Friday, June 14, 2013



I've been wanting to interview the American president, to ask him about Syria and chemical weapons.

Barack Obama agrees to meet me for lunch at Ben's Chili Bowl.

We both order the specialty Chili Half Smoke and some cheese fries.

As we wait for our order to arrive, I put it to President Obama that President Assad of Syria is most unlikely to have used chemical weapons, because Assad would not want to risk 'crossing the red line'.

Obama smiles and then reminds me that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was about to wipe out London.

"We need to provide direct military aid to the Syrian rebels," says Obama.

Child hanged by the allies of the USA and NATO.

"The rebels have massacred Christians and executed small children," I point out.

"That's nothing," says Obama, "During the Korean war, we helped to wipe out 30 % of the population of North Korea. 

"And around the time I was a child in Indonesia, the USA helped to murder up to one million Indonesian civilians. 

"Sometimes it's a case of kill the red Indians!"

Our 'quarter pound half pork and beef smoked sausages on steamed buns' arrive.

They are served with mustard, onions, and chili sauce.

"How reliable is the intelligence on the chemical weapons?" I ask.

"Just as reliable as the evidence that Egypt attacked the USS Liberty," says Obama with a wink.

I ask the president if he can afford a big American intervention in Syria, when so many of the USA's military assets are in the Pacific ocean and South China Sea, and when there is a danger of intervention by Russia?

"Well, they said we couldn't afford to bomb the shit out of Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Lebanon, Libya, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan."

As we finish off our smoked sausages, I notice that the president appears different from the man whom I have seen so often on TV.

I think I have been talking to an Obama look alike.

The world is full of imposters.

France Channels Weapons to Syrian Al Qaeda Terrorists Involved in Massacre of Civilians in Hatlah village.

Who Killed the Syrian Peace Talks? The Rebels have been Defeated. Is the War Over?

Triggering Sectarianism in Syria, Destabilizing the Secular State


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Anonymous said...

Children detained by Israeli army as young as 6 years old: a new trend?

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A13 said...

Hell, after a hell of a day7
i actually did this.

I know, it's a bit rude in the title..

it is straight to the point though.
i blame it on my catholic upbringing and private schooling...just like you ladies :)
kudos and kissesxx00

hahaha wrod verification = reluctantly errosaf :)

Ruling Zombies said...

Good spoof.
Exposing the predatory state
and cool hedonistic media.

The leading picture says it all.
Besides being obvious lying sociopaths,
sadistic empty shells, laughing murderous actors,
arrogant spoiled brats and supremacist nobodies,
these brainwashed MKUltra puppets have no personality.

And what's worse, no humanity left in them.

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Anonymous said...

whatever happened to this poor sweet kid?

Egbesu Under Panoptic Coloniality said...

excellent post...i wish people would read more smh

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