Monday, June 24, 2013



hirundine said...

Anyone who feels they need privacy from machines reading their text in emails etc. Should see this site.
Simple fonts that machines cannot read. At least for now?

Anonymous said...

Hirundine, these fonts can be read by machines.
The only conversations safe from total surveillance
are those done far away from electric devices.

And if you are being followed or monitored,
in a hole under the ground, naked and shaved.

And without implants from dentists
or other surgeons.

As you can understand from the secret city at Area 51,
their technology is over 60 years more advanced
then what they show us.

Either we can expose and stop these SS sociopaths,
or they will keep poisoning our water, food and air.

Anonymous said...

Watch The Sorcerers 1967 mind control movie.

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