Friday, May 03, 2013


Egypt's president Morsi, put into power by the CIA, wants a war crimes trial for Syria's Assad, whose country is under attack by the CIA.

Egypt's President Morsi criticises Syria's President Assad, while Egypt collapses into chaos.

Lynched. Egypt today.

"Standing... on the Cairo ring road with an AK-47 automatic rifle pressed to his neck, he did not deliberate long before giving in to the three men who, with a spray of gunfire, had forced his Skoda Octavia to the side of the road."


In Egypt, interior ministry officials say that the crime rate has tripled since the 2011 revolution

Under Mubarak, there was virtually no violent crime.

In 2010, under Mubarak, there were 233 armed robberies.

In 2012, under the CIA-controlled Morsi, there were 2,807 armed robberies.

Many incidents go unreported.

Egyptians become victims of soaring crime rate

In 2010, under Mubarak, there were 774 homicides.

In 2012,   there were 2,144 homicides.

Kidnapping for ransom rose from 107 in 2010 to 412 in 2012.

Car thefts increased from 4,973 in 2010 to 21,166 in 2012.

Egypt today


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Lynchages in Egypt

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