Sunday, June 23, 2013


Christina Sarich has written: The Ego is Sneaky: 5 Ways to Know When It's In Charge

According to Christina Sarich:

1. Sometimes we get upset, mean, or angry.

(Aangirfan comment: Perhaps the game of golf is not going well. Check your Biorhythm. Try the Lüscher Colour Test)

2. We forget that what we see 'out there' is just reflecting what's 'in here'.

(Aangirfan comment - When the golf ball lands in a bunker, it can be annoying or a lot of fun)

3. Here are a few ways you can tell when your ego is up to no good:

A. You have forgotten that everything you are experiencing is coming from your own very deep programming.

You are creating the show.

You've designed the costumes, made the props, and even chosen the set.

You won't see any difference in the characters until you change the programming.

(Aangirfan comment: You may be programmed to believe that handicapped people don't matter.

(That the media is not controlled by the spooks.

(That the spooks do not work for a global elite comprising top Nazis, top Zionists, top Moslems, mafia dons...

(That bisexuality is unnatural.

(That there is no life after death)

B. You see your current reality as the only reality.

But it really represents only a fragment of what is possible at any given moment in time.

It feels as if you have to protect this very limited view of the world, because if you didn't you would feel pain...

"The only way to truly get the mind out of its own little, contracted space is to help someone else with their problems."

Compassion in Action: The Rule to an Expanded Consciousness

Cerebral Palsy...

C. Any time you are afraid, you can be sure the ego is having its way with your consciousness.

This includes worry, fear, and anxiety.

Fear is based in limitation.

It is only seeing a small portion of the Truth.

Sweet dreams....
Nayeem KALAM

D. Laziness, tiredness, and passivity are also tricks of the ego.

If you are just too 'tired' to make a change you stay stuck in your current, more limited view of the world.

Your small piece of consciousness is running the show while you mistakenly believe it is a true representation of reality.

If you don’t exert any effort at all, you can be sure your spiritual path will stagnate.

Where the flowers go to sleep....
Nayeem KALAM

E. Hiding your real feelings about a situation is often the work of the ego.

If you can't communicate honestly and openly, the ego gets to use all sorts of manipulative mind-games to keep you playing games with yourself and your partner, friend, boss, etc.

You become stubborn, unwilling to change, and more interested in defending your unspoken truth, than expressing it.

The ego will have you believe that telling the truth will humiliate you, but the old saying is true, 'the Truth will set you free.'

Christina Sarich's blog is Yoga for the New World.

Check your Biorhythm. Try the Lüscher Colour Test


Anonymous said...

giark65 (abel danger) said...

Thank you

Anon said...

I've added Abel Danger and Coleman-experience to my LINKS.

- Aangirfan

P2P said...

thank you. kindness and compassion are keys to one's true self, only reachable through being kind and compassionate

A13 said...

Thank you for this :)
We all have our brief moments.
I find it easier to forgive at this stage of my life...
but i never forget.
I'm learning, as a perpetual student..or perhaps a student of perpetuity ;)
Cheers A

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