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"A man who opened fire on police and tried to provoke the protestors last night in Hatay is reported to be a member of the Free Syrian Army. 

"The protestors, who were alarmed by his unusual behaviors, revealed the identity of the provocateur.

"The Free Syrian Army is an armed group supported by the Turkish government against the Syrian regime.

"Parliamentarian from Hatay, Hasan Akyol, spoke to soL newspaper and said that the people surrendered the man to the security forces.

"The provocateur is holding an Syrian identity card.

"He stayed at the camps of the Free Syrian Army.

"It is not known yet whether the police have started legal investigation on the issue or not. (soL)"

Syrian Perspective | Facebook / M of A - Erdogan Doubles Down


Anonymous said...

Be sure he will be free in no time

Anonymous said...

Brian said here

"Turkey is further evidence of the failure of the 'representative democracy' model."

Right, so what about European Community? What about USA or many other countries where the leaders are taking part at the BILDERBERG MEETING?

"The politicians in office dont represent the people" Right... So we should all agree on the mere fact that politicians are proxies for someone others instances.

Please check the man behind the curtain - OZ Wizard.

Most probably Turkey Riots are proxies, manipulated from above.

Occupy Wall Street... Where are they now? Are they same kind of proxy?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

check out the news from jim stone's site

Anonymous said...

US discloses Israel’s top-secret military base outraging Tel-Aviv

take a look at that and connect the dots

Anonymous said...

Of course Occupy is proxy. Its patently obvious. One only has to look at the raised arm and clenched fist in the air on the posters to know it. Become One with us, Collaborate, Synthethize...Commune-ize, Collect and connect. All propaganda happy talk. POwer to the people. And what do the people want? To organize. Where? Anywhere? Why? Because it their RIGHT. Rights for what? Be Free! Be free and commune! Save some green space and don't let them tell you, you can't organize! Circular words that go no where. BUT they channel anger and keep it powerless. Plus they can be monitored. Puleese. Occupy Is FAKE.

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