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STELLA: Boy A came to see Michael Jackson…

The parents were in the room smoking pot with a five-month-old baby. 

At the time, Michael was crazy about Boy A and his little brother.

PHILIP: Michael likes them young. 

Boy A was getting too old. 

The first time when Michael saw Boy A in the movie, XXXX XXXX, he told Boy A he wanted to meet him.

Philip and Stella worked at Neverland in California, for nine months and were the only live-in staff.

They were interviewed by a private detective working for Hollywood sleuth Anthony Pellicano.

The Sunday People reports that, according to FBI files, Michael Jackson paid out £23 million to buy the silence of at least two dozen young boys he abused over 15 years.

The files, containing thousands of pages, were not shown to prosecutors in the trial in 2005, when Jackson was cleared of molesting a boy.

This might suggest that 'Jackson' was an asset of the security services.

The fuzzy haired, broad nosed, dark skinned Jackson is believed to have had a double. It may be the 'double' that was involved with abuse at Neverland. Neverland may have links to the security services.

The FBI files (private investigators’ reports, phone transcripts and hours of audio tapes) describe how Jackson "was once caught by a member of his household staff groping a world-famous child star, watching porn films while molesting another boy and fondling the genitals of a third in his private cinema."

Blackmailed and brainwashed?

The files contain evidence collected by Anthony Pellicano, 'private eye to the stars'.

Allegedly, Jackson hired  Anthony Pellicano to document the evidence of abuse.

Allegedly, Pellicano's job was to make sure the boys kept quiet.

Reportedly, when Pellicano was investigated in 2002 for bugging Hollywood stars, the FBI seized all his files.

Yuri Geller and Michael Jackson. 

Was Michael Jackson a victim of CIA-Mossad mind control?



Michael Jackson appears to have been 'used' by Israel.

Sharon, Jackson, Geller.

Michael Jackson, like Jimmy Savile, had access to the Israeli prime minister.

Mossad and its friends allegedly used the pedophile rings linked to Jimmy Savile to control politicians.

Was Neverland used by Mossad and its friends?

Dangerous Album

Apparently, Michael Jackson was in the hands of people who knew all about freemasonry, satanism and mind-control.

"On the cover of the ... 'Dangerous' Album, the freemasonic symbol of the one eye can be found as well as a picture of a bald headed man well known to the Occult (Satanists) as Alistair Crowley."

(Brainwashing for the CIA)

Alistair Crowley was a freemason who became a Satanist. 

(Brainwashing for the CIA)

Crowley worked for the security services. 


Terror is used to achieve mind control. (Cached )

Michael Jackson has described the terrifying behaviour of his father, Joe.

One night while Michael slept, Joe Jackson decided to climb into Michael's bedroom via the window.

Joe was wearing a frightening mask, and he started screaming and shouting.

This gave Michael nightmares.

('My father beat me up. He was very strict, very hard..just a look would terrify me')

Allegedly, Michael Jackson's father allowed Michael to be 'used' by older men.


Reportedly, the CIA likes to use boys and girls for the purposes of sexual blackmail.

"At night, women lured men to the hideaways and fed them LSD or marijuana, while other men watched the action through two-way mirrors and tape-recorded the sounds.

"Scenes from seamy bordellos? Havens for desperate voyeurs? No, these were taxpayer-financed operations of the CIA." 

(Mind-Bending Disclosures - TIME )

The key people at the CIA are said to promote satanism and are reported to have used rock and pop music to spread their brainwashing. 

Michael Jackson in an Israeli magazine. Note the fuzzy hair, broad nose and dark skin?

"Jimmy Page's fascination with Aleister Crowley is well-known.

"He purchased Crowley's mansion and they lived and produced a few records there, including the fourth album with no name, just occult-looking symbols on it.

"I remember as a teenager playing Zep records backwards to listen to the backwards masking...

"'Oh, here's to my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad, whose power is Satan. He'll give those with him 666. There was a little tool shed where he made us suffer, sad Satan.'"

(Pink Floyd... NWO, MKULTRA, CIA, occultists?, page 1)


Paul A. Bonacci said that, as a child, he was kidnapped, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control.

In 1999, in a court in Omaha, he won $1,000,000 in damages. (Mind Control Victim Awarded $1 Million)

Bonacci in his testimony referred to the involvement of topmembers of the US military and top politicians in child abuse.

The Washington Times reported that Paul Bonacci had access to the White House living quarters.


Col. Michael Aquino is one of those frequently mentioned in cases relating to child abuse and mind-control. 

(Michael Aquino, child sex abuse and the United States.)

The Pentagon's Project Monarch is about mind control. 

(Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton)

It is supected that Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan-Sirhan, Charlie Manson, John Hinckley Jr., Mark Chapman, David Koresh, Tim McVeigh and John Salvi may have been mind-control victims. 

Michael Jackson. Note the straight hair, white skin and narrow nose?

And Michael Jackson?

When Elvis joined the US army it was being used as a test ground for the MKULTRA project.

MKULTRA involved drug related experiments to modify human behaviour for the purpose of subliminal control.

In 1970, Elvis visited President Nixon.

Reportedly, Elvis told Nixon: "I've done an in-depth study of drug abuse and Communist brainwashing techniques."

Reportedly, Elvis believed 'the mind control techniquesand his singing abilities could be used to help reshape the patriotic and moral fibre of America's youth.'

- - Elvis meets Nixon: a White House memory - August 16, 2002 / YOUR NEW REALITY

Egypt, after the Mossad-run Arab Spring.

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Anonymous said...

Qld boy's horror, raised by global pedophile ring

note abc australia's ginger gorman article pictured of interview with these guys before they got caught. abc has disappeared the original but cached is still available:

abc's headline: Two Dads are better than One...

Anonymous said...

A recent whistleblower from Australia posted his/her witness to rituals, it's on DI Forum and other sites.

Anonymous said...

So Alex Jones never links to you ?

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan - you wrote about Americares and raised awareness of their role as front for sinister CIA black ops. I am just re-reading John DeCamp's book "The Franklin Coverup" about Boys Town pedo-satanism linked to Reagan/ it (I believe chapter 13 and can verify, if needed), DeCamp links the Boys Town Nebraska pedo ring to Father John Ritter whose best friend was Bob Macauley of Americares - the book mentions all, including Americares.

I am personally familiar with Americares and remember a certain news segment - in the 1990s, they took Michael Jackson on their airlift to Sarajevo, one of their many intel missions. Michael Jackson was also connected to the sinister CIA front named Americares. Google "Michael Jackson Sarajevo" and you will find it. It was Americares which took him there.

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan - here is the article - Americares talks about their work with Michael Jackson. Americares is very dirty black ops and its founder Macauley and Father John Ritter, his close friend, were both very involved with pedo rings. Jackson's involvement with Americares is further proof that he was a Zionist intel asset. -sg

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