Friday, June 21, 2013


The CIA and its friends seem to be organising the riots in Brazil, using the term 'Gigante Acordou' - the Giant Awakes.

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff 

Brazil is under attack because it is friends with Russia and because it has a moderately successful economy?

The riots in Brazil may have a link to Diageo.

Reportedly, the drinks company Diageo has links to the CIA.

Diageo helps to fund AmeriCares which is reportedly a CIA-front organisation.

cia's 'christian' faction; americares, pedophile rings ... - Aangirfan

Illuminati, Israeli Mossad, and Diageo are behind "protests" in BRAZIL

"In 2011, Diageo made this TV ad for Johnnie Walker in Brazil:
"The name of the ad was 'O gigante acordou' - 'the giant woke up'.

In April 2013,  Diageo Co. made another TV ad for Johnnie Walker Red Label in Brazil:

"This ad says: 'Está na hora do próximo passo', that means 'It's time for the next step'.

"OK, now, a series of 'protests' have started in Brazil.

"OK, guess what is the HASHTAG used to organize the protests on Twitter?

"It's 'O Gigante Acorda' - 'The giant wakes up.'

"It's now VERY CLEAR that the MYSTERIOUS AD made by Diageo for Johnnie Walker, talking about 'time for the next step' was a CODE WORD for unleashing this 'Operation O Gigante Acorda'.

"Israeli Mossad is manipulating brainless youth to create those violent protests.

"Just like it in Egypt, and now in Turkey...

"It's 'Operation O Gigante Acorda'."

Illuminati, Israeli Mossad, and Diageo are behind "protests" in BRAZIL


London false flag 22 June - Blog of Blogs


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Anonymous said...

WTF - False Flag on London tomorrow??

This says its predicted by a lipstick commercial. Woah!!!

Tony Ryals said...

Interesing and the word 'agora' - where did it come from.It brings to mind Agora Inc Cia of Baltimore and James Dale Davidson founder of Lord William Rees-Mogg's's Agora Inc. as well as the National Taxpayers Union in Alexandria, Virginia near head SEC office.
Also I remember James Dale Davidson bragging or lieing about marrying an unnamed 'Miss Brazil' several years back at a libertarian Freedom Fest of CIA 'economist' Mark Skousen in Las Vegas.And of course the Agora name connection to the Rothschild crime family of course.......
Don't forget, the time to buy is when 'there's blood in the streets'.
And why's CIA and Agora Inc.'s Doug Casey with his bitcoin and other scams conveniently located in Argentina for all the far right's money laundering needs ?

Tony Ryals - Securities and Exchange Commission‎
Nov 18, 2007 – Both Ron Paul and Davidson attended Skousen's FreedomFest in Nevada this ... around his supposed recent marriage to a former Miss Brazil.

The Daily Bell - Mark Skousen on the Failing Dollar, the Growth of ...‎
Jun 12, 2011 – Dr. Skousen is the creator and producer of FreedomFest, the "greatest libertarian show on earth" (Washington Post), held ..... When do they pop – or do they continue onward and upward along with Brazil? ... Ask Doug Casey.

Newspaceman said...

There is a new Johnnie - on the square - Walker, global advertising campaign due out in July. Make of the images and slogan what you will : "Where Flavour is King".

Plenty "sexy ladies" and fruit trees it appears.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Probably not so much Diageo but its advertising company that one should be looking at...

Dublinmick said...

Don't buy it.

polls show that the anti-Erdogan movement has gained traction for one main reason: Erdogan is viewed as authoritarian and dictatorial.

Down in Rio Dilma Rousseff running into a few problems. It seems that Dilma's daddy a Jew named Rusev (changed names) was a big time communist revolutionary in Bulgaria, the type that kill people for the good of social order. He fled Bulgaria with Dilma and never experienced the glory days of Stalin's terror in Bulgaria. Dilma was quoted recently as saying the best way to prevent another holocaust is to remember it. She has abandoned her marxist roots now in Brazil and cut government jobs now giving bids out to contract workers. Marxist terror becomes a free trader all the way.

Yeah what could possibly be going wrong in Brazil? The media has done a very good job of obscuring her real background.


Newspaceman said...

Anon @ 11.09. Would it be Diageo, or their advertising company who...


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