Thursday, June 27, 2013


In the UK, a survey has been carried out by the brand consultancy firm 'Clear'.

The survey covered responses from 20,000 consumers and analysed 678 top brands in 25 categories.

Only 30 per cent of respondents say they would describe the BBC as reliable.

Only 6 per cent of those surveyed said they could depend on Facebook.

Google is down 38 points on the brand desirability scale.

Coca-Cola has fallen 21 per cent.

Britain's least desirable brand is newsagent and book chain WH Smith.

Only 5 per cent describe Ryanair as 'a brand I respect.'

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Top 50 hated brands
3The Sun22.9



Anonymous said...

The Boy Buggery Club (BBC) will not recover.

Their news resemble Stalin era broadcasting.

Their documentary presenters are vacuous narcissists.

And its chiefs detested politicians in hiding.

dognamedblue said...

did anyone else catch that bbc report from turkey about 5 days ago? the female reporter had to wear a gas mask because of all the tear gas being used to give her near panic report?
except all the demonstrators in the background [& below the camera angle] were just walking around without the need for masks?

Anonymous said...

The BBC should stop sponging off the gravy train that is the 'TV License'.

It's a guaranteed income for all those freeloaders and they don't have to answer to the public when they complain about the dross that the BBC pumps out. Easy money.

The BBC should be forced to do what most other broadcasters have to do: make their money from advertising. Problem is, the adverts would be better than the BBC's programming output... that's assuming people actually watched the BBC's output.

I think the final nail in the coffin for the BBC was the pedos that are all being named and shamed and crawling out of the woodwork. Even the BBC can't recover from that.

john said...

I'm slightly surprised that the BBC could muster that much support considering what's been tumbling out lately. The pay that the top people get there is scandalous, as is the fact that they wasted £100 million on a useless I.T. project recently. Worst of all of course is the fact that our poor licence fee payers have stumped up the money for Jimmy Savile (and others) to drive around in a rolls royce for the last 40 or 50 years and nobody knew nothing, of course. Their news reporting is beyond contempt. I got rid of the TV about 9 years ago and still get letters from all the time, hassling for money and threatening with fines. I could go on (not letting the appeal for Gaza be aired during Cast Lead) and many other things, but I think you get the point.

Anonymous said...

The BBC is a cancer eating away at society and the truth.

Not just failing to expose the truth of crimes like 9/11 and 7/7, but a key conspirator in them.


Anonymous said...

Frankly I'm amazed almost a third of respondents appear to have learnt nothing where the BBC is concerned - either from it's undisguised left-wing bias or it's clear role at the heart of a vicious and corrupt establishment. Did I say 'amazed'? On second thoughts perhaps not. No-one ever lost money underestimating the intelligence, or indeed the venality, of the public.

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