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Boeing 787

On 27 July 2013, it was reported that Qatar Airways has pulled a Boeing 787 DREAMLINER plane out of service 'after smoke was reported near the electrical compartment'.

"An oven overheated in an Air India Dreamliner this week, it is revealed"

Dreamliner nightmare continues for Boeing as Qatar Airways pulls plane out of service 'after smoke reported near ...

On 12 July 2013, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner caught fire at London Heathrow Airport.

A second Dreamliner was forced to return to Manchester one hour later. 

The Thomson Airways passenger jet experienced 'technical difficulties'

Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner catches fire 

Asiana Airlines Boeing 777

On 10 July 2013, Federal crash investigators revealed that the pilot flying Asiana Airlines Flight 214 told them that he was temporarily blinded by a bright light when 500 feet above the ground.

Asiana Flight 214, a Boeing 777, crashed at San Francisco international Airport on 6 July 2013.

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Aangirfan's favourite airline was Cyprus Airways.

But, in these desperate times, Cyprus Airways is fighting for survival

So, we have no favourite airline.

They are all pretty uncomfortable.

Emirates is probably our least favourite airline, and we would advise you to avoid them if you can.

"All the reviews about tight seating in economy are true. With an extra seat in every row compared to most other airlines, its a very cosy affair! 

"The service was scant. The staff spent most of the BKK-SYD leg hidden away in staff areas. There was definitely a staff morale issue on this service - not sure what the problem was but it made for a pretty unbearable flight. Considering the flight was only half full - it was even more puzzling. 

"Check in also poor." - Emirates Airline Customer Reviews | SKYTRAX

“EMIRATES: Delayed flight 22+ hours asked to stand in freezing cold” 

During the last journey we made on Singapore Airlines, the airline cabin was like an icebox and the stewardess who served our meal had a very bad cold.

According to Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas, the airlines that have achieved the double seven-star for safety and product in alphabetical order are: 

Air New Zealand, 

Asiana Airlines, 

Asiana Boeing 777 crash lands in San Francisco

Cathay Pacific Airways, 


Etihad Airways, 

EVA Air from Taiwan, 

Korean Air, 

Qantas Airways, 

Royal Jordanian, 

Singapore Airlines

Best safety record of planes (number of fatal crashes in recent times)

Boeing 777    0

Catastrophe for Boeing after 777 crashes in perfect conditions months after problems with Dreamliners' batteries

Boeing 717    0

Airbus A380    0

Rolls-Royce jet engine which exploded on Qantas A380 superjumbo flight failed due to a 'poorly built oil pipe'

Airbus A340    0

Boeing 787    

ANOTHER malfunctioning Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight grounded - the fourth in just 10 days for the turbulent aircraft

Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner catches fire 

Boeing 767/757    0

Airbus A330         2

Airbus A320         5

Boeing 737NG      5

Airline ratings 

EgyptAir and EgyptAir Express
Safety rating : 7/7 Rating criteria

British Airways
Safety rating : 7/7 

Safety rating : 7/7 

Air Malta
Safety rating : 6/7

Air France
Safety rating : 6/7

Thai Airways International
Safety rating : 6/7

Safety rating : 5/7

Airline of the Year - 2013 World Airline Awards

Airline of the Year

1 Emirates
2 Qatar Airways
3 Singapore Airlines
4 ANA All Nippon Airways
5 Asiana Airlines
6 Cathay Pacific Airways
7 Etihad Airways
8 Garuda Indonesia
9 Turkish Airlines
10 Qantas Airways

Airline Safety Ranking 2012 - JACDEC

# 1 FINNAIR Index 0,005

# 2 AIR NEW ZEALAND Index 0,007

# 3 CATHAY PACIFIC Index 0,007













Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

You should try being 6'5". Over the last couple of decades legroom has gotten shorter and shorter. I can't recall the precise figure but I think the reduction that's taken place is somewhere in the vicinity of 20cm.

Happily I used to be able to sort this out at the check-in. I would merely lean over the counter and state the obvious, "Excuse me, I am very tall" and then ask for an emergency exit seat. And this was fine until the airlines starting providing the 'option' of passengers being able to pay extra to reserve an emergency exit seat.

The problem is for me that 'option' don't enter into it. I refuse to pay more and subsequently have found myself on flights where all the emergency exit seats are filled with rich businessmen and rich retirees. Subsequently I am jammed in a seat with 0cm of legroom which then goes into negative values when whomever it is in front of me inevitably puts their seat back. Weirdly enough, it's been my experience that whomever that is will in all likelihood hate me for having put my knees in their back as if I had a choice in the matter.

One also wonders at the legality of it all. Emergency exit seats are bound by all sorts of regulations. What with having sat in those seats so often, wherein one is face to face with the cabin staff, I've had many conversations with them about precisely that subject. I was once told that the point of having big men sit at the emergency exit wasn't to do with the physicality of opening of the door so much but rather as a function of crowd control. When the shit hits the fan the last thing you want is a collapsed scrum of people at the door blocking the way. Thus it was my lot to only ever have tall blokes as my travelling companions - we the security team in waiting. Okay, so how now the idea of selling these seats to seventy year olds, kids, whomever?

As for airlines generally, I always made it a policy to avoid Qantas since the cabin crew sitting opposite me were inevitably gay men who saw no need to rein in their affectations, this to the point of flirting and even clumsily trying to pick me up. Tedious. I don't mind gay, it's just the simpering that drive me nuts.

Singapore, Garuda, Thai, Cathay, JAL for me. Mainland Chinese airlines are very rugged. What with the passengers being so ill-behaved (you have to see it to believe it) the cabin crew assume a concomitant peremptory demeanour that makes the whole thing quite unpleasant.

I used to love flying and did a lot of it. I'm too poor now and no longer do it. Never mind.

best etc. etc.

Charles Edward Frith said...

SO is Aangirfan Royal Signals?

That's the best guess I can make.

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan's favourite airline was Cyprus Airways?

While at it, check the hostess, pilot, co-pilot... WHY?

Cocaine 'broker' Roberto Pannunzi back in jail in Italy after arrest in Colombia... AND?

He also used to work for Italian flag-carrier Alitalia:

Anonymous said...

Iraq: Between Drug Dealers and Death Squads

Anonymous said...

US Ships F-16s to Egypt as Junta Intensifies Crackdown

Questions Surrounding 2011 Triple Murder Point to Government Cover-up in Boston Marathon Bombing

Anonymous said...

Ongoing Fighting in Sinai: Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Iran Wrongfully Blamed

The U.S. War Against the World in Service of International Finance Capital

Anonymous said...

Here's something strange you might find interesting.

Meet the sims

They went to Zhejiang Jiangshan Experimental Middle School.

I found this article and Page 5 has some really interesting things about companies involved.
” For after the accident, whether you want to cancel the trip camp, Mu Wei told reporters, yet not determined. ‘But listen to the United States said the students should continue their journey.’

It is reported that the country’s secondary schools ‘study tour exchange program ‘by a company called’ Bravo International Advisory Services Ltd. ‘business specific operations, while in the last year, the country scares the parents of middle school students’ exchange programs Study Tour’ to make a complaint, said before the formal process did not see active text, including summer camp theme, activities, activity schedule, the responsible person, with a camp teacher, cost components and other content are unknown. Some parents said that the school has not been brought Team teacher who is responsible for costs, whether assessed in the student’s head to make a clear response. Jiangshan Middle School’s response to this event last year was ‘going for summer camps aim is to expand the horizons of students, organized by the California State University, Zhenjiang, China Bo representative bodies Wyatt International Advisory Services Ltd., the school is responsible for propaganda, ‘and said Hiroetsu then invited Jiangshan International School 6 English teachers to participate in activities, the costs incurred are not assessed in the student body.

Year-round operation of a Shanghai travel agency operations outside the official said, every summer, many travel agents will contact the school or other educational institutions to engage in some ‘Summer Camp’. ‘Generally less trip to the United States put more than 30,000 yuan, there is all organizers, co-organizers must rake. ‘ ”

The line about propaganda appears to be about this PR firm

This is where it gets weird. The other company, Bravo

Note the AKA to the Chinese Trading company and to a company called Tachyon International

This looks like some kind of front company to me. The guy "Lawrence Parris", posts lots of comments online with indicating that he trades airliners. He's been pictured with Hillary Clinton (although the picture looks fake).

He has a strange Youtube channel. Here's one video called "Apollo 777 Tachyon Has a Problem"

He was mentioned in a 9/11 article!

He got the meet the FBI during the 9/11 investigation because he lied to his employer about his prior robbery conviction (it is unclear but he might have worked at La Guardia Airport).

The Nevada address for Bravo is some cheap building. The address for Tachyon in Rome, NY is for some cheap apartment.

There's a lot more strange stuff here but that's enough crazyness for now.

There are also lots of very strange things in the Quebec train explosion story as well, if you dig into the names and companies.

There is a massive program going on right now with fake disasters, it's hard to tell how much of it is real and how much is fake but there's a lot of evidence showing that large parts of these stories never even happened. I think I'm starting to understand where this is going but I'm sure we won't have to wait forever to find out for sure.

Anonymous said...

Double seven star award of safety, lol

7/7 London Bombing
American Airlines flight 77
777 crash on 7/7 (it was 7/7 in Korea)
Anders Breivik kills 77
Panel Suggests $7.7M breakdown of Newtown payments

Ezekiel 7:7

Expanded Bible (EXB)

7 ·Disaster [Doom] has come for you who live in the land! The time has come; the day of is near. It will be a day of ·confusion [panic], not ·celebration [shouts of joy], on the mountains.

What a strange world we live in.

Unknown said...

The fire in the San Francisco plane crash is where the fuel isn't.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@anony 3:01 - thanks for the precious info. Indeed all these plane crashes, train crashes, exploding buildings happening at (almost) the same time or on a quite regular basis raise a flag. Fake stuff comes to mind first.

Anonymous said...

Newspaceman said...

The plane at Heathrow is named the Queen of Sheba. It's maybe symbolic, given the date.


Anonymous said...
has possibly been infected with malware (Avast warning).

"There is a massive program going on right now with fake disasters"
In the USA, UK, Canada and Australia only ?

"it's hard to tell how much of it is real and how much is fake but there's a lot of evidence showing that large parts of these stories never even happened."
You are right.
There is no free press, worldwide.

"I think I'm starting to understand where this is going"
Where could this be going ?

Thanks for the pointer to the occult bible, Ezekiel 7:7.

Anonymous said...

San Francisco Flight 214 Hoax

Unknown said...

Secondary explosion - secondary iignition - 15 mins after the crash - white smoke - fire in the passenger cabin where the fuel isn't - thick black smoke, then clear white smoke - multiple ignition sites, inside the cabin, burning from the inside out - melted aluminium - whole interior gutted.

Reuters have a South Korean govt source saying "one fatality, 20-30 injuries (which will mostly be minor, so that's misleading.

Looks Thermite Incendiaries.

Looks like a Ron Brown job....

This appears to be either an elaborate hit under plain cover, or an elaborate cremation.

Bet you the dead guy has a bullet in the back of his head.

Unknown said...

Gander: The Other Lockerbie

The SECOND Attempt to murder Hillary Clinton in a plane crash by Mossad, inside Iran, December 2012

Just starting this today:

Sourcebook: Dodgy Plane Crashes

Anonymous said...

Flight 214 Hoax Trucked In And Out Without A Scratch

Just A Drill Flight 214 Hoax Re - Make

Anonymous said...

Wasn't lockerbie a CIA-gone-bad operation related to an international drug smuggling?

felix said...

Wasn't paying attention at tne time - no TV - but the SF crash is so fake it's laughable.

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