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David Icke. Does the CIA use 'holographic reptile imagery', and drugs, as part of its mind control programme?   

In a recent edition of Rupert Murdoch's Zionist Sunday Times, Will Storr had an article about David Icke.

It's a jungle out there | The Sunday Times

Storr attempts to discredit Icke.

Will Storr

Will Storr would appear to be a Materialist, who has had a few problems in life.

"Plagued by 'delusional jealousy, pathological drinking and theft', Will Storr just about retained the ability to function in his own life, but clung none the less to the presumption that people live 'rationally'."


David Icke once wrote:

"In a remarkable period of 15 days as I travelled, around the United States in 1998, I met more than a dozen separate people who told me of how they had seen humans transform into reptiles..."

Icke was told about the reptiles by "people who'd been involved in US government mind-control projects."

Our guess is that the CIA and its friends use 'holographic reptile imagery', and drugs, as part of their mind control programme.

To be fair, David Icke says that the 'reptiles' exist 'outside reality'.

The CIA pretended that this was Libya. It was in fact India.

According to Storr:

1. David Icke lives in a clean and spacious flat in a smart square in Ryde, on the Isle of Wight, in the UK.

2. David Icke is "an anti-vaccination, climate-change-denying, psychic, steam train enthusiast" who believes:
  • The Isle of Wight is run by a network of Freemasons, paedophiles and Satanists...
  • Most people are acquiescent 'sheeple'...
  • 90% of journalists are 'Classic Repeaters' - public relations officers for the official version of events...
  • The world is controlled by shape-shifting, reptilian 'bloodline' families....
(As pointed out above, Aangirfan believes that the 'shape-shifting reptilian' bit is the result of CIA trickery)

CIA fake bin Laden. "The residence had no phone or internet connection." (Osama bin Pakistan hideout.)

3. David Icke is a 61-year-old, twice divorced, father-of-four.

4. Icke is "slippery as to whether or not he thinks The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is genuine, writing that 'people should make up their own minds... No matter what the abuse-hurlers and reality-deniers say, their content presents a plan for world dictatorship that mirrors what has actually happened since.'"

5. David Icke quotes approvingly individuals who accuse the 'Holocaust industry' of being primarily concerned with profit and claims that 'Zionism is, at its centre, a secret society connected to all the others'.

6. David Icke "detects malevolence in everyone from the Queen to Obama to civil-liberties campaigner Shami Chakrabarti and country singer Kris Kristofferson."

Could this be a fake?

7. According to David Icke: the elite's plan is to create a society in which there is a mega-rich elite living in high-tech luxury, isolated from the rest of the population, all in abject poverty.

Pamela Leigh Richards

8.  David Icke says that his father, Beric, "was born in abject poverty and spent his last money on a train ticket to London to get a job during the Great Depression.

"He couldn't get one. So he walked from London to Blackpool to try to get a job there...

"Beric was very intelligent… the brains of the family… I had great respect for him."

The Fort Monckton MI6 Training Centre is at Gosport

9. Beric loved steam trains and the Isle of Wight.

When David married his first wife, Linda, he chose the Isle of Wight for their honeymoon.

10. As a schoolboy, in Leicester, David didn't excel academically.

11. But, David was a talented footballer and was signing by Coventry City aged 15.

David got arthritis and, at 19, was told he had to stop playing.

12. David became a journalist, starting at the Leicester Advertiser.

David then joined the BBC as a sports presenter.

He became a spokesperson for the Green Party.

In August 1990 the BBC terminated his contract, after he refused to pay 'the Poll Tax'.


Tyson Lewis, of Montclair State University, and Richard Kahn, of the University of North Dakota, write that Icke has borrowed the idea of reptiles from the Israeli-American writer, Zecharia Sitchin.

"Sitchin's speculations have been ridiculed by professional scientists, historians, and archaeologists, who note many problems with his translations of ancient texts[1] and categorize his work as pseudohistory and pseudoscience." (Zecharia Sitchin.)

aangirfan: DAVID ICKE

Headlines - David Icke Website

Mursi Was Expected to Close Israeli Embassy Instead of Cutting Ties with Syria


Anonymous said...

Almost everything good to me, except the two quotes from this:

Sorry, but to discredit Sitchin someone has to know both Hebrew and Sumerian languages.

Anonymous said...

...and by the way Icke didn't steal his views from Sitchin. In USA the reptoid frenzy started in late '80s

Anonymous said...

David Icke is a disinformation peddler par excellence. The vast majority of what he says I believe to be true. However, the ultimate controllers according to Icke are in fact reptilian creatures which is rubbish. This only serves to discredit much of the truth he is talking to mislead truth seekers away from the spiritual truth that is behind all this.

One must also question the source for much of the detailed information he possesses about times, places etc. Too good to be true.

Never forget that Icke himself is a product of the BBC(and aangirfan has told you who runs that before...hint is in the article ;-)

Anonymous said...

For those into twits... Check:


Seems a likely MK aware guy,
who gives hints/provocations
at Derren Brown and others!

Dublinmick said...

The fact that Sitchin has been criticized by project avalon and informers says wonders for his credibility.

It can rapidly turn into comedy when people attempt to describe what the clay tablets actually say and how sitchin interpreted them, when most of the people doing this have not even bothered reading Sitchin. I have, about 15 of his books and he does not say the Annunaki were lizards. Most of this is people on the net trying to pretend to know what Sitchin was saying.

Another discrepancy with Sitchin’s theory, that the Anunnaki created humans in their own image and after their own likeness, is the fact that the Sumerians describe the Anunnaki as lizard-people; as bipedal reptilian creatures with scaly skin who preferred the water over the land.
Sitchin avoids discussion of how humankind could have been created by parents who were lizards,

This is a link to a Sitchin meeting with vatican curia.

A few mahatmas over the years I have know who have actually been in temples tell me that what Sitchin writes is pretty close to what is taught in the temples with a few exceptions. I tend to give that more weight than internet experts. I am told that some spirits do incarnate on earth who come from places where T-Rex is the dominate life form. They act like T-Rex.

Now certainly the tablets do show pictures of dinosaurs and lizard like creatures. It could be as simple as they were on the earth at this time or some of their DNA could have been used by the Nefilim.

Icke does a good job in some of his research however his position that Jesus was a myth shows me a side of him that is very lacking. I also think he is confusing the reptilian gene with that of the neanderthal who does have an extra vertebrae appearing as a tail and is associated with Khazaria.

For more detail

Anonymous said...

Carol told me to check out the photo of Icke with Pamela for the truth.

Anonymous said...

For the glory, I'm actually enjoying a book by:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blonde child,
could have been abused early.

Why does Pamela Leigh Richards make the 666 and Icke the V hand sign ?

Charles Edward Frith said...

Sitchen's was spinning for the CIA (his New York flat was well appointed) and he warned Icke off the reptilian theme. The CIA disinfo trick on Icke's tour makes sense but Royal insiders who said Savile was a paedo have said the same thing to Icke about the Queen being a Lizard.

Anyway if the Queen isn't we know David Cameron is.

And if Prince Philip isn't a reptile life really isn't as interesting as I hoped.

Unknown said...

Pamela Leigh Richards: That is an interesting hand sign and an interesting choice of photo.

Anonymous said...

David Icke - controlled opposition but I owe him much to my awakening

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

there so much more to say about Icke, but unfortunately cant reveal....

Anonymous said...

Interesting article - read the other one you attached on DI too where a blogger was upset with you for the 'hit piece' just as? Savile was being outed.
Should we read much into this far from positive piece just as DI announces large public support for The People's Voice independent news networc he is hoping to set up?
Quoting Sitchin's research is the same as copying/borrowing it and DI has same agenda as UN????
I guess as he's still around with just about the same message he started with TWENTY YEARS ago, lizards and all, I guess some people are getting pretty rattled.
Peace indeed. Always.

Dublinmick said...

I will try and make it short, Sitchin has put out a large amount of information the vatican, most organized religion, the London banks and their various intel services would rather not see out there.

They provide psuedo theories such as Michael Heiser and his divine twin towers of Judaism and the second temple. If you subscribe to this, you have my condolences. With Icke some of his posturing is very good but others seem intended to blur the message. That seems especially true with the Nefilim. He is confusing neanderthal/khazar genes with reptilian genes.

What Sitchin presents is remarkably similar to the Vedas, Mahabharata, (which describes and presents a drawing of an actual flying saucer, the character Ninurta is in both and is shown to be one with human qualities such as you and I) the Atrahasis, Bruce Codex, Askew Codex, Pistis Sophia and other ancient narratives. Gerry Zeitlin who actually worked on the the SETI project, search for extra-terrestial intelligence indeed has read Sitchin and takes him very seriously.

Common sense should tell us the Nefilim looked a bit like us, they created us and were not dinosaurs. The tablets show us the forbidden fruit was infusing mankind with second sight or clairvoyance. They decided against it. Take a look at our world today ask yourself, were they correct?

The Nefilim/Annunaki is perhaps my favorite subject, as it is the search for man's orgins. I am surprised this is not the agenda of most people. However I am afraid it is human nature to believe rather than seek to know. I would suggest anyone interested in the subject to actually read Sitchin and make up your own mind.

Uninformed attacks on Sitchin usually show who is working for the company.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - posted this into wrong article -

Interesting article - read the other one you attached on DI too where a blogger was upset with you for the 'hit piece' just as? Savile was being outed.
Should we read much into this far from positive piece just as DI announces large public support for The People's Voice independent news networc he is hoping to set up?
Quoting Sitchin's research is the same as copying/borrowing it and DI has same agenda as UN????
I guess as he's still around with just about the same message he started with TWENTY YEARS ago, lizards and all, I guess some people are getting pretty rattled.
Peace indeed. Always.

Anonymous said...

Steam train enthusiasts?!

"I pray our child will never see
A little Corporal again
Point toward a foreign shore"
[and say] beware of the steam train enthusiasts"

Anonymous said...

Don't remember Icke naming any of the peado's over the last 15 years or so...and he working in the BBC.

Well I never

Charles Edward Frith said...

Anyone who doesn't know that Icke has acute rheumatism in his hands and makes a permanent V sign is totally out of their depth on the subject of Icke and needs to take up Knitting or Origami.

Also anyone who has read Sitchins has such profoundlyt taste in writing they have no authority to comment on literature full stop let alone the half backed Cuneiform translation that is sll Sitchen and no history. Sitchen's was a a propaganda meme huffer for the CIA and anyone who hasn't done the research on that needs to stay on Nibiru's naughty boy dunces corner for an orbit till coming back to reality.

Here's a real Cuneiform scholar unlike Sitchens who's only real claim was a CIA pitch on a spacebrothers meme that he wanted no part of but as he was such a crooked tomb raider he had no Choice but to drag his sorry Palestinian/Israeli ass into the world of CIA publishing to do books that the Media machine pimped on an unintelligent and non discerning public (who are now commenting here). Hell they bought wars and Magic Mushrooms from CIA/Henry Luce of Time magazines and Wasson the snake...why not Space Lizard memes that even Sitchens distanced himself from.

There's a sucker born every day...... Sumerian sounds likes rasping Hebrew if you listen closely. The Brummie language of the middle East.

Anonymous said...

Icke is not, I would suggest, making a V sign in the photo. He has arthritic hands. He masters pain every day in order to write his books.

Will Storr, on the other hand, reeks of the pernicious Anti Cult Movement.

Anonymous said...

Icke seems to have been influenced early on by the Reptilian thing but now is talking bout Rothchilds Zionists, maybe just a learning curve

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"By their fruits ye shall know them."

Matthew 7:20

King James Version

Anonymous said...

Whatever you think of Icke's reptiles, they are undeniably an apt and memorable metaphor for certain low-empathy individuals. And - whether by accident or design - the aura of a harmless nutter the idea tends to evince has provided excellent protection for Icke over the years.

Hans said...

David Icke is a New Age Guru, which is the core of this satanic, Christ-hating system.

Google "David Icke on Freeman Freeman EXPOSED Demon Possessed David Icke"

Every true info he is emitting is discredited by mixing it with his "repto" programming.

Anonymous said...

@Hans - there are no such things as demons and Christ, mate. I suppose my post wont appear, but its alrite....

Anonymous said...

Define "New Age", Hans.....? If you can, you're a better man than faculties-full of scholars (whatever you might think of them).

You wouldn't be what those scholars might term a "fundie", by any chance?

No offence intended but comments like that exemplify Divide and Conquer when we all need to work together regardless of what we believe. That's what Icke says, anyway....

Anonymous said...

From all the replies, two have arguments and they say they read Sitchin.

Then, all of a sudden, this poorly written site is advertised:


Anonymous said...

I thought the reptilian connection came from negative blood type which hasn't been found in any
other species on earth. Though the ancient royal bloodline could be true in my own case as I can trace my bloodline to the Battle of Hastings, 1066.

Anonymous said...

While I wouldn't want to critisize David Icke because he has provided a lot of good information to me, it seems clear that he could only have come by much of his info. by being directly involved in the goings on. He is someone's pawn in a complicated game.

Nice photo of the Isle of White. It looks like Florence.

Hans said...

"Anonymous said...

@Hans - there are no such things as demons and Christ, mate. I suppose my post wont appear, but its alrite...."

So you must be deciple of Icke - and would you mind making it clear that you don't speak from a point of "knowing", but just reflecting your belief / disbelief / programming.

Hans said...

"Anonymous said...

Define "New Age", Hans.....? If you can, you're a better man than faculties-full of scholars (whatever you might think of them). "

Oh dear - you ask me to define the New Age and then you refer to your "gods" - the faculties of "scholars" - usually the most corrupt and unintelligent people a system can muster.

The New Age has many names - like Satan. Call it the "Externalisation of the Hierarchy" and you don't need a Professor to figure that one out!

How about learning to think for yourself??? Just for a change?

Anonymous said...

@Hans -

Occultism along the lines of AAB (not that I imagine you have managed to get through any of her books) advocates standing in one's power, thinking for oneself and exercising discernment. Twaddle merchants like Chris White and Schoebelen (bet you've spent hours pouring over them, although Melanson is half-bearable) promote blind faith and ignorance and are part of the very serious problems humanity is currently facing. Believe what you like....but at least know you're giving your power away. Oh - and projecting, of course.

Dublinmick said...

Charles Firth, no need to become unhinged. It is obvious you are not the station chief there in Hong Kong, most likely a contract worker. M16 people seem much more clever than you.

Sitchin's books are still selling like hot cakes and published in Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish and more. His own website indicates where they can be read for free. For a glimpse of what Sitchin had to say free from troll attacks, click here. The official website.

"Scientists at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany, aimed to verify when that failed species of humans and Homo sapiens (= Modern Man) branched off, and whether the two bad ever interbred. The New York Times pointed out that the new findings "document two important sets of genetic changes - those that occurred between 5.7 million years ago, when the human line split from the line leading to chimpanzees, and 300,000 years ago when Neanderthals and the ancestors of modern humans parted ways."

   In The 12th Planet (1976), describing the Anunnaki's genetic engineering to fashion The Adam, Zecharia wrote: "Man is the product of evolution; but modern Man, Homo sapiens, is the product of the 'gods'. For, some time circa 300,000 years ago, the Nefilim took ape-man (Homo erectus) and implanted on him their own image and likeness."

Indian vimana short piece … no reptilians running around LOL

This is where the lizard propaganda comes from, a space suit!

These details dovetail with Sumerian texts according to which EA (later also knowns as ENKI) was the leader of the first group of astronauts from Nibiru who splashed down in the Persian Gulf and waded ashore, dressed as Fishmen (Fig. C).

I suppose the company carved out that Kharsag stone and and Yale bought into it huh? (where is the beef? …… err reptilians?)

Dublinmick said...

Quite an interesting tract in itself.

Most of the lizard children stories come from Icke, his elves around the net and other sources like the zetas. They have done a very good job. It is amazing how many people flitter around the net squawking about lizards and have no idea the the clay tablets speak very little about this.

The notion of the serpent as evil came into our consciousness during the early Christian era. Prior to this, the biblical serpent was often connected with godly knowlege, healing and immortality. The Hebrew word for the creature who tempted Eve is
"nahash" which literally means "he who solves secrets."

The Annunaki selected a group they called the shepard kings who had large amounts of Annunaki blood lines. This line leading up to Jesus has long been killed off and replaced by neanderthals. Lots of killing going on, (Jesus) Mary queen of Scots, Arthur, etc etc. Do recall that Robin Hood is to have said "nobility is defined by ones actions."

The Annunaki are said to have had no foreskin. We see people today trying to imitate them by carving off their foreskins and attempting to be more like the Gods.

This is going to be disappointing for some but the "serpent" represents Godly knowledge, the Kundalini traveling up the spine and sparking enlightenment to the brain, as evidence in Buddhist and Hindu literature. Vedantics was worldwide at one point before Constantine killed the priests.

wiggins said...

Well for a sportsman who had arthritis at age 19.....he certainly looks good at age 61.

Dublinmick said...

Let us make it real simple, neanderthal man is sitting on the throne and printing the money. He wants to eliminate modern man (the image of the Gods) In fact he considers modern man as "cattle." to be sacrificed and slaughtered.

This is what he has been up to lately (well about 2000 years ago anyway.)

King James Bible, Phony & Engineered By British Elite, John Dee And Francis Bacon

“‘King James’ Bible in 1611, was a work of social engineering by the English Elite. This was undertaken to coral the masses into mental servitude to Luciferianism/Rosicrucianism. It was a step away from true spirituality, whose tenets presented a clear danger to the establishment then, and as it still does today.

Disclaimer: Buyer beware on some of Makow's offerings, however take what can be used and with all things use discernment, same with Icke.)

Dublinmick said...

Further simplifying once and for all more malignant clap trap.

The fascination in China with the dragon has nothing to do with fantasies about shape shifting. The planet of the Nibiru is shown in the sky as the dragon, grasping the world in it's hand and re-arranging the universe and polar axis of the planets.

China's temple of heaven is the gateway to an underground city they say where ancient Gods once roamed. China does not call these ancient Gods reptiles running around eating everyone and shape shifting! (Excuse me for laughing)

The Kolbrin bible describes a planet with 12 celestial bodies around it, just like revelation before Francis Bacon and John Dee came into the picture to begin distorting things in the name of the crown. Planet X is very real and known to the elite. It also has a red hue around it, (China red dragon, getting the picture now?) Not shape shifters eating you although it does seem as if they have a penchant for aborted stem cell blood) and stolen children who are sacrificed.

Here we see a reference to stargazes and everyone trapped on planet earth for the present. Planet X seems to open them. Perhaps that is what gives rise to theories of the return of the Nefilim. It even seems the elite have their own plan to false flag the the return. Perhaps that is what people like Michelangelo was speaking of in paintings such as the final judgement. You will have to make up your own mind about this one.

No the neanderthals are very jealous of this planet earth. They evolved here, they don't appreciate anyone in the (image of the Gods). They consider all life here as something to be used or eaten by them, dominion over the animals and the earth. They don't talk much of an afterlife, only dominion of the earth and it's riches including the gold. They threaten the Samson option to keep it that way. They are fairly intelligent, but have no empathy whatsoever which they consider a weakness.

Anonymous said...

Dublinmick, you attack Charles Frith just to promote such misty fairy tales...

Charles Frith, you attack people for exposing Icke when really his V sign is not permanent at all. See "David Icke Awesome NEW Interview June 18, 2012 - DNA, Royals and Iluminati History", MKUltra Monarch butterfly logo throughout, Bignosemedia,, opening with a golden pyramid, capped, uploaded by "Gnostic Warrior".
Thanks for exposing Sitchin, a link to his CIA connection would be good.

Anonymous said...

ANON @ 11:57 affirmed. Confirmation:

Dublinmick said...

This thing is a lot more simple than anonymous computer software programs want to make it.

"Gen 1:25 – Modern, critical interpretation of the earliest Hebrew Text and an Alternative Genesis – The Elohim busied themselves with (cared for) all kinds of wildlife on the land and all kinds of domesticated animals which were plentiful on the ground. The Elohim took delight in them all.
This specific interpretational analysis is summarised as follows (O’Brien and O’Brien, 1997): The Elohim were not making animals, but caring for them and tending them, as all good farmers do.
Post script: Current genetic knowledge now recognises the application of advanced scientific knowledge and practice, in the domestication of wild plants and animals from around 9,000 BC, in what would appear from the evidence, to be a re-start of civilisation after major catastrophe. 
In the current confrontational debate between creationists and evolutionists both parties need to address their misunderstandings of past events.

In those days the land Shubur (East), the place of plenty, of righteous decrees, Harmony-tongued Sumer (South), the great land of the "decrees of princeship", Uri (North), the land having all that is needful,The land Martu (West), resting in security, The whole universe, the people in unison, The Enlil in one tongue gave praise. From Sumerian Mythology by Samuel Noah Kramer."

Here is the deal, all speaking one language of Enlil, farming, taking care of the animals, no lizards eating anybody, everybody is happy. Then come the Edomites, splitting the languages and sending all on their merry way. It is still going on, right now Syria needs to be split up, like Kuwait from Iraq, cannibal armies eating organs. It is pretty simple really.

Dublinmick said...

Here is one from Henry, you know one step forward two steps back. Nevertheless use discretion. He considers the new testament pretty stout, sure Henry.

You have been hoodwinked!

In the late 16th century, immediately prior to the KJV becoming the de facto standard bible, Sir John Dee, left, was an Enochian black magician. Dee and Francis Bacon, the author of ‘The New Atlantis’ were both instrumental in the production of the King James bible.

The Chinese are not talking about the eat you up kind of dragons, but a sky dragon.

hirundine said...

Hmmm, the rational mind would no more believe everything Mr. Icke says? Anymore that they would swallow everything aagrifan has to say. Yet, these are two people who come up with so much rational information, I would accept that sometimes what is said is outside of the realm of "truth" Truth whatever that is? It is often different for different people. We must work through what is perceived as truth, with an open mind. Determining what eventually becomes our truth.

I did not believe in Sasquatch. Until I saw them one day in 1998. That changed my truth and I do not care what others may say. But, seeing is believing. In the meanwhile we must make up our own minds, etc.

There is plenty of evidence that Jesus of Nazereth, did not exist. That does not invalidate those who believe. Demons likewise. Though ask yourself why the pentangle is so frequently used. In satanism and witchcraft, it is used to summon demons. As it is used by freemasons, as their mark. How many businesses use the pentangle, from beer to department stores and everything in between. How many countries use it on their flags, from U.S. of A. to red China and communist Russia. A sign of ownership, of a sort? The pentangle is used to summon demons. So how does that work?

I find the work of aangrifan to be more true than not. But what do I really know? It is the work of an open mind, or minds.

Back to Mr. Icke. If even less than half of what Mr. Storr writes about David Icke is true? Then I find David Icke, to be way more interesting than Will Storr.

That is the bottom line!

Dublinmick said...

According to Vedanta, it is like this at the end of every age. Inbred psychopaths take over, the only goal is kill everything they do not control.

Every age ends in total destruction and this one will also. Mother earth cries out to eradicate the fleas. The creator and mother earth will do what is necessary, buckle down for a hard ride. I am sure some of you have people on the other side you would like to see anyway.

Sometime around 23 hundred years ago we see in the Mahabharata Ydhishthira has a vision of the age to come: I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world, where puny, fearful men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity, ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time."

Ann Diamond said...

Fascinating. I have a soft spot for David Icke. I worked in the world of media in the 1990s and it was, frankly, run by psychopaths. There is plenty of evidence, not just in the UK, that pillars of society molest children and perform human sacrifices. Dissenters, and those who catch glimpses of the absolute darkness in which our rulers dwell, are quickly destroyed, and can disappear in ritualistic ways.

Back to Icke. I identify with his awakening to the true nature of the media and the world it claims to represent. Whatever the origins of "reptilians", and their true nature -- something demonic and non-human is in control of society, and plays games with our minds. Otherwise, it would be hard to account for the behaviour of certain people in positions of power.

Years ago I came in contact with an Indian guru who, in 1979, began giving oral teachings, telling his followers that the planet had been taken over by "demons" who planned to kill off 95% of humanity. He said a Revolution would start in a day and spread around the globe, causing immeasurable destruction. His teachings were secret when I first heard about him, but now you can read them on line. I assume this is because a critical mass now believes it, and has evidence to back it up.

Credible witnesses testify to black magic rituals performed in Masonic lodges etc, in which babies and children are torn apart and eaten. There is a Tibetan ceremony called Black Air, or "air epais" -- absolute darkness that possesses, and then gets forgotten.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2.25: - is full of paranoia and disinfo.

Anonymous said...

" is full of paranoia and disinfo"
Show me.

Newspaceman said...

Acccording to this article, Icke used to claim Sitchin was a "shapeshifter" along with Laurence Gardner.

According to this article, "David once announced on his website that Laurence Gardner and his cronies performed blood-drinking rituals at his "Columba House."

Before uttering this ridiculous libel David should have contacted the Post Office and checked as to where "Columba House" was actually situated. If he had done so, the Post Office would quite happily have told him that "Columba House" was in fact a six inch by twelve inch Post Office Box at the local Post Office Branch in Tiverton, Devon. "

The author, De Vere,is the chap who Gardner copied for his books.


Anonymous said...

They are shrinking shapeshifters, Newspaceman, an extra dangerous species according to Sumerian sources :-)

They feed off vibrations originating in the holographic twin of our universe, as proven by Quantum physics :-) is a wonderful huge repository of information about alternative healing exposing the NWO.

Anonymous said...

Funny how David Icke won't comment/moderate his own forum. Yet, he just simply passes his ideas/views down to his forum moderators/shills/'established posters' instead:

Problem - Reaction - Solution... Hegelian Dialectic...

Get the audience (forum) wound up, let the forum react (Reaction), pump out the DVDs/'talks' and make money (Solution).

Simple as.

Dublinmick said...

Ann Diamond

That Mahatma is most likely right. There are many books by Lobsong Rampa who was a Tibetan Monk. He in his books verifies what you are saying.

There is a group in the same area of the Lhasa called the dark brotherhood. They kidnap little girls and rape them repeatedly for their sexual energies. Sometimes they use some of their bodies in soups and eat them. Of course they keep these guys out of the temples.

It seems that many societies have this dark under belly.

Anonymous said...

There are several false assumptions in this article.

Sitchin NEVER talked about the reptilians in any of his books. In fact Sitchin often went out of his way not to discuss this aspect of the "Anunnaki". When Icke discussed some of his research pertaining to the reptilians with Sitchin while on vacation in Mexico, Sitchin quote/unquote told Icke "not to go there". Icke discusses this bizarre encounter in several of his books.

Contrary to what aangirfan claims, the truth is that Icke has always drawn on dozens of different sources from all over the ancient and modern world from which he draws/forms his conclusions. Sitchin's ideas are a small influence at best in Icke's research. In fact, Icke debunks many of Sitchin's claims which are obvious misdirection.

The ubiquitous reptilian presence on this planet is FAR OLDER than the CIA. A cursory study of ancient anthropology, religion, spirituality, secret societies, philosophy and history would tell anyone this.

Anonymous said...

"The ubiquitous reptilian presence on this planet is FAR OLDER than the CIA. A cursory study of ancient anthropology, religion, spirituality, secret societies, philosophy and history would tell anyone this."
In years of study in these fields, I never encountered anything pointing to reptilians.
The only thing I see so far are conmen and anonymous shills with tall tales for the ultra-gullible.

Of course if you can sell the Bible and the Koran, Apollo and DDT, Freud and Jung (pleasure and young), Hitler, Bush, Obama and Zeitgeist (concluding initials) to millions, you can sell them anything.

Anonymous said...

"The ubiquitous reptilian presence on this planet is FAR OLDER than the CIA. A cursory study of ancient anthropology, religion, spirituality, secret societies, philosophy and history would tell anyone this."
In years of study in these fields, I never encountered anything pointing to reptilians.
The only thing I see so far are conmen and anonymous shills with tall tales for the ultra-gullible.

Of course if you can sell the Bible and the Koran, Apollo and DDT, Freud and [...] (pleasure and [...]), Hitler, Bush, Obama and [...] (concluding initials) to millions, you can sell them anything.

Unknown said...

The reptilian angle is entirely tangential to Icke's central thesis and core message.

My understanding of his conception of the (quote-unquote) reptilian thing when I've heard him explain it is this:

that the people in question are PERCIEVED via altered states or extra-sensory input to present as a cold, reptilian presence - they do not literally shapeshift, they are merely a reptilian-esque presence - and not due to the person themselves, but due to the extra-dimensional consciousness or entity that is able to use members of "the elite bloodlines" with a heterogeneous genetic structure to use them as actuators or sock puppets in this dimensional plain.

The "reptilian" presence is more like an inhabiting demon that uses elite toffs and nobility to affect change on our dimensional plain and collect nourishing or addictive energies yielded by traumatic abuse.

If you look at the patterns of abberent and abnormal psychology and doublethink that are associated both with ritualised abuse (and all forms of religious ritual, for that matter) and incest for example, that's not at all an unreasonable explanation for the dissociative state of the perpetrator while he (usually he) is doing it.

Unknown said...

If you want a succinct means of summarising the essence of Icke's thesis, you would do well to study closely Twin Peaks, especially Fire, Walk With Me

(Fremasonry dominates the world, inhabiting demons and ancient spirits from a "dream" realm beyond linear time come to Earth to harvest "pain and suffering" for nourishment, chiefly be engaging in incest, psychological carnage and brutal, senseless murder)

And also Torchwood, Season Three

(Brain chemicals produced by human childhood trauma is a valuable alien narcotic and highly valued and valuable tradable commodity beyond the Earth - so aliens come to Earth to harvest it.)

This idea also crops up all over the place, notably in Zenith and The Invisibles by Grant Morrison, where the inhabiting demons that exist outside of time are called the Archons of the Inner and Outer Church - I believe the name comes originally from HP Lovecraft or Robert Anton Wilson, I'm not entirely sure...

But it's a pretty old and consistently reoccurring idea in popular culture and popular mythology that needs to be given serious consideration

The point is, you can jettison the whole "reptilian" vocabulary (it's not intended to be physically, literally true) and just replace it with "Something Wicked This Way Comes..."

Icke appears to have been completely right about Ted Hearh and no end of others, and if anything, the "giant lizards" tag has helped to keep him safe and breathing, so it's all to the good.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the careful explanations, Paul Coker.

"aliens come to Earth to harvest it.
This idea also crops up all over the place"
Do you think this idea is likely true because it gets often repeated ?

"Icke appears to have been completely right about Ted Hearh"
Ted who ?

"and if anything, the "giant lizards" tag has helped to keep him safe and breathing, so it's all to the good."
You mean if he is ridiculing himself so only fools take him seriously, he has no effect, so will not be killed, and this is the most important, keeping him safe ?

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