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The CIA's forces in Syria have beheaded a Christian bishop.

On 23 June 2013, Vatican Radio and other Catholic media reported that Father Francois Murad was killed when a group of rebels attacked a Franciscan convent in Syria.

Syrian rebels behead bishop François Murad / Syria: priest killed during rebel attack on convent

Murad was reported to be among three handcuffed victims in a video posted to news and social media websites.

Syrian rebels behead bishop.

In the video, a number of masked gunmen gather around the victims before cutting their throats and slowly severing their heads before holding them up to the camera, which then pans to the bodies lying in a pool of blood.

The Syrian Center for Documentation said the gunmen in the video were members of the Al-Qaeda associated al-Nusra Front, and implies they are foreigners. "They speak Arabic with a broken accent, saying that through this act, they are applying the law of God on earth," the website said.

The al-Nusra Front is led by an agent of the CIA.

BREAKING: Al-Nusra Front Leader in Syria is a CIA Operative

President Assad is the protector of the Christians in Syria.


Qatar has spent around $3 billion trying to follow the CIA's instruction to destroy Syria.

There are Pakistanis in Syria.

Qatar has sent Special Forces to Syria.

They are Pakistani - as detailed in this dossier.

Most of the rebels are mercenaries - usually paid $1,300 a month directly by the Qataris, with an extra $1,000 if they carry out a special ops.

Executed, in front of his Mum and Dad, by the allies of the USA and NATO

The USA's allies in Syria executed a 14-year-old boy in front of his parents.

Mohammad Qataa sold coffee at a street stall in Aleppo in Syria.

He was executed for blasphemy after saying 'he wouldn't even give the Prophet a free coffee.'

After being executed.

The executioners are working for the USA and NATO.

Little Mohammad Qataa was working as a street vendor in Aleppo when three members of a group that is trying to topple President Assad overheard him arguing with a friend over a bill.

It is thought Mohammad had given his friend a coffee which the friend wanted to pay for later.

'Mohammad Qataa was working at his street trolley and remarked to his friend that even if the Prophet Mohammad came down he would not give him credit,' said Rami Abdulrahman.

Cheeky Boys
Photo by Sean Long. Happy, peaceful, moderate Syria, before the USA and NATO, started trying to topple Assad.

The three fighters accused Mohammad of blasphemy and insulting the prophet.

Mohammad was whiplashed and then shot dead in front of his parents.

The executioners are thought not to be Syrians.

The USA and its allies are believed to be using mercenaries to try to topple Assad.

Read more:

Child hanged by the allies of the USA and NATO.

In Damascus, in Syria, the USA's allies hanged a small child after killing all his family.

The anti-Assad rebel groups have a history of murdering children.

Saudi Wahhabi cleric Mohammad al-Arifi called on the Syrian rebel groups to prevent the leakage of pictures of their attacks against the Syrian army and civilians.

So, the USA and NATO are supporting the child killers.

CIA asset?

TV News has revealed the identity of two foreign Mercenaries who were killed in an ambush by the Syrian army in the western region of the City of Idleb in Syria.

"The first is a woman from the State of Michigan in the U.S.A. named 'Nicole Lyn Mansfield' born in 1980.

"The second is a male of British nationality named 'Ali Al-Manasifa' born in London."

Syriaonline | Facebook 

McCain and his al Qaeda friends. Senator McCain Hanging Out with al-Qaeda linked Syrian Rebels

In Syria, the Free Syrian Army, supported by the USA and NATO, attacked the Christian village of Al-Duwayr and killed large numbers of Christian women and children. 


Assad is the protector of the Christians in Syria.

Last month, amateur video showed an anti-Assad rebel fighter eating the organs of a slain soldier.

We should not forget that the USA and NATO used Bin Laden and Al Qaeda to break up Yugoslavia and to cause chaos in Chechnya.


Boys dancing for Moslem men. "Beardless boys are not regarded as male, so sex with them is not considered as homosexuality."  Islam

What really goes on in Moslem countries?

At 13, Ardy was sent to a pesantren, an all-male Islamic boarding school, and was quickly initiated into homosexual sex...

"Many people loved to play with me,'' says Ardy (not his real name)...

"Ardy maintains a facade. 

"He has a girlfriend (who does not know his sexual orientation); he says he will ''turn straight'' in his 30s, get married and have children. 

"Most importantly his family treats him as a good Muslim boy."

Sydney Morning Herald  Leading a double life in Indonesia

Moslem dancing boys (Afghanistan)

At several clubs in Jakarta, capital of the world's largest Moslem country, ''go-go boys'' gyrate on stage.

"Drag shows are surprisingly mainstream"...

'"Samantha Fox'' has made a part-time living since he was 14 performing as a drag queen"....

"Cross-dressing and homosexuality have deep resonance in some Javanese cultures and Samantha has performed at weddings, parties and corporate events...."

President Sukarno and friend. In the late 1950s, the CIA produced a porn film using an actor who looked like President Sukarno of Indonesia. (Indonesia Killing Hope William Blum). However, in the 1950s, Indonesians were generally tolerant of their president's love life, and so the CIA was wasting its time. 

Dede, founder of lobby group Gaya Nusantara ... grew up under Suharto, but says that since the dictator's ouster, 'Indonesia has turned very conservative'.

In the less civilised parts of Indonesia, ''The police patrol and round people up either for public order offences or corruption,'' says Dede. ''Release costs $5.50 and you usually have to do oral sex (on the policeman).''

The Indonesian police are pretty gay.

And so are the politicians.

The gentleman in this porn film "bares a striking resemblance to Anis Matta, the secretary general of Indonesia's Islamist Prosperous Justice Party (PKS)"

A few years ago, an Indonesian cabinet minister, who was also a military man, groped the bottom of a boy waiter.

When the boy objected, the cabinet minister pointed out that what he had done was simply normal Indonesian behaviour.

The promotion of 'fundamentalist' Islam and 'fundamentalist' Christianity is all part of CIA-Mossad-MI6 brainwashing.


There are said to be more sex workers in Surabaya, in Indonesia, than in Bangkok.

There is also an AIDS epidemic in Indonesia.

Former Egyptian information minister Safwat al-Sharif (R) used hidden cameras to accumulate sex tapes of many officials, including toppled President Hosni Mubarak. (Al Arabiya)

The CIA and its friends know that Moslems are just the same as Christians when it comes to sex.

Egypt's former information minister used secretly filmed sex tapes to control many government officials, including toppled President Hosni Mubarak, according to the widow of Egypt's spy boss.

"Former Egyptian information minister blackmailed Mubarak with sex tapes: actress" by Al Arabiya (August 12, 2012).

In an interview aired on Egypt's al-Hayat 2 channel, Etimad Khorshid said former information minister Safwat al-Sharif used hidden cameras to accumulate sex tapes of many officials.

"Mubarak was under his control," she told the presenter of the show.

Professor I'bn Saweed Suq'un of Al-Azhar University, says the rate of homosexuality in the Muslim world runs close to 80% in men. REVEALING STUDY: MOST MUSLI

During the early years of Islam, homosexuality was seemingly not regarded as a crime.

‘There are even rumors that Ali, one of the members of Mohammed's family had an affair with Mohammed’.

In 1001 Arabian Nights, there are stories about homosexual relationships.

In the Moslem Ottoman Empire, 1299- 1923, sleeping with "boys" was very common.

In the hamams (baths) the "tellaks" (young boys who helped men to have a bath) served as male prostitutes.

All over body massage.

In Ottoman Literature there are many poems written by male poets about boys.

Sex with boys was not illegal and the sultans were engaged in sex with boys.

There was a palace for boys in Bursa.

In this palace the sultan kept many young boys who served the men in the army.


An Indonesian film featuring gay kissing became a box office hit in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country.

Playing to packed cinemas in Jakarta, "Arisan!" is all about homosexuality.

Indonesian society is relatively tolerant of homosexuality, but the topic does not usually get a public airing.

There is no mention of homosexuality in Indonesian law and the relatively liberal mass media rarely discusses the issue, despite the presence of a number of gay public figures.


Dancing boys - Indonesia.

There is a long history of same-sex activity in Indonesia.

There were male priestesses among the Dayak, the Buginese and the Toraja, and transvestite male-to-female dancers in Java and at the courts of Aceh and Bali there were young boys who had sex with men.

The oasis town of Siwa, in the western desert of Egypt, is popular with tourists.

In Siwa, there used to be marriages between boys.

The weddings involved lavish ceremonies.

The sheikhs and other top people used to give their sons to each other.

The British outlawed 'gay' marriages in Egypt in the 1940s.

The marriages continued in secret until about 1950.

In Siwa the minimum age for heterosexual marriage used to be forty for men.

"Sexual relations between older and younger boys are said to be frequent in the Middle East as well as in the Maghreb."

"There is a boy across the river
With a bottom like a peach!
But alas! I cannot swim!"

('The Wounded Heart' an old Peshtun song)

The Ayatollah Sadeq Khalkhali who, when not in a mental hospital, got sadistic pleasure from torturing cats and murdering children.

Saadi (Sheikh Musharrif ad-Din Saadi,1184 - 1291) is Iran's greatest poet.

A verse from Saadi's Bûstân:

A certain lad some days ago my heart did steal away,
And my affection for him is such that I no longer can endure;
Yet he's not once enquired of me with pleasant disposition:
See, then, what I must make my soul to suffer for his disdainful ways?


"Competing - successfully - with the women of the harem for the affection of the Ottoman noble were young males in various functions, chief among whom were the entertainers, known as köçeks.

"They traveled in troupes and were skilled in music, dancing, and erotic pleasures.

"The average troupe—named after its leader—would have about thirty dancers, though some had several hundred.

Young kocek.

"When not on stage, köçeks would work in coffee-houses and taverns, where they would serve drinks, flirt, and be available for trysts with the clientele.

"They were highly sought by all nobles of all ranks, including the Sultan.

"Köçeks wore elegant and gaudy costumes, had long curly hair, and were immortalized in books discussing their qualities and ranking them by nationality, such as the Huban-nameh of Enderunlu Fazil."


Fifteenth century Cairo had a trade in young slaves of both sexes.

The historian Max Rodenbeck notes that while a serving maid might fetch ten dinars, a handsome male might sell for 30,000.

The Malmuk rulers favoured Tartar, Circassian and Greek youths.

The wealthier women of Cairo were so concerned by this fashion among their husbands for youths and young men, that they took to dressing up in men's attire.

Al-Marqrizi explained that "because the love of men spread among the nobles so that their women tried to make themselves look like boys in the hope of capturing the hearts of their menfolk."

Reportedly, the homosexuality of Saladin, Sultan of Egypt and Syria, was revealed in several episodes of the Arabian Nights.

Saladin himself probably had a relationship with the Turkish eunuch Karakush, a slave.

Karakush was promoted and was responsible for overseeing the construction of Cairo's citadel. Then Saladin appointed him joint emir (with a Kurd called Mashtub) of Acre on the coast of Palestine and in charge of the city's defense against the Crusaders.


The story of Suleiman's attachment to his vizier Ibrahim (allegedly his lover) is as follows:

"From being Grand Falconer on the accession of Suleyman, he rose to be first minister and almost co-Sultan in 1523...

"He was the object of the Sultan's tender regard: an emperor knows better than most men how solitary is life without friendship and love, and Suleyman loved this man more than a brother...

"They lived together: their meals were shared in common; even their beds were in the same room. The Sultan gave his sister in marriage to the sailor's son, and Ibrahim was at the summit of power."

From: Stanley Lane-Poole, Turkey, Story of Nations series, p. 174

VIDEO: Child abuse in Saudi Arabia.

We did once meet some top Saudis.

They struck us as being total frauds.


Anonymous said...

BREAKING: Al-Nusra Front Leader in Syria is a CIA Operative: Ex-Terrorist

A former member of al-Qaeda has said the leader of al-Nusra Front, the primary terrorist group in Syria fighting against the Syrian government, is a CIA operative.
Speaking of being “fooled by an American plot,” Naiim states that “the US has been allowing us (al-Qaeda) to fight in Afghanistan for 18 years and have funded and supported us,” adding that members of the militant group were being manipulated. He then turns his attention to al-Nusra terrorists fighting to topple Assad in Syria, warning them:

You are fighting the war in Syria on America’s behalf. Eventually you will be called terrorists and you will be killed or put in prison just like what happened to us after Afghanistan. These leaders are manipulating you, you will find yourself dying and the Americans fulfilling their goals not yours.

Read the rest: 


Dundee in Scotland.

Click on video - on satanic ritual abuse in Dundee and the surrounding area.

The video includes excerpts from Laurie Matthew’s book, Where Angels Fear (2002), identifying specific locations in the Dundee area (also near to Aberdeen) where survivors say they have been ritually abused by groups, some with Freemasonic connections.

La Scala cinema.

Glamis Castle

Dundee is famous for many things.

aangirfan: The Scottish National Party in Dundee


The Jews in Hollywood cooperated with the Nazis.

Scholar Asserts That Hollywood Avidly Aided Nazis


The representatives from Stop Smart Meters! (UK) share their concerns about adverse health effects from wireless smart meters due to the pulsed microwave radiation that is emitted 24/7 by these meters, up to 190,000 pulses a day - acute effects (insomnia, headaches, nausea, anxiety and depression, fatigue and memory/concentration problems) and chronic effects (including increased risk of cancer, infertility, dementia, immune system dysfunction, damage to fetuses).

Environmental damage from wireless smart meters - RF radiation affecting bees, plants, trees, birds etc and the inherent energy-inefficiency of wireless technology: cybersecurity problems - leaving homes and communities vulnerable to hacking of their smart meters; privacy issues - concerning the masses of real-time data on energy usage collected by the utility company which gives a detailed picture of family life inside a home with a smart meter, who will have access to that data, and how that data will be used.

The specter of higher bills resulting from smart meters - as has been the experience in Canada where 80% of Smart Meter users complain of higher bills within a year of installation, often more that 50% higher.

Stop Smart Meters! (UK)

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Is 'Clown' about Emeli Sandé 'selling her soul' to the elite?

Emeli Sandé’s “Clown”: A Song About Selling Out to the Music Industry?


Hamad (left), who has kidney problems. Tamim (right)

Qatar hosts the largest U.S. air base in the Middle East.

Expatriates, including Americans and Philippinos, form 85 per cent of the population of Qatar.

The Qatar Investment Authority owns Harrods, the US embassy site in London and Miramax Films.

Qatar is one of the few Arab states to have ties with Israel.

Qatar has provided a base for exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, and is home to a newly opened office of Afghanistan's Taliban.

Taliban in Qatar, with US approval.

On 25 June 2013, the ruler of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, was apparently toppled.

Sheikh Hamad overthrew his own father in a bloodless coup in 1995.

"You are next". James Dobbins, US special envoy, meets Sheikh Hamad in Qatar on 23 June 2013. AFP photo.

Sheikh Hamad has played a key role in supporting the rebels in Syria.

Sheikh Hamad helped NATO to wreck Libya.

Sheikh Hamad has helped to prop up President Morsi of Egypt.


Sheikh Hamad has been replaced by his son, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.

On 26 June 2013, Sheikh Tamim said that "As Arabs we reject splitting countries on a sectarian basis ... and because this split allows for foreign powers to interfere in the internal affairs of Arabs and influence them."

Sheikh Tamim steered clear of any mention of Syria.

He instead focused on the Palestinian issue, saying Qatar was committed to its struggle with Israel.

23 June 2013, Kerry meets Hamad in Qatar. 

Sheikh Tamim attended the expensive English private schools Sherborne and Harrow.

In 1998, he graduated from Sandhurst.

In April 2012, it was reported that the military in Qatar had attempted to topple Sheikh Hamad.

Gold spot - $1,227


In the UK, a survey has been carried out by the brand consultancy firm 'Clear'.

The survey covered responses from 20,000 consumers and analysed 678 top brands in 25 categories.

Only 30 per cent of respondents say they would describe the BBC as reliable.

Only 6 per cent of those surveyed said they could depend on Facebook.

Google is down 38 points on the brand desirability scale.

Coca-Cola has fallen 21 per cent.

Britain's least desirable brand is newsagent and book chain WH Smith.

Only 5 per cent describe Ryanair as 'a brand I respect.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.


Top 50 hated brands
3The Sun22.9



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Obama statue...

1. A large number of the world's leaders work for the CIA.

Ron Rewald, a banker, was recruited by the CIA's chief officer in Chicago in 1976.

Rajiv Gandhi

Ron Rewald reported that "millions of dollars in CIA funds ... such as those maintained in the Bank of Hawaii... were used to launder money for the Sultan of Brunei... President Ferdinand Marcos, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Gandhi's son and future Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, and President Suharto of Indonesia."

The Story of Obama: All in the Company by Wayne Madsen -

Madelyn Dunham (right), Stanley Dunham (centre), Ann Dunham (left)

2. Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, was a banker.

She was vice president of the Bank of Hawaii.

"Madelyn Dunham handled ... accounts used to make CIA payments to U.S.-supported Asian dictators like ... President Suharto in Indonesia.

Gough Whitlam

"Grandmother Madelyn's bank also had dealings with another CIA bank, Nugan Hand Bank of Australia, through which the CIA funded the constitutional coup d'etat against Australian Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1975."

The Story of Obama: All in the Company by Wayne Madsen -

The World's biggest Moslem Organisation - the NU

3. A very large number of the world's Moslem organisations work for the CIA.

"A CIA Intelligence Memorandum, formerly Secret and dated July 23, 1966, clearly sees Indonesia's Nahdatul Ulama (NU - the largest Moslem organisation in the world), as a natural ally of the United States and the Suharto regime."

The memorandum states that the NU helped Indonesia's President Suharto murder his opponents - up to one million were assassinated by the Moslem organisation's militia and others.

Obama in Indonesia.

"An April 29, 1966, formerly Secret CIA Intelligence Memorandum states that (in Indonesia): 'Moslem extremists in many instances outdid the army in hunting down and murdering members of the PKI party (Suharto's opponents) and its front groups.'"

The Story of Obama: All in the Company by Wayne Madsen -

Ann Dunham? Brainwashed to become a CIA ass-et?

4. Many of the world's leaders have been brainwashed by the CIA.

Both Barack Obama and his mother Ann Dunham have links to the University of Hawaii which has links to CIA brainwashing.


"A series of formerly Confidential CIA memoranda, dated May 15, 1972, points to the involvement of... the University of Hawaii in the CIA's behavioral science program...

"With the ties of Obama's parents to the University of Hawaii and its links to MKULTRA and ARTICHOKE, a nagging question remains: Is Barack Obama a real-life 'Manchurian Candidate?'"

The Story of Obama: All in the Company by Wayne Madsen -

5. The CIA controls many of the key people in Indonesia.

In 1961, Ann Dunham was caring for her infant son.

From 1963-66, Dunham was re-enrolled at the University of Hawaii. 

Barack Obama, bottom right, with the family of his step-father Lolo Soetoro.

Ann Dunham met Lolo Soetoro at the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii.

"The center had long been affiliated with CIA activities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Obama and Lynn Davis, the daughter of Frank Marshall Davis, reportedly the real father of Obama.

"In 1965, the year that Dunham met and married Soetoro, the center saw a new chancellor take over. He was Howard P. Jones who served a record seven years, from 1958 to 1965, as U.S. ambassador to Indonesia.

"Jones was present in Jakarta as Suharto and his CIA-backed military officers planned the 1965 overthrow of Sukarno..."

The Story of Obama: All in the Company by Wayne Madsen -

Obama in indonesia

Dunham married Lolo Soetoro in March 1965.

Soetoro departed Hawaii for Indonesia on July 20, 1965, some three months prior to the CIA’s coup against Sukarno.

"Soetoro, who served Suharto as an Army colonel, was clearly called back from the CIA-connected East-West Center to assist in the coup against Sukarno, one that would eventually cost the lives of some one million Indonesian citizens."

Obama in Hawaii in 1969

By 1968, Obama's mother was in Indonesia, teaching English for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which is a major cover for CIA activities.

A 1968 book, 'Who's Who in the CIA', published in Berlin, lists CIA agents in countries during the 1950s and 60s:

Jakarta 64
Surabaya 12
Medan 8
Hollandia 1

The Story of Obama: All in the Company by Wayne Madsen -

Barack Obama's grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, with Barack Obama, Sr., at a welcome to Hawaii ceremony. "The presence of two US Navy personnel indicates the plane may have landed at Hickam Air Force Base, an indication of the U.S. government’s and CIA’s role in the Airlift Africa project."

Obama has mistakenly referred to Stanley Armour Dunham as 'his father' in two speeches.

"The photograph of Stanley Armour Dunham with Barack Obama, Sr., indicates that the 'furniture salesman' in Hawaii was, in fact, working with a CIA-funded project to rapidly educate aspiring politicians to serve in post-independence African governments...

Did Obama’s mother go to a private school in Lebanon in the early 1950s while her father worked for the CIA in Beirut?

"There is a strong reason to believe that Stanley Armour Dunham worked in the 1950s for the CIA in the Middle East..."

Barack Obama went to work for the CIA front organisation Business International Corporation (BIC) after his graduation from Columbia University in 1983.

The Story of Obama: All in the Company by Wayne Madsen -

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist. Visit his website.

Above, 'the pagan mystic and occulted mass murderer' General Suharto of Indonesia.

In March 1968, the CIA backed general took power and instituted a 'New Order' in Indonesia.[83]

Around one million Indonesians were murdered as a result of the CIA coup in Indonesia.

The CIA gave Suharto lists of people who were to be killed.

Obama's mother worked for 'CIA front organisations', such as the Ford Foundation.

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