Thursday, June 06, 2013


Indonesian, Kamidia Radisty

One of the countries where you can see the largest number of naked women is Indonesia.


Around half of the Indonesian population use a river, a canal or the sea as their bathroom.

Water supply and sanitation in Indonesia


It is unfortunate that Miss World "is to axe bikinis for Muslim Indonesia"

Contestants in the September 2013 Miss World contest will not wear bikinis, in a bid to avoid causing offence in Moslem-majority Indonesia.

The pageant, to be held in Bali and Bogor, has upset the Indonesian Ulema Council, which has called for its cancellation.

Poverty in Bogor in Indonesia. 

Council cleric Muhyidin Djunaedi accused the event of 'promoting hedonism, materialism and consumerism'.

Muhyidin Djunaedi might be better asking why so many Indonesian Moslems do not have access to proper toilets.

Or why the Saudis are allowed to promote their Wahhabi style of Islam, which is a British invention designed to weaken the Moslem world.

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