Friday, June 21, 2013


Our banks

Joris Luyendijk writes:

"I spent many years researching Islam and Muslims. 

"I set out with images in my mind of angry bearded men burning American flags, but as the years went by I became more and more optimistic: beyond the frightening rhetoric and sensationalist television footage, ordinary Muslim people go about their day like all other human beings. 

"The problem of radical Islam is smaller and more containable than Islamophobes believe.

"With bankers I have experienced an opposite trajectory. 

"I started with the reassuring images in my mind of well-dressed bankers and their lobbyists; surely at some basic level these people knew what they were doing? 

"But after two years I feel myself becoming deeply pessimistic and genuinely terrified..." 

'It's a proto-fascist ideology. Top bankers as predators and us as prey' – the latest interview in the blog


Anonymous said...

Nobody is asking the Fed what it will do with its massive income stream once it STOPS QE. Mortgage income is flooding in and it is done buying assets? I believe the Fed will allow rates to rise in hopes that the MEME of Banks love higher longterm rates will shield reality. The Fed is after Bank loans of impaired Banks and will use higher rates as a weapon to cull the banks. I believe MR. SNOWDON dropped his bomb to hide global tax and trade talks between US/EU and of course its working!

Newspaceman said...

Must watch/read re global meltdown :


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