Thursday, June 27, 2013


Is 'Clown' about Emeli Sandé 'selling her soul' to the elite?

Emeli Sandé’s “Clown”: A Song About Selling Out to the Music Industry?


Greg Burton said...

The references I could see is:

1. The NaZi uniforms could represent the Zionist now in control of the world and the entertainment business, who collaborated with Hitler and the Germans.

2. Using flattery to pull someone into the net of mind slavery (clapping).

3. The reference to Josef Mengele and pulling off the flower petals: Mengele would pull petals off the flowers while standing in front of victims to be either saved for Project Monarch training or murdered.

The text on the board is significant, but I can't make the reference: the world and the solar system? Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, impressive video.

Well done with the black and white Nazis and the Roman background.

Of course you know who owns Hollywood, MKUltra and the USA, and project their own evil onto the image of the two stereotypical enemies above. The USA portrays itself as new Roman empire, a fascist democracy facade.

Anonymous said...

She's just a mind controlled slave like many others

Anonymous said...

Well, she is from this SRA-heavy area:

Anonymous said...

Hullo boys and girls,

OT sorry but have you seen this documentary on the Special Branch and police spying? It's excellent.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Aang, please note that after the hype for the bloggers on symbolism in MSM (from the late 90s) this analisys has gone 'commercial'

Even vigilant citizen seems an AD for the last crappy video

So, the lyrics have some hint but nmy bet is that any 'artist' has to give hints to go up the ladder

don't be fooled - ignore the crap

better, much better check the first famous case of MULTIPLE PERSONALTITY: Candy Jones, originally known as Jessica Arline Wilcox.

Anonymous said...

Checking the history of her page on wikipedia (where you can see more than just the page that pops up)...

Miss Jones instructed young women in charm, beauty and fitness as the owner-operator of the Candy Jones Career Girls School for more than 20 years...

In World War II she headed a U.S.O. troupe called Cover Girls Abroad that entertained troops in the South Pacific...

The last work (U.S.O) was done by Marylin Monroe!

Newspaceman said...

She's at Glastonbury this year, the line up has a lot of acts that also played at the Olympics.

The theme of Glastonbury is Heaven and Hell.

The children in the "barred" hospital beds and the "terrrifying" characters in the Olympic opening ceremony spoke volumes, as did the "red lined" clothing sported by many of the musicians, and indeed Mr. Bean's discarded, pentagram-ish unattended backpack.

Emili was the singer at the 7/7 Olympic rememberence.

I agree with anon @ 2.00, the artists are in on it; something to muse over ?


Anonymous said...

Aha Newspace, sorry for the typos in previous comment... The Disneyan artists, who grow up well immersed in these kinds of manipulations have no way to 'hint' at them, they are well into it. Proof is how fast is their career and sometimes their life (At 30 they appear as 50 years old).

Then the not-elected are more and more giving out signs as: look, I agree with your simbology and OI am ready to sell my own self.

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