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Arnold Schwarzenegger wants 'CIA riots' in Brazil?

Beyonce wants 'CIA riots' in Brazil?

How many millions might the CIA be spending on propaganda, using people with posh American accents?

Joe Biden was in Brazil at the end of May 2013, preparing the way for the CIA riots?

China and the U.S. are in competition in Brazil. 

"China and the United States, are making moves on Latin America, hoping to gain more geopolitical influence in a booming region..."

The US military in Brazil.

Brazil's economy is now the world's sixth largest, thanks to the current government.

Poverty has been greatly reduced by the current government.

In the last Presidential election the Workers Party candidate Dilma Rousseff, backed by Lula, defeated the the Brazilian Social Democratic Party's Jose Serra.

Jose Serra is more pro-USA; and is strongly anti-Iran, anti-Venezuela and anti-Bolivia.

Serra would have reduced spending on education, health and poverty programs.

In the case of Brazil's massive oil and gas fields, Serra would have increased the role of private foreign oil companies.

(Prof. James Petras, at Global Research, on 20 August 2010, Brazil and Venezuela: Two Turning Point Elections this Fall

The CIA and its friends are organising the riots in Brazil.


President Dilma Rousseff heads the Workers’ party, or PT.

"Brazil’s complex federal system means that it is difficult for protesters to pin their concerns about public transport or even police brutality on her; these are issues controlled by the states and municipalities."

"In more than a decade of PT rule, 40m people have risen to the lower middle class, millions more are studying at tertiary institutions while unemployment has fallen to record lows. The former poor are turning their attention beyond mere survival to quality of life."

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff breaks silence over unrest ...


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Aang, worth knowing. If the LA MK crowd are supporting a thing it's a dead cert as bullshit.

"Kony 2012! Kony 2012! We'll never forget you... um... what country was it again?"

Anonymous said...

Dear Aangirfan,
The CIA vs China oil grab in all of South and Central America, Africa, Central Asia, and Siberia is on big time.

Anonymous said...

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

"My relationship to power and authority is that I'm all for it. People need somebody to watch over them. Ninety-five percent of the people in the world need to be told what to do and how to behave." –in a 1990 interview with U.S. News


I'm sure people can look into his Nazi roots too.

Anonymous said...


Spot on. It's in our faces here in Suriname (we have gold as well as oil).

Anonymous said...

The problem with Brazil is that it isn't sufficiently controlled by the Jews, Illuminati and Freemasons and is increasingly siding with China and Russia in foreign affairs.

It represents a road block to the New/Jew World Order.

Dublinmick said...

No doubt her opponent would institute the below leanings probably more so than Dilma, but lets not act like she is Joan of Arc. Either one of them spells bad news for Brazil.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff rejected a meeting request from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other representatives followed her example and Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes canceled the inauguration of a replica of the famed Persepolis columns offered by Iran. The event had been scheduled with the presence of the Iranian leader. Many Jewish politcos across Brazil boycotted.

As Lula was making gratuitous public attacks against the US in the waning days of his presidency, Ms Rousseff expressed her interest in developing a closer and more fruitful dialogue with Washington,

Jobim was forced out after calling Dilma's appointees idiots and they were female in line. Dozens of others have been removed all backed by David Fleischer of Brasilia University. She is paving the way for an Israeli Uber Alles government.
She is intent on patching up the U.S. relationship according to Julia Sweig of the CFR. She has hardened the position towards China. She is instituting holocaust training. Maybe Brazilians already think they know enough about the holocost.

She once wanted to install a communist dictatorship in Brazil, just like dear old dad, the Jewish revolutionary in Bulgaria who fled, changed his name from Russev and converted to catholicsm, after his gang blew up a church killing 150, injuring 400. He also married a woman of Jewish descent in Brazil who claims now to be catholic.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Also Clinton/Criminal Iniciative[ a Rockefeller foundation] was in RIO weeks before the protesters with Schwarzenegger&his' #change Brasil 'Propaganda!#Change is a U.S Propaganda BRAIN WASH Machinery TO MANIPULATE people!Terrible!

Anonymous said...

I believe US[=Clinton&Rockefeller] wants Dilma out because Mantega wants TO REFORM THE IMF against US&European APPROVAL!!![he made a statement FOR the IMF]& also he wanted to create a BRIC bank [a kind of Bank for the poor countries ]with Russia&China for 2015 &US DOES NOT WANT ,US WANTS THE IMF/Rockefellerian Bank,hegemony for ever!!The problem with Brazil is that it's siding with China and Russia in foreign affairs AGAINST THEUS/EU/ Rockefeller-TRI-LATERAL/CFR/Zionist olygarchy!!

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