flawed thinking, however it is this spirit of this world which keeps us from the truth of the Spirit of God, the Creator as both may and do plant thoughts in out minds which are difficult to discern from our own thoughts, based that is upon the knowledge of truth.

The Bible once it is begun to be discerned by the reader with the assistance of the Spirit of truth (aka the Holy Ghost etc.) is in part a science manual and explains quite adequately how the whole thing works, in the spiritual context, it being for man to determine the general mechanics, as he evolves in knowledge of the world (the creation) yet sadly devolves in terms of intended morality through rejection of the Creator whom he was created for the purpose of being friends with is through believe acceptance and obedience to His Son Jesus, whom if you study His life and words, is truly the most amazing person ever to have walked the earth.

It is for this reason I did not take up an invitation for a live debate live with Dick Dawkins as it would be pointless, his having no direct understanding of living by the Spirit (his having rejected such) whereby supernatural phenomena is for me as normal, as the flesh life, both being wholly complimentary. Hence conversing with the Creator, knowing the future, participating in supernatural healing and knowing that all things happen for a reason through seeing a preordained plan unfold in one’s life, becomes just as normal as say making a meal but try to explain that with someone who has no knowledge of such would I guess be like sharing quantum mechanics or as is more often the case watch the - not right in the head programming kick in, having never had opportunity to know that other Sprit, the Spirit of truth.


Anonymous said...

He shows that large parts of science
are fraudulent.
And in 2003 he proved parrot telepathy,
some 20 hits in 150 trials.
But are there practical applications for his findings ?
Or is he just keeping people busy and distracted ?

Anonymous said...


Science is going to be a new religion
the corporations move their priests
who chant the marvels of science, while the sheeps get their toys and pills for a counterfeit freedom.

Science lacks in its very foundations of credibility, most the great discoveries come from Arabs or Indians and westerners as Newton just stripped out the spiritual meanings from the east.

Science is based on fake assumptions, made true unless proven false - and this happened and will happen again. Last resort of Science is EFFECTIVENESS as the mission to endorse for the corporations, not for the humans.


hirundine said...

For what it's worth? This was another TED talk removed from their main collection and might be found with their blog pages? The reason for posting Dr. Sheldrake's excellent talk, was that it appeared to be relevant to the aangrifan post of that day. Dr. Hancock's book, "Fingerprints of the Gods" makes some good points regarding accepted Global History, too.

Dublinmick said...

Don't let them get you too.

Dublinmick said...

That the spirit does not return for other earthly or other sojourns elsewhere (there are many mansions) is a highly speculative and assuming statement that could be contradicted by voluminous accounts far too numerous to mention here.

The bible does not set the standard for majority of humanity, in fact most of it was written by a British born warlord known as Constantine who took much leeway in what Jesus actually projected to the masses

Anonymous said...

Hi (Dublin)Mick,

In the next life there are indeed many mansions, in other words there will be those I may not wish to share a house with but will be happy if they are in the next block.

The matter is not “speculative” but scriptural.

“And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment”
Hebrews 9.27

You are otherwise absolutely right.

“The Bible does not set the standard for the majority of humanity” it indeed sets it for ALL humanity, just that the majority cannot see the truth and sadly the majority reject the truth.

Therein lays your dilemma.

With neither of us being around at the time we have to settle such upon research and discernment.

While I concede the earliest copy of the New Testament appears to be recorded AD 350, Constantine’s reign being recorded as 306-312, it would be quite a feat to pull off.

My sources claim the manuscript was written earlier, between AD 50 and AD 100, (forget the common eara pish).

Somehow I can't see how Constantine might be so able to heal incurable diseases or for that matter tell me the future or deliver us an earthquake in judgement.

Please re-consider your outlook for the sake of your eternal destiny and thanks for responding to my comment. Perhaps we can exchange dialogue again.


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