Tuesday, June 04, 2013


A day to say yes

From 1990 - 2011:

UK industrial production fell by 1.2%.

US industrial production grew by 50%

Austrian industrial production grew by 100%.

Jim and Margaret Cuthbert, two former top UK government economists, have produced a study entitled The UK Economy: a strong and secure UK?

The Mismanagement of Britain / London calling (the shots) 

According to the Cuthberts:

The UK has a low-wage, low-skill economy.

London sucks in people and investment and holds back growth elsewhere. 

In France's most prosperous region, GDP per head is twice that of its least prosperous region.

But in London GDP per head is 4.7 times the level found in the UK's least prosperous region.

Imagining Victory: Scotland Votes Yes...

Scotland would be wealthier if it was independent.

The UK economy has been very badly managed by London.

In Scotland, skill levels and higher education are world class.

But, the better educated Scots tend to move to London or emigrate.

According to Professor Mike Danson, professor of enterprise at Heriot-Watt University:

The resilience of Germany and the Nordic countries to the recession is "in stark contrast to the hollowed-out industries of the UK where the promotion and protection of business, finance and consumerism have imbalanced the economy to the detriment of the regions outwith London and the southeast.

"Scotland needs to pursue its own course."


Anonymous said...

Scotlands government both national and local, its judiciary, tribunal systems, police and legal profession are absolutely rotten to the core. One can only imagine what will happen once it becomes a seperate region of the EU.


Anonymous said...

good one


Anonymous said...



Stephen Gash said...

English independence is essential for England's prosperity. However, the English are NEVER asked because they are the only people in the UK who would vote for independence.

Anonymous said...

@Stephen Gash

I agree with you, but for different but for no doubt different reasons.

England needs to realise the Empire is gone and she is no longer nor will ever likely be again, a world power.

The sooner she and her people realise this fact is the sooner she will be become a prosperous succcessful nation.

Until then London will continue to bleed Scotland and the regions of England dry, all the while squandering the ill gotten gains on chest puffing exercises like the olympics and escapades in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, not to mention WMD renewal.

Scotland needs to vote yes for her own sake, and to give the English the almighty boot up the arse that they so obviously need.

Anonymous said...

Never happen because the Zionist Brit GOV freemasons orange order union jack flag wavers who say they ll kill people in the streets first and top of the shit heap of course the False Monarch in Buckingham Palace who was quoted in a paper three weeks ago that she ll fight to preserve the union The SNP said nothing about this comment anywhere and wont expose the False Monarch

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