Friday, June 28, 2013


The Jews in Hollywood cooperated with the Nazis.

Scholar Asserts That Hollywood Avidly Aided Nazis


Anonymous said...

Two names:

Norman Dodd

Anthony C. Sutton

End of.

Anonymous said...

Did the Holocaust even happen because I am having doubt as I see how racist and self centered Zionist are. They have destroyed our beautiful country and the American way with smut and perversion. We know they are behind porn, even though all gays should be treated equally they have taken it further and want gays above heterosexual so they can destroy the traditional American family. The Zion's are 100 percent behind the Zion movement and fooled all those stupid people to put up an Athiest statue with the ten commandments in Florida! The leader of the Athiest movement is a Jewish man named David Silverman. We know in America now that se Jews really hate us and want to destroy our children's futures! Please to the people who are still good stop these bad Jews from destroying our children. I don't want my kids taught in school that gay is better than the way that creates life ! God Almighty please save us!

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