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Alan Duncan, who worked, from 1982 to 1988, for Marc Rich. Alan Duncan's domestic partner is James Dunseath. 

To which small secretive organisation, set up by a former Prime Minister, have all of the following been linked?

Alan Duncan (former UK Minister for International Development), 

William Casey (former Director CIA), 
William Colby (former Director CIA), 
Allen Dulles (CIA), 
Henry Kissinger, 
David Rockefeller, 
George Soros, 
Paul Volcker, 

Stephen Lander (MI5 boss) , 
Richard Nixon, 
Zbigniew Brzezinski, 
Giulio Andreotti (linked to P2), 
Prince Turki Al-Faisal, 
Otto von Habsburg, 
General Richard Stilwell (linked to Operation Gladio),

(A) The Knitting Circle

(B) The Pinay Circle

The correct answer is (B) 

Document:The Pinay Circle - WikiSpooks

Alan Duncan and his partner James Dunseath (right). dailymail.

The UK Foreign Secretary is William Hague. He is the minister in charge of foreign affairs and MI6.

According to the Guardian in 2010:

Spies drew up dossier on Alan Duncan

"The leaked US diplomatic cables reveal a particular intelligence interest in Alan Duncan, at the time shadow minister for prisons... 

"He once shared a London flat with William Hague, who has felt obliged to deny public speculation about his own sexuality.

"The cable called for further intelligence on 'Duncan’s relationship with Conservative party leader David Cameron and William Hague..


Anonymous said...

Here is another spook:

He appeared on BBC Panorama the show about the 7/7 bombings that was aired a year before the actual bombings happened. Yeah that one.

On it Crispin said: "I was at the COBRA meeting in 10 Downing St on 12th Sept 2001..." Go Figure.

The same television program also featured Peter Power who has popped up at every major London Underground disaster since the early 80's...

Anonymous said...

"Domestic Partner" - that's a good one :-)

Cute :-)

And he looks just like Clinton here :-)

Thecolemanexperience is entertaining like fumetti :-)

I don't know if you are allowed to publish this. is promoting a Putin shill,
Alexander Dugin, with Israel Shamir reviewing
"The Fourth Political Theory" (look at the occult
symbolism cover with the trinity Phoenix
and the red capped pyramid on the back).

The only 2 times he mentions conspiracy
is when he describes Greenspan's whore Ayn Rand
promoting a conspiracy of the wonderful rich
against the (sinful) poor,
and when glorifying the banksters' communist revolution:

"But we talk of revolution as of empirical fact, and certainly, for our country, that had experience of such a great revolution in XX century, it should be obvious. We are tried to be convinced that there was no October Revolution, the last one being called an overturn, a conspiracy, a “dark forces” influence, with conspiracy tools being used, with everything being translated to the plane of economic models. We are tried to be said that there was no revolution, but was a commercial deal. Naturally, the revolution in Russia was, and deficiency was manifested as the essence of man. When one starts to live his essence, that is, insufficiency, when identity withdraws, when disidentification takes place, only then one begins to live in genuine humane time. Only revolutionary time is a time really, because it has no duration, since it is shift time, a break, a time of appearance of the new, a time of Ereignis. According to Heidegger, the notion of “Event” (Ereignis) – is routine rupture, an encounter with something, what had not been. This is anthropological, ontological and temporal essence of revolution. That’s why the time of revolution is the opposite to any other time, because one becomes himself in this time."

The translation seems to have been made by the same old Pravda ("Truth", Soviet state MSM) aparatchiks who never had to learn anything because of the still ongoing, endemic nepotism and corruption, an all-powerful bureaucracy like today's secret family courts, TSA and DHS.

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Those are two of the purtiest men I have ever seen!

brian said...


those who plan to go see the movie World War Z may like to read this blog review first:
'....But the utopia is short-lived. This easing of borders becomes Jerusalem’s downfall. At the crossing, the noise of an Arab woman’s celebratory song attracts a zombie horde. The zombies form a pyramid to climb over the apartheid wall as the IDF tries to kill them. This is a very disturbing image. It is impossible not to see this scene as an apocalyptic evocation of Israeli fears of Arab invasion, whether through literal acts of violence or “demographic threat.” The city is finally overtaken by zombies. In compromising security for brotherhood, Israel’s worst fears are realized.

In the final escape from Jersualem, an IDF soldier sacrifices himself with a grenade to help Gerry get away (ironically, a suicide bombing). Gerry and a wounded female IDF soldier are the only survivors and become the film’s central heroes. The US and Israel (with a benevolent assist from the UN) working together to save civilization from a unknowable, unstoppable terror.'

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and guess who benefits from this?

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Elevation - Who do Bono and the ONE campaign really represent: the very poor or the very rich?

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Total Breakdown of The Media's Use of NLP & Mind Control

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Plenty of smiles/'say cheese' for the camera(s) in that photo-shoot:

... not many masonic hand-shakes though.


Anonymous said...

Endlich: Marc Rich ist tot!!! Endlich ein Idiot weniger!

Die einzige gute „Religion“ war der Schamanismus der mittlerweile ausgerotteten Jäger-und-Sammler:
Schamanismus ist zwar auch genetisch bedingt, aber er kann NICHT sozial GELERNT werden wie der hypersoziale Juden-Blödsinn überall (Christen, Muslime, Protestanten, Kapitalisten, Kommunisten, Nazis, Hollywood, Anthroposophie, etc. etc.)

Dies ist „unsere“ Geschichte in 10 Sekunden: Sesshaftigkeit => Kain ermordet Abel (Jäger-und-Sammler) => Juden (Mörder wie Moses, David, etc.) => Christen => Muslime (inkl. Talibans) => Protestanten => Kapitalisten & Banker => Kommunisten-Marxisten => Nationalsozialisten => Hollywood => Atombomben (Teller, Oppenheimer, Kim Jong Un) => Neonazis etc.

Wann hört endlich dieser wahnsinnige beschnitten-traumatisierte Blödsinn überall auf???

Das Komplexeste, was die Natur je hervorgebracht hat, sind jagende Schamanen...

Und diese sind schon längst unterwegs (auch in der Türkei als altanatolischer Mondgott…):

Charles Edward Frith said...

Marc Rich died.

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