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Ben Fellows.

Anonymous left the following comment on the post "BEN FELLOWS IS MISSING":

"There's a site called Guardianlies with a document called "The Cook Report: The One that Got Away" that casts a different light on the Cook Report sting.

It says: "...they met up with ‘Richard Roberts’ and another Cook Report investigator, posing as ‘Ben.’

"In furtherance of the entrapment of Ian Greer, the portly ‘Richard’ and the handsome young ‘Ben’ masqueraded as openly gay partners. ... 

"A few days later ‘Ben’ called at IGA’s offices and told Greer that IGA had indeed been favoured with Ecocon’s contract to undertake research on the Insolvency Service.

"The openly gay and handsome Ben then invited Greer round to the apartment at 55 Park Lane for drinks together, alone, ‘as Richard would be out looking at houses.’ 

"Greer declined the personal invitation, but thanked ‘Ben’ warmly for the contract."

Ben Fellows

"So no 15-year-olds mentioned in that version. 

There he's "openly gay" and invites Greer to his apartment when he knows they can be alone.

Ben said in one of his interviews that the grope lasted 10-15 seconds, which is a pretty long time for someone who said he stepped away when the alleged groper previously stood too close earlier in the meeting.

If there was a grope, did the groper really think Ben was 15 and was Ben really playing the part of an underage teenager, rather than an of-age "openly gay partner", or has Ben come up with the underage idea after the Savile scandal?

The whole claim rests on whether Ben told those present he was 15. 

Why should the Cook Report ask him to say that, if it was a sting about cash for questions rather than child abuse?

Without the post-Savile conspiracy idea, there seems no logical reason why a fake lobbyist company would try to make itself look more plausible by saying it was employing an underage teenager."  



Anonymous said...

Journalist Michael Hastings dies in car crash at 33


Anonymous said...

I've never really trusted Ben Fellows from interviews and such that I have seen. I wonder what the hell he is up to?! My bet is that the tapes were destroyed a long time ago and Ben bloody well knows it.

I've also noticed that all of Aang's articles relating to Ben are being removed by Google! All very strange!

Anonymous said...

Please start from the beginning, I don't follow ...

dognamedblue said...

"interesting" interview with ben fellows wife from last weekend's UK Column Live:

Anonymous said...

As a remainder, the guy on the article has been previously labelled by Aang as the 'three names' man.

He stinks of agencies in a covered underworld... wonder why he got mainstream interest.

(All of the above if I'm not wrong)

Anonymous said...

have a chat with ben and you will be able to clear up the issues re guarding detail as for the cook report tapes carlton tv david cameron has archived for further abuse of clark who looks like he will get the chop having resigned from his steering group. D2 BANKING will probably have all the evidence stored for the extortion of those they wish to use globally its a pity no one has hacked that bank Pandoras box of evidence that gaols the entire pedo establisment world wide

Anonymous said...

Aha, Ben Fellows is now looking for money:

He was supposedly planning a solo round-the-world flight to raise money for charity last year, despite having been diagnosed as "disabled" and being on "eight different pills a day including Pharmaceutical Heroin and can only eat vegetables and brown rice for ever more":

Anonymous said...

He got the G4S story rather wrong, Ken Clarke had nothing to do with it, and they didn`t become G4S until 2004, i started working with them in 2003 when they were securicor, it was just a normal buy out because one of them was going to go bust, nothing to do with $ signs or Ken Clarke at all.

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