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Boys dancing for Moslem men. "Beardless boys are not regarded as male, so sex with them is not considered as homosexuality."  Islam

What really goes on in Moslem countries?

At 13, Ardy was sent to a pesantren, an all-male Islamic boarding school, and was quickly initiated into homosexual sex...

"Many people loved to play with me,'' says Ardy (not his real name)...

"Ardy maintains a facade. 

"He has a girlfriend (who does not know his sexual orientation); he says he will ''turn straight'' in his 30s, get married and have children. 

"Most importantly his family treats him as a good Muslim boy."

Sydney Morning Herald  Leading a double life in Indonesia

Moslem dancing boys (Afghanistan)

At several clubs in Jakarta, capital of the world's largest Moslem country, ''go-go boys'' gyrate on stage.

"Drag shows are surprisingly mainstream"...

'"Samantha Fox'' has made a part-time living since he was 14 performing as a drag queen"....

"Cross-dressing and homosexuality have deep resonance in some Javanese cultures and Samantha has performed at weddings, parties and corporate events...."

President Sukarno and friend. In the late 1950s, the CIA produced a porn film using an actor who looked like President Sukarno of Indonesia. (Indonesia Killing Hope William Blum). However, in the 1950s, Indonesians were generally tolerant of their president's love life, and so the CIA was wasting its time. 

Dede, founder of lobby group Gaya Nusantara ... grew up under Suharto, but says that since the dictator's ouster, 'Indonesia has turned very conservative'.

In the less civilised parts of Indonesia, ''The police patrol and round people up either for public order offences or corruption,'' says Dede. ''Release costs $5.50 and you usually have to do oral sex (on the policeman).''

The Indonesian police are pretty gay.

And so are the politicians.

The gentleman in this porn film "bares a striking resemblance to Anis Matta, the secretary general of Indonesia's Islamist Prosperous Justice Party (PKS)"

A few years ago, an Indonesian cabinet minister, who was also a military man, groped the bottom of a boy waiter.

When the boy objected, the cabinet minister pointed out that what he had done was simply normal Indonesian behaviour.

The promotion of 'fundamentalist' Islam and 'fundamentalist' Christianity is all part of CIA-Mossad-MI6 brainwashing.


There are said to be more sex workers in Surabaya, in Indonesia, than in Bangkok.

There is also an AIDS epidemic in Indonesia.

Former Egyptian information minister Safwat al-Sharif (R) used hidden cameras to accumulate sex tapes of many officials, including toppled President Hosni Mubarak. (Al Arabiya)

The CIA and its friends know that Moslems are just the same as Christians when it comes to sex.

Egypt's former information minister used secretly filmed sex tapes to control many government officials, including toppled President Hosni Mubarak, according to the widow of Egypt's spy boss.

"Former Egyptian information minister blackmailed Mubarak with sex tapes: actress" by Al Arabiya (August 12, 2012).

In an interview aired on Egypt's al-Hayat 2 channel, Etimad Khorshid said former information minister Safwat al-Sharif used hidden cameras to accumulate sex tapes of many officials.

"Mubarak was under his control," she told the presenter of the show.

Professor I'bn Saweed Suq'un of Al-Azhar University, says the rate of homosexuality in the Muslim world runs close to 80% in men. REVEALING STUDY: MOST MUSLI

During the early years of Islam, homosexuality was seemingly not regarded as a crime.

‘There are even rumors that Ali, one of the members of Mohammed's family had an affair with Mohammed’.

In 1001 Arabian Nights, there are stories about homosexual relationships.

In the Moslem Ottoman Empire, 1299- 1923, sleeping with "boys" was very common.

In the hamams (baths) the "tellaks" (young boys who helped men to have a bath) served as male prostitutes.

All over body massage.

In Ottoman Literature there are many poems written by male poets about boys.

Sex with boys was not illegal and the sultans were engaged in sex with boys.

There was a palace for boys in Bursa.

In this palace the sultan kept many young boys who served the men in the army.


An Indonesian film featuring gay kissing became a box office hit in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country.

Playing to packed cinemas in Jakarta, "Arisan!" is all about homosexuality.

Indonesian society is relatively tolerant of homosexuality, but the topic does not usually get a public airing.

There is no mention of homosexuality in Indonesian law and the relatively liberal mass media rarely discusses the issue, despite the presence of a number of gay public figures.


Dancing boys - Indonesia.

There is a long history of same-sex activity in Indonesia.

There were male priestesses among the Dayak, the Buginese and the Toraja, and transvestite male-to-female dancers in Java and at the courts of Aceh and Bali there were young boys who had sex with men.

The oasis town of Siwa, in the western desert of Egypt, is popular with tourists.

In Siwa, there used to be marriages between boys.

The weddings involved lavish ceremonies.

The sheikhs and other top people used to give their sons to each other.

The British outlawed 'gay' marriages in Egypt in the 1940s.

The marriages continued in secret until about 1950.

In Siwa the minimum age for heterosexual marriage used to be forty for men.

"Sexual relations between older and younger boys are said to be frequent in the Middle East as well as in the Maghreb."

"There is a boy across the river
With a bottom like a peach!
But alas! I cannot swim!"

('The Wounded Heart' an old Peshtun song)

The Ayatollah Sadeq Khalkhali who, when not in a mental hospital, got sadistic pleasure from torturing cats and murdering children.

Saadi (Sheikh Musharrif ad-Din Saadi,1184 - 1291) is Iran's greatest poet.

A verse from Saadi's Bûstân:

A certain lad some days ago my heart did steal away,
And my affection for him is such that I no longer can endure;
Yet he's not once enquired of me with pleasant disposition:
See, then, what I must make my soul to suffer for his disdainful ways?


"Competing - successfully - with the women of the harem for the affection of the Ottoman noble were young males in various functions, chief among whom were the entertainers, known as köçeks.

"They traveled in troupes and were skilled in music, dancing, and erotic pleasures.

"The average troupe—named after its leader—would have about thirty dancers, though some had several hundred.

Young kocek.

"When not on stage, köçeks would work in coffee-houses and taverns, where they would serve drinks, flirt, and be available for trysts with the clientele.

"They were highly sought by all nobles of all ranks, including the Sultan.

"Köçeks wore elegant and gaudy costumes, had long curly hair, and were immortalized in books discussing their qualities and ranking them by nationality, such as the Huban-nameh of Enderunlu Fazil."


Fifteenth century Cairo had a trade in young slaves of both sexes.

The historian Max Rodenbeck notes that while a serving maid might fetch ten dinars, a handsome male might sell for 30,000.

The Malmuk rulers favoured Tartar, Circassian and Greek youths.

The wealthier women of Cairo were so concerned by this fashion among their husbands for youths and young men, that they took to dressing up in men's attire.

Al-Marqrizi explained that "because the love of men spread among the nobles so that their women tried to make themselves look like boys in the hope of capturing the hearts of their menfolk."

Reportedly, the homosexuality of Saladin, Sultan of Egypt and Syria, was revealed in several episodes of the Arabian Nights.

Saladin himself probably had a relationship with the Turkish eunuch Karakush, a slave.

Karakush was promoted and was responsible for overseeing the construction of Cairo's citadel. Then Saladin appointed him joint emir (with a Kurd called Mashtub) of Acre on the coast of Palestine and in charge of the city's defense against the Crusaders.


The story of Suleiman's attachment to his vizier Ibrahim (allegedly his lover) is as follows:

"From being Grand Falconer on the accession of Suleyman, he rose to be first minister and almost co-Sultan in 1523...

"He was the object of the Sultan's tender regard: an emperor knows better than most men how solitary is life without friendship and love, and Suleyman loved this man more than a brother...

"They lived together: their meals were shared in common; even their beds were in the same room. The Sultan gave his sister in marriage to the sailor's son, and Ibrahim was at the summit of power."

From: Stanley Lane-Poole, Turkey, Story of Nations series, p. 174

VIDEO: Child abuse in Saudi Arabia.

We did once meet some top Saudis.

They struck us as being total frauds.


Newspaceman said...

Before homosexuality was mainstream, couples always seeemed to comprise one masculine, beefy type, and another more feminine type.

One would sometimes see them in Asda, the butch ones pushing the trolley, the other plucking items.

Never, and this maybe still stands, would you see two "bearded" together.


Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

Do you think that there's a case to made that in a given society the prevalence of homosexuality amongst men is proportional to the repression of women? Just on a first-blush basis I doubt that it's a proposition that would fall at the first hurdle.

Another thought: During the Afghanistan 'spring' (not the current CIA bullshit but rather the one in the 70's when Najibullah was in power and women and girls were able to walk the streets and go to school etc) how prevalent were homosexual men in the Najibullah government? Might they have been people who eschewed homosexuality?

I ask this from a state of complete ignorance but regardless the connection is sitting there in plain sight and you'd have to wonder wouldn't you?

Not forgetting of course that another beyond-obvious and yet never remarked upon aspect of male homosexuality is its misogynistic, um... let's just say 'disdain' of women. I'm not saying that this is universal, merely that it exists and in no small fashion. Hell, ask any woman if she's ever found gay men's behaviour to be misogynistic and I'm pretty sure that were they to think about it the answer would either be, "Yes," or some variation of, "Well, now that you mention it..."

It's a thought.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Is there maybe a connection between male circumcision and homosexuality?

I don't know anymore where I read on the disadvantages of circumcision. The one and first negative effect - besides the 'Hidden Trauma' - should be loss of sensitivity. Because the gland is exposed, id est unprotected, it needs to 'harden' against for example clothing.

A circumcised man needs thus more pressure and friction for pleasure. In the article I read there was a quote by man who had circumcision when an adult. He told that his sexual life had been ruined and it had been the most stupid thing he had ever done in his life.

Anonymous said...

I'm still not sure what to make of circumcision. Here's one thought on the topic.

Regardless, I think you're drawing a long bow to link possible lack of sensitivity with homosexuality. Why would a desensitised willy make you want to have sex with men? How does that follow?

As for your anecdotal individual, um... yes... what? Is that proof of anything? Or just a single anecdote from a single individual and here told third hand?

For mine the case for circumcision seems pretty clear cut (ahem), which is to say it pivots on health. The anti-circumcision crowd on the other hand is very dubious. In terms of their organisation, tirelessness, and open slather any-argument-will-do they remind me of hasbara or some disinfo crew. Whilst I can't quite put my finger on it (ahem) there's something not quite right about them. Not forgetting of course that the two groups most vocal about circumcision, ie. doctors and sex researchers, are heavily Jewish and without doubt circumcised.

Anyway, it's all at that above link. The comments are worth reading too what with a motley collection of anti-circumcision hasbara-like google drop-ins piling in for some cut and paste.

mwaura kinuthia said...

Circumcision may lead to homo behaviour? Ohh hell no! Then nearly a 100% of Kikuyus,Masaais and Kalenjins would be shirtlifters!
Fyi,our type of circumcision is ancient and hardcore-look at that pic.

That's also the real reason your female tourists come to 'see'(cough!/cough!) illiterate Kenyan beach boys.
There is a link between violence and homos,though. IIRC,a cop wrote how the more right wing racist movements in the US are led by fags. No surprise since knowing the real tendencies of the conquerors like the Brits/Turks/Arabs/Greeks IMO they're simply externalising homo pathologies militarily dressing them up as geopolitical imperatives.

Anonymous said...

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