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Tunisia in the good old days by elmina

David Paul Goldman, who is Jewish, writes in Asia Times that Syria and Egypt can't be fixed

Goldman writes that "Syria and Egypt are dying.

"They were dying before the Syrian civil war broke out and before the Muslim Brotherhood took power in Cairo."

This sounds like Israeli propaganda.

The new face of the Middle East - Mossad's al-Qaeda mercenaries.

Aangirfan believes that Syria, Egypt and Tunisia WERE making good progress before the outbreak of the CIA-Mossad-MI6's Arab Spring.

A. Under Ben Ali, Tunisia was a huge success story, with a fast growing economy, and, an easy going liberal way of life.


Egypt by agoork

B. Under Mubarak, Life expectancy in Egypt was 70.1 years, the same as in many parts of the USA.

Unemployment in Egypt was LOWER than in the USA.

aangirfan: PRO-MUBARAK

Egypt's President Morsi, who worked at NASA on the development of US space shuttle engines. Only American citizens can work at NASA. Morsi's children are American citizens. (The US /Egyptian Chronicles!) Morsi may be brainwashed - Morsi Meltdown

Some figures for Egypt under Mubarak:

1. Between 1980 and 2007 Egypt's Human Development Index (HDI) rose 42%.

2. Egypt’s average annual HDI growth was 10th fastest worldwide and almost double the global average.

3. Between 2005 and 2008 Poverty, as defined by those living under $2 per day, fell over 11%

4. Only 16% of the population lived on less than $2 per day.

The people of Houla were murdered because they would not join the fight against Assad. WITNESSES TO HOULA

C. David Lesch, a professor from Texas, wrote of Syria's Assad in his 2005 book The New Lion of Damascus:

Assad is a man "with whom we should be engaged, someone whom we should be helping to make sure Syria does not implode.

"He is really the only one in Syria who could achieve this. … Bashar is, indeed, the hope - and the promise of a better future."

There are problems in Syria, but they are caused by outsiders.

Causes Of Unrest In Syria by Kathy Podgers at shoe08

David Paul Goldman, former top banker.

So, what does Goldman say?

Syria and Egypt can't be fixed

1. Goldman says: "Syria and Egypt are dying because they chose not to do what China did: move the better part of a billion people from rural backwardness to a modern urban economy within a generation."

2. Goldman then appears to contradict himself when he writes that Assad's Syria has attempted to modernize its agricultural sector, resulting in thousands of farmers moving to the cities.

How Israel wants to see Egypt.

3. Goldman admits that Egypt has now changed for the worse.

Goldman writes of the new Egypt: "Last week The New York Times' Thomas Friedman visited a Cairo bakery and watched the Egyptian poor jostling for subsidized bread. Some left hungry.

"As malnutrition afflicts roughly a quarter of Egyptians ... Egypt is slowly dying. 

"Emergency loans from Qatar and Libya slowed the national necrosis but did not stop it."

The new big power in the Middle East

4. Goldman apparently supports Israel's Yinon Plan, which means breaking up and destroying all Moslem countries.

Goldman writes: "The only humane thing to do is to partition Syria on the Yugoslav model, but that does not appear to be on the agenda of any government."

Goldman hides the fact that it is on the agenda of the Israeli government

(Israel the winner in the Arab revolts, Asia Times Online, April 12, 2011.)

Rachman arrives at Bilderberg 2012.

Gideon Rachman, who is Jewish, is the Financial Times chief foreign affairs commentator, and he has attended meetings of Bilderberg.

Gideon Rachman writes that those who are urging the US to get more deeply involved in the Syrian conflict now are living in the past. 

The west's dominance of the Middle East is ending

The new big power in the Middle East

Gideon Rachman gives 4 REASONS why America will not continue to dominate the politics of the Middle East:

1. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been failures, in so far as they have not turned these countries into peaceful and prosperous American allies.

Rachman suggests that Obama is still sceptical about turning Syria into an American ally.

What Rachman fails to tell us is that Israel is very happy that Afghanistan and Iraq are weak and divided.

Israel's Yinon Plan means breaking up and destroying all Moslem countries.

Morocco may escape, 'because it is run by a Jew'.

2. The current Great Recession has meant cuts in the Pentagon budget

The direct and indirect cost of the Iraq war is estimated at $3 trillion.

The US government is borrowing 40 cents of every dollar that it spends.

3. The Arab Spring - Rachman claims that "Mubarak could not have been propped up without risking a Syria-style bloodbath...

"Many of the forces at work in the region - such as Islamism and Sunni-Shia sectarianism - are alarming to the west but they cannot be forever channelled or suppressed."

Rachman fails to tell us that the Arab Spring, Islamism and the stirring up of sectarianism are all the work of -  the CIA-Mossad-NATO and MI6.


4.  The shale revolution in the US lessens American dependence on Middle Eastern oil.

Accepting that western domination of the Middle East is coming to an end, however, should not be confused with saying that western nations will not defend their interests.

So, who is going to be the big power in the Middle East?

Israel - the new big power in the Middle East?

In 1996, the Salafi-Wahhabi group Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya carried out a shooting rampage at the Europa Hotel in Cairo, killing 18 Greek tourists.

In 1997, the Salafi-Wahhabi group Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya carried out a terrorist attack near Luxor, in Egypt, killed 58 tourists and four Egyptians.

Ayman al Zawahiri, the head of al Qaeda, was involved in the Luxor massacre.

Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya is linked to al Qaeda, which is run by the CIA-Mossad-NATO-MI6

Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman blamed Israelis for the Luxor killings.

The Salafi-Wahhabi sect, who are now so important in the Middle East, were built up by the British in Saudi Arabia to help them wreck the Ottoman (Turkish) empire.

In other words, the Salafi-Wahhabis are tools of the West.

The Moslem Brotherhood has long been a tool of MI6 and the CIA.

Israel and its allies want a Middle East that is weak and divided.

Egypt, traditionally seen as Israel's main enemy, is now wrecked.

Shaunnah Turner, 5 Years Old, Murdered by CIA-linked terrorists at Luxor

President Morsi has just appointed Adel Asaad al-Khayyat to be governor of Luxor.

Adel Asaad al-Khayyat comes from the political arm of Gamaa al-Islamiyya, the Salafi-Wahhabi group that is said to have carried out the 1997 attack near Luxor.

A fatwa on Gamaa al-Islamiyya's Web site advised members not to build tourist accommodations.

"Because tourist villages have aspects that anger Allah, including alcohol, gambling and other forbidden things, building these hotels and villages is considered aiding their owners in sin and aggression, and is not permitted," the decision read.

New Governor Is a Shock to Some Inside Egypt

Ayman al Zawahiri - Star of David background.

The current boss of al Qaeda is Ayman al Zawahiri.

Ayman al Zawahiri fought for the CIA in Bosnia. (aangirfan: Zawahiri)

His brother Zaiman al-Zawahiri fought for the CIA in Kosovo.

Ayman al Zawahiri was involved in the Luxor massacre.

According to January 2000 U.S. Congressional testimony, Ayman al-Zawahiri was granted U.S. residence by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

One of the centers of operation for al-Zawahiri was London.

President Mubarak, after the Luxor massacre, stated: "There are people who carried out crimes and who were sentenced (in Egypt) and live on British soil." (aangirfan: Zawahiri)



Peterborough UK Child Sexual Abuse Investigation

Has Nick Pollard a history of blocking story’s about Jimmy Saville

"You won’t see any difference in the characters of your play until you change the programming that is causing them to act out the scene of your life in front of you so expertly."

The Ego is Sneaky: Five Ways to Know When It’s In Charge


Anonymous said...

The picture of those 3 girls begging is terrible, heart breaking. Not only Egypt they (Jews) want to see it this way, but also Syria, Turkey, the whole Middle East and finally the whole world....

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wiggins said...

Seven Nations to be taken down - all coincidentally without a Rothshite Bank.....three left I think, but I doubt they are worried about North Korea. Roll over, roll over.......

Anonymous said...

Goldman... where's Sachs? ^_^

brian said...

FSA commander on Al Jazeera "If #Israel attacks #Syria we will not fight it" Their Treason knows no bounds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6S0akZTH_o …

and you thought zionist jews and islamic terrorists were enemies?

Anonymous said...

Morocco run by a Jew? Are you referring to the homosexual king Mohamed the 6th?

For what it's worth- although Bowles speaks lovingly of Moroccan "boys" tourists coming to the country for pederasty may expect rough justice. Homosexuality in the villages (which make up 90% of the country at least) is not only frowned upon but unheard of and unacceptable to even speak of it. If there is any "boy trade" there it is probably rare and more of wishful thinking by European perverts than reality.

Anonymous said...

is Ayman al Zawahiri related to the Zawahri who killed 6 people at Santa Monica college last week?

Dublinmick said...

Gaia herself is turning against the NWO.

It is not going to happen.

From the jumping jack flash hypothesis


“Ammo depots will be hit with explosions and fires, including the civilian versions like fireworks factories. Likewise, chemical plants of all types will burn and/or explode, including biofuels plants, fertilizer plants, specialty chemical plants, petroleum-related facilities and more. Metal-related businesses will be hit hard, including salvage yards and metal recycling centers.”


fire at the Volga Federal Ammunition Testing Site in the Samara region

Major pipeline explodes in louisiana, in 3 days.


From the jumping jack flash hypothesis

“Ammo depots will be hit with explosions and fires, including the civilian versions like fireworks factories. Likewise, chemical plants of all types will burn and/or explode, including biofuels plants, fertilizer plants, specialty chemical plants, petroleum-related facilities and more. Metal-related businesses will be hit hard, including salvage yards and metal recycling centers.”


fire at the Volga Federal Ammunition Testing Site in the Samara region of Russia

Anon said...

"Morocco run by a Jew?"

Andre Azoulay and friends.

"Tourists may expect rough justice."

It is rough but not just.

Totally innocent tourists get stones thrown at them and the police then give the tourists a hard time.

"Homosexuality in the villages is unheard of."

Most of the Moroccans are gay, but, they do not label it as gay.

The only people labeled as gay are the very effeminate gays who dress in a particular way and who go in for buggery.

"If there is any 'boy trade' there it is probably rare..."

There is a huge 'boy trade' throughout Morocco, but, it is almost exclusively for the very wealthy elite, whether Moroccan, French, Saudi or whatever.

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