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Vladimir Putin says he has no plans to remarry after separating from his wife

But, could a 30-year-old gymnast be the new Mrs Putin?

Alina Kabayeva, who met Vladimir Putin when she was a famous 17-year-old gymnast.

In April 2008, the Russian newspaper Moskovsky Korrespondent reported that Alina Kabayeva was engaged to marry Vladimir Putin in mid-June that year.

The story had come from a St Petersburg-based wedding planner who had been bidding to conduct the wedding reception.

Putin and Alina Kabayeva in 2008.

The newspaper, Moskovsky Korrespondent, was closed down soon afterwards.

And Alina Kabayeva very quickly became a member of the Russian parliament.

Alina (right) is a former Olympic gymnast.

In 2009, Alina Kabayeva gave birth to a boy, and the father has not been identified.

Putin's 'mistress' Alina Kabayeva is Russian Vogue's debut cover girl | Mail Online

One of Alina's close friends is gymnastics coach Irina Viner, the wife of oligarch and Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov.

Irina has indicated that she knows who the father is.


Alina Kabayeva's father is a Muslim Tatar.

Marat Kabayev - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alina Kabayeva

Alina Kabayeva appeared on the front of the January 2011 issue of Russian Vogue.

The words: 'Her Main Victory' appear between Alina Kabayeva's legs.

Alina is wearing a £21,000 gold Balmain dress.

Read more:

Mikhail Pakhomov (above) organized an American-style election campaign in Lipetsk for Putin and United Russia.

Pakhomov hired female cheerleaders with short skirts, ran expensive TV ads and handed out free T-shirts.

In 2010, Pakhomov became a member of the city parliament in Lipetsk.

"Mikhail Pakhomov ended up in a metal barrel, his bones broken and his body encased in cement."

Corrupt Russian Politician in Putin Party Murdered - SPIEGEL ONLINE

"The Italian mafia’s criminal networks are potentially without limit.

"In Scotland the ‘La Torre’ clan invests in Aberdeen (especially in the tourism sector).

"All the big Neapolitan clans invest in Dortmund, Leipzig and eastern Germany.

"Francesco Schiavone aka ‘Cicciarello’ was arrested in Poland on 18 March 2004, and had also been investing money in Romania.

"In Nice, they invest particularly in property...

"The ‘Ndrangheta has bought steel works in Russia. 

"In France the Camorra concentrates on clothes shops and invests in transport and in fuel distribution...

"The first town that the Italian mafia gave over to be completely governed by a foreign clan was Castel Volturno, which was given to the Rapaces, clans from Lagos and Benin City in Nigeria.

"So from now on they can control trafficking of cocaine and prostitutes before sending them across the whole of Europe."

Roberto Saviano on the Italian Camorra -

Putin's double?

The real Putin.

Putin's double?

The real Putin.

The Daily Mail has asked if Vladimir Putin has had plastic surgery, or, just plenty of sleep?.

Or, has Putin got a double?




Anonymous said...


Exposing Susan Rice | Weapons of Mass Distraction

Anonymous said...

- Young dolls, same old song as Tzars and Stalin.

- Italy? BVerlusconi did some strange appreciations on Putin: The motive behind this was that his former government bought gas from russia and Silvio included some of his friends in the big operation - Italy lacks gas sources - to make the story short... in the exchange a part of the italian money simply disappeared.

Now we can understand why Berlusconi (Pedophile P2 Lodge) was happy wearing russian hat beside Putin.

Strange act for a guy who always say that the American Dream is his philosophy of the life.


Dublinmick said...

Vlade is a busy man, there is only so much time in the day. I have noted for sometime that top pic cannot be him unless he has lost his sense of humor.

Greg Hallett claims Putin had 6 doubles in New Zealand.

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