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Kirk Redpath, friend of Michael Adebolajo

The Woolwich terror suspect Michael Adebolajo was best friends with Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath  who was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2007.

Michael was consoled by friends at the funeral of Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath.

Woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo was best friends with a soldier blown up in Basra

Michael may have joined MI5 in 2007. In 2010 he was apparently in Kenya working for MI5.

Michael Adebolajo may have joined MI5 because of what Moslems were doing to his fellow Christians in Nigeria.

Michael grew up in a well-to-to Christian family.

He lived near Kirk Redpath in Romford.

They were classmates at Marshalls Park School.

They spent time at each other's houses after school.

Kirk’s brother Grant has said that Michael was "the most laid-back, nicest guy in the world.

Justine Rigden, a hairdresser, dated Michael.

She has said: "He was really friendly and really polite.... He used to do a bit of MC-ing, rapping....He was just this normal regular boy."

Michael grew up in a Christian home with his three siblings and parents Tina, a social worker, and Anthony, a nurse. 

A church attacked in Nigeria. Michael may have joined MI5 to help counter Islamic extremism.

Michael is from an academic family in West Africa, where Christians are highly unlikely to convert to Islam, unless as a pretence.

Michael attended university and may have been recruited there by MI5.

MI5 may have asked Michael to infiltrate Moslem groups.

100 Moslems killed in a Nigeria mosque attack. 

Many thanks to Carol A. Valentine for the link. Blog of Blogs

Lee Rigby, alleged victim in Woolwich, was a Roman Catholic.

Michael Adebolajo, alleged assassin in Woolwich,  was a Roman Catholic.



Anonymous said...

you cannot condemn the alledged killing of this soldier, without also condemning the 1 million iraqi murders and the libya afghanistan palestine and syria murders bu our soldiers and terrorists we support, and yes these wars are illegal making our soldiers war criminals and not liable for pensions or war injuries
i know i was a soldier but saw the light
adam bloss

Anonymous said...

Paedo probe at Catholic schools: 20 priests and teachers to be quizzed by detectives

School where sitcom Bad Education is filmed is at centre of inquiry as Met police launch investigation after claims of sex abuse dating back to 1950s

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@adam bloss - I dont know what light u saw, mate, but this woolvich story is a false flag, chill out....

Anonymous said...

Adam Bloss is right of course.

Soldiers are murderers for hire,
usually brainwashed, and often war criminals.

But only shills can write such things on Facebook,
Google-plus and Twitter without being censored.

Unknown said...

Thanks Big A. from little c.

Anonymous said...

With each of these false flags there is generally one overwhelming tell.

There may be dozens, or even, as in the case of 9/11, hundreds, of pieces of evidence that the "official" story is a lie, but there is generally one which is so clear that even the most naive can then see the truth.

In 9/11, it was WTC7.

In 7/7, it was the exercise being conducted by Peter Power at exactly the same stations at exactly the same time.

In Sandy Hook, it was the manner of the "parents" in interviews the day after.

In Boston, it was the double amputee being pushed around in wheelchair, still conscious and losing no blood.

And in Woolwich it is the lack of blood on the supposed "terrorists", apart from on their hands, neatly stopping at the wrists.

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