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Binjamin Wilkomirski claimed he had been in a Nazi concentration camp. "He was exposed as a liar".  Daily Mail.

Jews invent stories about the Holocaust.

There is no denying that millions died in World War II and that some of these people died in Nazi concentration camps.

We should not forget that 15 million Chinese were killed during World war II.

Joe Corry.

Joe Corry claims in a book that he was at a death camp that never existed.

Daily Mail.

Corry claims:

1. He rescued the nuclear scientist J Robert Oppenheimer from Holland.

2. He came across a Nazi 'experimental' extermination camp in Holland.

Corry writes of the camp:

"The living and dead evidence of horror and brutality beyond one's imagination was there. 

"People were lying, crawling and shuffling about, in stinking ankle-deep mud and human excrement."

Corry saw piles of corpses and rows of 'living skeletons'.

In 2014, publishers Simon & Schuster will re-issue Corry's memoir, originally published in 1990.

According to the Daily Mail:

Corry's story is simply not true.

1. Oppenheimer was in the USA throughout the war.

2. There were no such 'experimental extermination camps' in Holland.

The concentration camps in Holland were liberated long before Corry claims to have paid a visit to one of them.

Binjamin Wilkomirski, who invented a wartime childhood in Auschwitz

Fragments: Memories Of A Wartime Childhood, is an account of Binjamin Wilkomirski's life in camps such as Auschwitz.

It was published by Wilkomirski in 1995. 

In 1998, a Swiss journalist exposed Wilkomirski as a liar.

The journalist revealed that: 

(1) Wilkomirski had been nowhere near the camps and 

(2) Wilkomirski was in fact called Bruno Grosjean who had been raised in an orphanage.


In 1996, Herman Rosenblat told Oprah Winfrey that as a boy he had been in a concentration camp called Schlieben, a sub-camp of Buchenwald.

Rosenblat claimed that:

1. A young girl called Roma threw apples and bread over the camp's fence and that this kept him alive.

2. In 1957, he came across Roma in New York, on a blind date, and they got married.

In 2008, Rosenblat's book, Angel At The Fence, was published; and it was due to be made into a £17 million film.

Some people who had been prisoners at Schlieben pointed out that the public road near the fence was closed and anyone trying to use it would have been shot.

Rosenblat's book was withdrawn from publication. 

Misha Defonseca

In 1997, Misha Defonseca published Misha: A Memoir Of The Holocaust Years.

Misha claimed to have survived the Warsaw ghetto and been raised by wolves.

The story turned out to be fiction.

Continued here: Daily Mail.


aangirfan: ANNE FRANK

Paul Rassinier - WikiSpooks / 3 Wartime years



New evidence suggests 'Italy's Schindler' who was honoured for saving 5,000 Jews during World War Two may have been a collaborator sending families to Auschwitz


Zoompad said...

One day everyone will see who has been telling the truth and who has been lying, the Lord Jesus Christ said so

aferrismoon said...

"As he roamed the countryside trying to survive in a Poland now occupied by German troops, he witnessed many horrors, such as being "forced to take part in a cruel and sadistic game in which German soldiers took shots at him for target practice."

From Wiki - Roman Polanski

I assume they weren't very good shots. Anyhow he survived a great deal as a perusal of wiki will inform you.

Including how he survived raping a a 13 year old girl and escaping from a biased Judge.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the moshe solomons show on truth news
covered the holocaust and academics on there showed it was all fake, even high profile jews are admitting it now, but say it was necesary at the time
paul davis

Anonymous said...

Yes. Interestingly they don't mention the king of the Holocaust make-believers, Elie Wiesel. It seems that there was a chap called Wiesel but the famous saint of suffering ain't him. He has no tattoo, can't speak Hungarian, and was unrecognizable to the man who befriended the real Wiesel in Auschwitz. Read all about it.

And if you have a look at Wiesel's wikipedia entry scroll down to the bottom and see how many awards and honorary degrees he's been given. Pretty much all of them from the looks of things. I assume Wiesel would have laughed at the idea of him receiving the awards for humanitarianism but accepted them anyway as recognition of his chutzpah, his ability to lie, and his complete and utter lack of shame.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

BTW. It just so happens I'm in the middle of Paul Rassinier's US compilation (of his first four books). The best is probably the first Crossing The Line wherein he makes it clear that in Buchenwald, between the SS and the various kapos, the SS were preferable. The kapos stole all the food, inflicted all the violence, and turned the hospitals into torture shows. The cruelty of the SS it seems lay in mostly letting the kapos run the show.

The kapos were sleek, well fed, and would swagger around in warm hand-stitched clothes whilst awarding themselves luxuries unimagined by those they sent to the crematorium. This they did on a daily basis and were truly and properly murderous. No numbers were mentioned but one's forced to conclude that they'd have put those for whom the term 'mass murderer' was coined (Dahmer, Gacy, DaSilva et al) well and truly in the shade.

Interesting chap, Rassinier, worth doing a piece on.

Oh wait,I just checked to see if you'd ever mentioned him only to find a link emanating from that dickhead nobody. Typical of that lazy bastard - rather than do it himself he comes round here trying to get you to do it all. Git.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

"fake memoirs encourages extremists who deny the holocaust ever happened"-DM-MSM
So people who question the accuracy and validity of things are told they are 'extremists' eh? Well I once believed in Santa Claus. I have been an 'extremist nut-job' ever since.
- windy , Lancaster, 22/6/2013 00:47
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Propaganda [...]
- John E. Powell , LibLabConnedLand, 22/6/2013 00:34
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Many people died of typhus after the allies bombed the railway lines that supplied the camps with food, but I think there are many falsifications with regards to what happened during WW2. The numbers that died at Auschwitz has been reduced over the years and no smoke plumes were observed by aerial shots taken by the allies when there was supposed to be a continuous stream of smoke due to cremations of those who were supposedly gassed. The bars of soap made of human fat and the skin lampshades have since been discarded as real events as well. But it don't surprise me that large publishing houses publish any old gumph nowadays.
- Sue , London, United Kingdom, 22/6/2013 00:21
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"it was all fake, even high profile jews are admitting it now, but say it was necesary at the time"
Necessary for what aim ?

"King of the Holocaust make-believers, Elie Wiesel ...
his complete and utter lack of shame."
Sociopaths: they have no real feelings.

Polanski is a good example showing how they use their lies to torture.

Anonymous said...

The Holocaust Fraud is used for Torture Trauma Programming of Generations of Children

Spielberg takes horrors of the Holocaust into classrooms

All Spielberg Hollywood "documentaries" and "docu-dramas" are calculated propaganda based on blatant fraud and fake witnesses.

Eric Hunt banned from Stanford University libraries for exposing massive Shoah fraud

Steven Spielberg’s USC Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation is known for their over 50,000 video “testimonies” which supposedly prove that six million Jews were gassed by evil Germans. However, when Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation archives are actually accessed and analyzed, these video archives are in reality an invaluable treasure trove for Holocaust truthers.

I recently received a letter in the mail banning me from the Stanford University libraries. You see, I publicly shamed the Shoah Foundation and Holocaust promotion industry by actually showing the public what these videos contain, and analyzing the truth and lies they tell.

I first decided to access the Shoah Foundation archives at Stanford after learning that a new generation of children were being tormented by a Holocaust liar’s outrageous new memoir

Anon said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "FAKE HOLOCAUST STORIES":

The Simon Weisenthal centre was exposed by the WHO as a racist sectartian anti-christian organisation based on lies and fraud.

I cant understand Englishmen who believe the Jew XXXX Tommy Robinson of the EDL; they are just trying to wage war on Muslims

Anonymous said...

A high profile jew recently said they had to fake up the holocaust because otherwise the Nuremberg trials would have had nothing to try, and at all cost the allied war crimes had to be shown as "necessary"
The inmates of the camps were forced labour for the war effort and to valueable to kill needlessly, remember the trustee jews who ran the camps dished out horrific beatings to their own peoples

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.33 Why doesn't that dickhead nobody start writing again instead of coming round here posting intelligent comments?!

Anonymous said...

some people will do anything for fame and money,well done to guy walters for exposing these frauds corry and the rest of them,sick b------s

Anonymous said...

You can deny God in western countries, you can blaspheme as much as you like - in fact both are done frequently by the mainstream media - but deny the "Holocaust" or attack the Jews and the media, legal, political and financial elite will seek to destroy you.


Because they are controlled by Jews.

The Holocaust is a myth based on lies to promote Jewish interests.

It takes only a minimal amount of research to establish that six million Jews did not die between 1939 and 1945, that the numbers who died in camps is a fraction of that, and that most who did die in camps died from disease and starvation.

There was no plan to systematically kill all Jews, there was instead a plan to remove the Jewish threat to the German war effort. Evenso, there were many Jews who were in the German army and even the SS.

The six million figure comes from Jewish literature, where it is a recurring number. Of course most non-Jews don't know this.

The memoirs of De Gaulle, Eisenhower and Churchill do not mention a "Holocaust" at all in their thousands of pages. The "Holocaust" is something which only began being aggressively promoted in the 1970s.

It's also interesting to note that whenever Nazi dislike of the Jews is mentioned, there is NEVER any mention of WHY Jews were so unpopular in Germany (and why they have been so unpopular in so many places so often in history). Dislike of Jews is presented as being wholly arbitrary and random, an analysis which defies even the most limited critical thinking.

Anonymous said...

Well put, 8:56.

It's a largely hidden but effective network
of thought control terror.

And through the FED's money monopoly,
they are in key positions everywhere,
down to the local level, worldwide.

Strangling humanity, poisoning our food,
water and air, promoting the agenda
of a "transhumanist" suicidal death cult.

"Well, we are gonna become increasingly non-biological, to the point where the non-biological part predominates and the biological part is not that important anymore. In fact the non-biological part, the machine part, will be so powerful it can completely model and understand the biological part. So you have that biological part put away, it wouldn't make any difference, because the non-biological part understood it completely."
Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, 2013
Ray Kurzweil - Immortality by 2045

Creeping human skeleton, Bilderberg sculpture

Charles Edward Frith said...

Video comprehensively taking down the fictional six million figure.

shirlz007 said...

Anonymous! Still the creepiest, stalkerfied, cowardly, most dangerous social movement in the history of humankind!
Anyway (for those that aren't weird and creepy) - A Defence of Hitler ~ by Dr Ingrid Zundel (fascinating stuff!
Danny Hurley, Heysham, 11.02

Anonymous said...

I have a question:
Lately I read a paper online,
possibly a scanned pdf book,
that described how the Jewish leaders,
based on the Torah and Talmud,
over the ages time and again,
promised salvation they could never deliver,
leading the believers into endless massacres.

Well informed conspiracy literature.
Do you have an idea who wrote this
or how I could find it again ?

Anonymous said...

Another one Ellie wissel

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