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Victor Rothschild

Lord Victor Rothschild was a key member of the secret society known as the Cambridge Apostles.

The Cambridge Apostles was founded in 1820 by twelve right-wing Christian evangelical students under the name The Cambridge Conversazione Society.

The Cambridge Apostles enjoyed 'homoeroticism' and 'Platonic love'.

Famous members of the Apostles have included: 

Erasmus Darwin (brother of Charles Darwin), 

George Lockhart Rives (US Assistant Secretary of State and planner of the New York subway), 

A. J. Balfour (UK Prime Minister who gives his name to the Balfour Declaration), 

Bertrand Russell (philosopher), 

"The Llewellyn Davies family figured in .... G.E. Moore and the Cambridge Apostles, because two of the brothers, Crompton and Theodore (Llewellyn Davies) were Apostles, handsome, clever fellows who were close friends of Moore (and of Bertrand Russell)." www.artsjournal.com...

Eddie Marsh (private secretary to Winston Churchill), 

John Maynard Keynes (economist), 

James Strachey (editor and translator of Sigmund Freud), 

Ludwig Wittgenstein (philosopher), 

Victor Rothschild (financier and spy), 

Anthony Blunt (spy), 

Guy Burgess (spy), 

Guy Liddell (spy) 

and Noel Annan (spy).

In 1940 Rothschild (above) suggested that Anthony Blunt should be invited to join the secret service. He also rented a house to his friend Guy Burgess. Rothschild worked with Kim Philby at the MI6 offices established at the Rothschild family mansion in Paris. (www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/SSrothschild.htm)

Between 1979 and 1982, several Apostles were exposed as having belonged to a spy ring, reportedly run by Lord Victor Rothschild, who allegedly gave away nuclear secrets to Israel.

The spy ring included Kim Philby, who almost became head of MI6, Guy Burgess, an MI6 officer and secretary to the Deputy Foreign Minister, Donald Maclean, a UK diplomat and KGB colonel, Anthony Blunt, an MI5 officer and art adviser to the Queen,

Others said to be involved in the spy ring include John Cairncross, Michael Whitney Straight and Guy Liddell.

Author Richard Deacon wrote: "it was evidence of how the homosexual mafia can operate and how from the earliest times it has tended to be a crypto-protection society in that the bond of friendship has been used to cover up all manner of questionable activities and sometimes even to protect members from being prosecuted."

The Apostles tended to be gay.

Among the gayest apostles were Tennyson (the poet), William Cory (who reportedly had an affair with the future Prime Minister Earl of Rosebery), E. M. Forster, John Maynard Keynes, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Lytton Strachey, Rupert Brooke, Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt.

Julie Anne Taddeo wrote that the Apostles: "Despite the criminalization of homosexuality ... continued to invoke Dorianism, read Walt Whitman's poetry, and engage in a cult of boy worship."

(Cambridge Apostles by Nikolai Endres)

Victor Rothschild

It's not Zionists versus fascists.

It's the feudal elite and their mafias versus the rest. 

"Lord Victor Rothschild ... made Churchill's decisions, including the bombing of the food trains into the concentration camps, and the continued strafing of the inmates. 

"Rothschild is on record as saying; 

"'There will be no room in the new country for shnorrers' (poor Jews) 

"He only wanted the rich powerful and influential for the new land, the rest were to be sacrificed."

The Truth Seeker - The Biggest Secret of World War II

Blade on the Feather (1980) by Dennis Potter is based on a John Le Carré spy thriller.

It was broadcast eleven months after Sir Anthony Blunt was exposed as the 'fourth man' in 'Rothschild's Cambridge Spy Ring'.

In Blade on the Feather, the character of Professor Jason Cavendish, a former British spy, is based partly on Kim Philby, the spy who trained James Jesus Angleton. 

Cavendish lives with his second wife Linda and his 18 year old daughter Christabel and Mr Hill, his butler and personal secretary.

One day a young man called Daniel comes to stay with them.

Daniel's father, Andrew, was a British intelligence officer, who was murdered by Cavendish while escorting a Soviet defector to the British embassy.

Cavendish has been writing his memoirs, implicating himself and Hill, as well as several high profile MPs, as 'Soviet' sympathizers...

Cavendish betrays Hill; Hill betrays Cavendish; Linda betrays Cavendish; Christabel betrays Cavendish...

St John Philby, left, and family. 

Kim Philby's father, St John Philby, was in favour of Jewish immigration into Palestine.

He got to know the Rothschilds.

(St John Philby - Wikipedia

In the 1930s, Harry St John Philby worked for Standard Oil of California (Socal), helping it get control of oil in Saudi Arabia.

Harry St John Philby, aided by Allen Dulles, helped Saudi Arabia negotiate a deal to allow Saudi oil to reach Hitler's Germany.

(St John Philby - Wikipedia )

John Philby (son of Kim), Kim Philby, George Blake, in Moscow. Website for this image

In 1948, when John Philby was five, Guy Burgess came to stay for a holiday at the Philbys sprawling villa in Turkey.

Guy Burgess

"John's mother resented Burgess and his close relationship with her husband, and began staging accidents to claim attention...

"She was later sent to a Swiss clinic for treatment. Philby was posted to the United States the following year."

Angleton, who was of the pro-Israel faction in the CIA. He was head of Counter Intelligence at the CIA from 1954 - 1975.

There is a theory that the key people in the CIA have always worked on friendly terms with the key people in the KGB and the key people in Mossad. 


And Jewish folks are very influential in certain countries.

According to Haaretz, "Every appointee to the American government must endure a thorough background checkby the American Jewish community." 

(American Jews eye Obama's 'anti-Israel' appointees - Haaretz)

James Jesus Angleton worked for the CIA.

He may also have worked for Mossad.

He may, or may not, have realised that Mossad worked with the KGB.

USS Liberty

A Spotlight report, of 21 November 1977, claimed that Angleton conspired with Israel to attack the USS Liberty. 

(USS Liberty)

Reportedly, Angleton believed the sinking of the Liberty could be used as a "Pearl Harbour" type of incident to turn Americans against the Arabs.

(aangirfan: The US government tried to sink the USS Liberty)

It was Angleton who negotiated an agreement whereby Israel and America agreed not spy on each other. 

(Book Reviews: Every Spy a Prince)

(The agreement was nullified by Admiral Stansfield Turner, when he was Jimmy Carter's CIA director. But, Mossad contined to work closely with the CIA.)

Terence Hawkes wrote that Angleton's friendship with Mossad "gave him a major role in preserving Israel's secrecy in respect of Suez.

"As the officer in charge of the Israeli 'account', he supported the Israeli atomic bomb programme." 

(James Jesus Angleton by Michael Holzman reviewed by Terence Hawkes TLS)

After Angleton died, a memorial to him was erected in Jerusalem.

James Jesus Angleton's father, according to a closefriend, Max Corvo, was "ultra-conservative" and a fascist sympathizer. 

(James Angleton)

It was during World War II that James Jesus Angleton became a spy.

Reportedly Angleton helped set up Operation Gladio, which involved CIA militias carrying out acts of muderous terrorism in Italy.

"Angleton built on family and business connections in Italy to lay the basis of Gladio...

"He also helped notorious Nazi/fascist mass-murderers such as Junio Valerio 'Black Prince' Borghese elude justice at war's end." 

Philby, friend of the KGB and MOSSAD.

In 1943 Angleton was sent to London to be trained by MI5 officer Kim Philby, who turned out to be a friend of the KGB and Mossad. 

(James Angleton)

In 1951 Angleton was sent to Israel where he helped to set up Mossad.

According to Eustace Mullins (CHAPTER FIVE - The CIA - 3): 

While CIA station chief in Rome, the CIA's Angleton "worked closely with the Zionist terrorists Teddy Kollek and Jacob Meridor, and later became chief of the Israeli desk at the CIA, helping Philby to set up the lavishly funded international Mossad espionage operation, all paid for by American taxpayers."

Kim Philby www.myjacobfamily.com

In 1951, the CIA was investigating Kim Philby, the top MI6 agent working in Washington.

The CIA director, Walter Bedell Smith, asked Angleton and William Harvey to write separate reports on Philby. 

(James Angleton)

Harvey concluded that Philby was a Soviet spy.

Angleton defended Philby.

Smith took the advice of Angleton.

Philby escaped to the Soviet Union in 1963.

Reportedly, Kim Philby was assisted in escaping to the Soviet Union by the Israeli Mossad 

(Sunday Telegraph, April 16, 1989 - Cached.)

Angleton provided information to the Warren Commission.

Some people have claimed that Angleton was involved in covering up the CIA's involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


Angleton interviewed Anatoli Golitsin, a KGB agent who defected to the CIA.

Golitsin suggested that W. Averell Harriman had been a Soviet spy, while he was the U.S. Ambassador to the Russia during the Second World War. (James Angleton)

According to Eric Margolis, Angleton "became an active 'asset' or at least very close ally of Israel’s Mossad, and a champion of Israel’s cause in Washington." (FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT, by Eric Margolis)

Clare Edward Petty, of the CIA's Special Investigation Group (SIG), concluded that there was an "80-85 percent probability" that Angleton was a Soviet spy. (James Angleton)


In 1973, James Schlesinger temporarily became Director of the CIA.

Angleton gave Schlesinger a list of people that he thought were Soviet agents.

This list included Harold Wilson, the British prime minister, 
Olof Palme, the Swedish prime minister, 
Willy Brandt, chairman of the West German Social Democratic Party, 
Averell Harriman, the former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union, 
Lester Pearson, the Canadian prime minister 
and Henry Kissinger, the National Security Adviser and Secretary of State under President Richard Nixon.

Schlesinger thought Angleton was suffering from paranoia.

In mid 1973, William Colby became the Director of the CIA.

Colby was not impressed with Angleton.

Colby said he could not find any evidence "that we ever caught a spy under Jim". (James Angleton)

So, are the key spooks often in league with each other?

The newspaper Scotland on Sunday reported, on 16/9/ 2001, that Osama bin Laden made his fortune in part by working with Jewish-Russian mafia operations in Qatar and Cyprus. (Mafias)

According to Wayne Madsen, "The Bin Laden drug network ... intersects with Geneva-based financial entities established by George H. W. Bush while he was CIA director and Vice President and President of the United States." - (aangirfan: Bush, Bin Laden, Drugs.... )

Reportedly, "Angleton had an alliance with ... the Mafia, dating from 1944 when he was an O.S.S. officer in Italy.

"'Operation Gladio' ... was based on Angleton's fascist-Mafia connections, and employed ... the Mafia to assassinate some who couldn't be bribed, e.g. Prime Minster Aldo Moro." (Cached)


Anonymous said...


Zoompad said...

These secret societies are a pain in the backside.

So glad the real Aangirfan is back, whoever you are, by the way.

Anonymous said...

George de Mohrenschildt, Oswald's handler, had interesting names in his notebook when he died. For one, George Bush, but also Gordon Wasson who was vice president of JP Morgan (Rothschild affiliate),who started the whole entheogen craze with magic mushrooms. His wife was a Russian and his brother Thomas died defending Israel in 1948. De Mohrenschildt's own Russian studies at Dartmouth and his son roomed with George Bush. Marguerite Oswald was told by a psychic that DeMohrenschildt was the key to the JFK assassination.

No More Myths said...

Here's some information that has been withheld from the ignorant American masses by the jewish owned media:

Israel and the NSA Scandal

Steve Sailer has an article on the tie-in between Israeli high tech firms and the NSA spying on American citizens (“Does Israel Have a Backdoor to US Intelligence?“). It’s always seemed very suspicious that Amdocs, an Israeli firm, was responsible for billing for US phone companies, and that two Israeli firms, Narus and Verint, are involved in wiretapping AT&T and Verizon for the NSA. It’s also not surprising that, as noted by James Bamford in his April 2012 article for Wired, someone with close connections to Israel secretly gave software designed by NSA to Israel: “the advanced analytical and data mining software the NSA had developed for both its worldwide and international eavesdropping operations was secretly passed to Israel by a mid-level employee, apparently with close connections to the country.” Bamford’s source describes him as “a very strong supporter of Israel.”



Anonymous said...

Incredible Expose Aangirfan!!!

This,especially The Cambridge Apostles connection with the Right-Wing.
A huge piece of the puzzle why soo many of the Christian Churches have and are some of the most Staunch supporters of Zionism.

Le Gallinacé said...

The woman beside Victor de R is Nadine de Rothschild, a little goy actress who got married and converted herself to judaïsm. She wrote several books about how to behave among the "nice" society !

brian said...

remember the outrage when it was alleged thru a dodgy translation, Ahmadinejad said: israel should be wiped off the map': he didnt say this but he was pilloried around the globe..

NOW guess who says a country SHOULD be wiped off the face of the map....in plain english: the country to be genocided is North Korea..the person who said it..a former israeli ambassador...as an eg to Iran
no response in 2 months from media

Penny said...

thanks for stopping by at my place
you asked

Does the US/UK/Israel want to keep the Muslim Brotherhood in power?

And does the US/UK/Israel want Egypt broken up?

Yes and Yes

The US is sending troops this was announced prior to the weird warning from Egyptian military
something is going on.

It's to early to say for sure
but I suspect Israel is going to get it's piece of Egypt.

Link available in this blog post:


" A group of U.S. soldiers are rocked and ready to deploy to Egypt for a 9-month peacekeeping mission"

This was friday's news.. Sunday: Egypt's army warns about instability

giark65 (abel danger) said...

Ditto Zoompad. Thank you

Anonymous said...

About the first part, where a 'Conversazione' Group concerning 'Platonic Love':

It seem related to some other old groups, mainly in literate european eilte:


It's an italian blog about Dante Alighieri and the Rose+Cross... For those who will read, it's the info about it.

Anonymous said...

Muslim Brotherhood

just reading the name, implications are grave...

a big think-thank that can give a dual face, good for the external politics, while forgiving small subgroups that, internally, are totally different and prone to terrorist infiltrations.

best option for the international cabal.

Anonymous said...

The above article is a work of profound scholarship.

Anonymous said...

Z's right. And so are you Aang with this - hey someone's got to be getting things right at the minute! lol. But sometimes its good to get things wrong if the outcome is more peace and less pain. I would happily be wrong everyday to settle for that


PS Viktor was a right nasty piece of work - absolutely obsessed with bombs, explosives and blowing things up. Hung out with a lot of criminals and low life too.

Anonymous said...







KPatrickRyan said...

Another first class post, Aang.

"Rothschild is on record as saying;

"'There will be no room in the new country for shnorrers' (poor Jews)",

and there, in a nutshell, is the reason wealthy jewish factions refused jewish migration out of Germany at the onset of WWII and later invented the 6 million figure and the gas chambers. Let the poor jews suffer and even die in some cases. Let the jews who railed against the creation of israel also suffer and in some cases die. And, of course, this is one of the real reasons for WWII's kick-off in the first place.

All for the 'greater good' of connected and wealthy jews. They get their 'homeland' on property stolen with the help of Britain and, just as important, they get to hold the 'holocaust' over everyone else's head. And last but not least, they get to further their aims for a JWO/NWO.

It has worked to perfection but more and more people in this world are awakening to the truth....

Dublinmick said...

I am not a real big fan of homos.

Anonymous said...

Gaddafi had nuclear technology in the early 70's according to a friend of a friend, (a Libyan nuclear scientist) I think the technology was sold to Gaddafi by Americans .Gaddafi may have passed it onto his Arab friends.

Anonymous said...

don't know if you've missed on this but there's something big coming up in egypt. 30th of this month will be an attempt on counter revolution, by the good guys. the army is backing them. google egypt 30th of june. expect heavy disinfo

Anonymous said...

the 30th of june is called tamarod


also, note that 3.6. is 666, which is the number of justice, humanism and love (numerologically, not biblically).

Anonymous said...

‘Obama Overtly supports Al-Qaeda, Provides Terrorists with Chemical Weapons’: Michel Chossudovsky


Penny said...


not likely


Anonymous said...

Did you watch the alarming toxic Chemtrails video on
as posted above:

The ruling Jewish death cult SS conspiracy that
took over the UK in 1649/1656/1666/1688
and the worldwide money supply in 1913
empowers deadly sociopaths since centuries,
resulting in ever larger genocides.
Now they seize the opportunity to kill at even larger scale.

They are systematically killing all life rapidly,
if we want to survive,
we need to help expose and stop them.

Anonymous said...

Is there any connection between Rothschild's apostles and David Ferrie's orthodox bishops?....not to mention their Eucharist, which is Soma for the masses.

Anonymous said...

Although it's true that some people are waking up, I nonetheless remain very depressed.

The vast majority of people still absolutely believe in the big lie, which isn't 9/11 but the "Holocaust". In fact they don't merely believe it, but their reflex remains to aggressively attack anyone who seeks to discover the truth.

A child could see through the recent absurd false flags - Sandy Hook, Boston and Woolwich - but the average person seems wholly oblivious.

Anonymous said...

"I nonetheless remain very depressed."
Thank you for being honest, dear.

Depression has reached epidemic proportions in the West for the same reason.
People just don't realise or admit it.
Life on earth and all hope and love are being destroyed.
William Blum first described it in "Killing Hope" in 1995.
Obama is the ultimate destroyer of hope so far.
In the USA now most are drugged zombies:
7 in 10 Americans take prescription drugs.

"The vast majority of people still absolutely believe in the big lie, which isn't 9/11 but the "Holocaust". In fact they don't merely believe it, but their reflex remains to aggressively attack anyone who seeks to discover the truth."
Result from terror programming over years from childhood on.
And most even low level leaders like teachers
and administrators know if they step out of line
they lose their job.
They are greedy sociopathic cowards.

"A child could see through the recent absurd false flags - Sandy Hook, Boston and Woolwich - but the average person seems wholly oblivious."
You are right.
Most people are trained liars all day long.
And most will do almost anything for money,
and like to bow to powerful leaders.
You are surrounded by people without feelings and watching TV programming.
There is no point in staying where you are.
Go to a place with less money and more heart.

Peter said...



the above link I stole/borrowed from you it has always been one of my favs.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Talking of lies, spies, deceits and conspiracies. The photo of JFK in Dallas 11/22 reminded me of this,

"And his head moved violently forward..."

shirlz007 said...

''among the gayest Apostles''!!!

On a scale of one to ten Sir, how gay would you rank yourself? 8? Your in! Welcome to the club!

Anonymous said...

You say the Apostles were formed in the early 1900's, but there was a hermetic order called The Apostles at Cambridge in the late 1840's. Two members, B. F. Westcott & John Hort, became Priests in the Anglican Church & joined a society called "The Cambridge Ghost Society" in 1851. The founder was later made Archbishop of Canterbury. The society was formed to investigate spiritualist phenomena, then the hot new thing.

After two years of attending seances, the two formed the idea of putting together a new Greek Text for the New Testament, and making a new translation at the same time. This was published 20 years later, know as the Westcott - Hort Text and the Revised Standard Version respectively.

So I knew they were occultists, but were they gay, too?

Anonymous said...

Quite right. Thank you for this information and taking the time to link it together.


Anonymous said...

Good piece and according to the late T Stokes who knew several of the apostles, Kim Philby was never really trusted by the other apostles because he was not homosexual, his father was a total lech who was blackmailed into being commie stooge, but the most interesting part is that apparently philby had his wife aileen murdered as
she was trying to rat on him, Rothschild claimed he had the death cert altered to say suicide, but most interesting of all Philby began to wise up and began talking of the eveil plans of israel, and this was why flora solomons a senior figure the wartime jewish intel org to bring britian to another war with germany and run by marks & spencers, blew the whistle on philby.
The patriot circus owner billy smart who wa shimself involved in several MI% operations offered to have philby murdered in moscow, but this was vetoed by the foreign office,
incidentally both guy burgess and kim philby regretted their treachury,
the psychotic and narcistic john cairncross never did,
stokes said caincross never defected as he was protected directly by rothschild at his french farmhouse

David West said...

Thanks for this - an excellent job.
It helped me connect a few previously unconnected dots.
I have this feeling in the back of my mind that the Rothschild's have had control over most things, ever since they took over the British government, as related in the classic story about Nathan Rothschild buying British ponds for peanuts as a result of the Anglo-French war:
I also have a feeling that the secret services evolved from the Rothschild "system of horseback messengers around Europe" and enabled Rothschild to maintain control over all secret services.

So all things connect to the Rothschild's, the one common factor in wars and secrets.
Additionally, knowing that the Rothschild's originally financed the Rockefeller's indicates that they delegated control of USA to the Rockefeller's, but on Rothschild terms.

David West said...

Thanks for this.

It helps connect a few more dots that confirm that the Rothschild's may have had the equivalent of the NWO in operation for some time. All they are doing now is making it official.

I believe they have been a controlling factor in most world politics, secret services, and finances since they took control of the British Government in 1815.

The British Secret Service probably evolved from the system of horseback messengers developed by the Rothschild's during their early banking days, and as all other secret services evolved from that it is a fair assumption that the Rothschild's control the secret services of most countries, including USA.

The "gayness" is all a part of the blackmail system , an example being the coffin masturbations during Skull and Bones initiations, and many other disgusting activities.

Anonymous said...

Angleton was a Mexican Ladino Crypto-Jew on his mother's side. A total J-Triber and scammer. http://theinfounderground.com

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