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Jim Springer and Jim Lewis

Jim Springer and Jim Lewis were identical twins.

As babies, they were put up for adoption and raised by different families.

Both boys were christened "Jim" by their new parents.

Both had dogs named Toy.

Both married women named Linda, and then divorced them. 

Their second wives were both named Betty. 

Both named their sons James Alan.

Both Jims were part-time sheriffs; both liked doing carpentry; both suffered severe headaches; both smoked Salem cigarettes, and drank Miller Lite beer; both had family vacations in St. Pete Beach in Florida.

Twins. Photo:

This sounds super-natural.

In other words, life is not all due to DNA (heredity) or upbringing.

Is something else at work - such as spirit, or Karma?

Were both Jims sent to Earth to learn the same lessons?

Scientists say that the fundamental objects of physics cannot be regarded as individuals.

All particles are the same.

But, groups of particles may not all be the same.

John (left) and Sam. Photo:

The following contains material from Twins - National Geographic.

John and Sam, aged 6, are identical twins. 

John, doesn't speak much. 

He flaps his hands when excited. 

John has only recently expanded his vocabulary beyond one-word sentences. 

One evening he said: "I want to go swim big pool with Mommy Daddy Sam John." 

Sam reads Greek mythology.

Sam says: "I saw a cumulus congestus cloud at recess today.

"Then it broke up into a nimbostratus."

John (left) and Sam. Photo:

Both John and Sam are autistic.

Research suggests that, when one identical twin is autistic, there's about a 70 percent chance the other will be autistic.

Identical twins come from a single fertilised egg that splits in two.

They have virtually the same DNA, virtually the same genetic code.

According to Dr Danielle Reed:

"Mother Nature writes some things in pencil and some things in pen.

"Things written in pen you can't change. That's DNA. 

"But things written in pencil you can." 

Twins in Germany.

Thomas Bouchard, Jr, a psychologist at the University of Minnesota, has studied twins at his lab in Minneapolis.

Bouchard's team has concluded that DNA (inheritance) is the main factor that decides intelligence.

This goes against the belief of 'behaviorists' that our brains are blank slates waiting to be developed by parents and teachers.

Bouchard points out that parents do have some impact.

Heredity, environment, chance, karma, and free will may be among the factors that affect us all.

Were both Jims sent to Earth to learn the same lessons?

Our other yacht.

Half a million Britons using food banks. What kind of country is this becoming?

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shirlz007 said...

I love these crazy thought provoking articles you throw in to the mix every now and again Aangirfan! :D I remember the two 'Jim's' story from Psychology!

Anonymous said...

perhaps read James Hillman's The Soul's Code: character and calling.

It is a thought provoking booking that deplores the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for its reductionist motivation in understanding human behaviours.

He also downplays the parental fallacy.

We are all here to discover our gifts and purpose for being here.
As such, our society's 'institutions' have largely failed us. I now know of course, that that is precisely the intention.

I think when James Hillman wrote this book (published 1996), most of us were unaware of the Big Plan by the uber elite to control Planet Earth.
Now we wonder why our kids are sick and dying....
we must all do our 'thing' to stand up to all thugs and all thuggery.
Do not be afraid

Fearless like Aangirfan xx

Anonymous said...


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