Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Journalist Michael Hastings died in a mysterious car crash on 19 June 2013.

Hastings was a critic of the Pentagon generals.

In 2010, Michael Hastings described General Stanley McChrystal's staff as "a handpicked collection of killers, spies, ... political operators and outright maniacs."

McChrystal was sacked by Obama in 2010.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal helped cover up the circumstances of Army Cpl. Pat Tillman's death.

Gen. McChrystal was fired from job he never deserved to have

On 11 November 2012, Michael Hastings wrote that we should never have trusted General David Petraeus

Hastings wrote of Petraeus: "He's ... a world-class bullshit artist...

"He essentially armed and trained what later became known as 'Iraqi death squads.'

"He ... took the Shiites' side in a civil war, armed them to the teeth, and suckered the Sunnis into thinking we'd help them out too...

"Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis lost their lives during a sectarian conflict that Petraeus' policies fueled..."

"The Afghan war - Petraeus made horrible deals with guys like Abdul Razzik and the other Afghan gangsters and killed a bunch of people who didn’t need to be killed...

(The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan.)

"The reputations of the men who were intimately involved in these years of foreign misadventure, where we tortured and supported torture, armed death squads, conducted nightly assassinations, killed innocents, and enabled corruption on an unbelievable scale, lie in tatters."


giark65 (abel danger) said...

Jim Stone has good coverage

Michael Hastings OBVIOUSLY murdered by bomb on gas tank

Anonymous said... all tied to Syria?

Anonymous said...

@anony 7:59 - Not Syria necessarily.... Tied to everything if u want and know what i mean....

Anonymous said...

Michael Hastings is this the "investigative" journalist that believed Bin Laden got killed in Pakistan??this clown?one less idiot around.

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Unknown said...

The FBI Did It.

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