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Bill Roache (left) has been arrested on suspicion of raping a young girl in 1967. Thatcher, on the right, always seemed to be surrounded by alleged child abusers.

In May 2013, Margaret Thatcher's party, the Conservatives, performed rather badly in local elections.

The Thatcher funeral, in April 2013, reminded lots of voters that Thatcher got it all wrong, especially on the economy.

Thatcher with Conservative Member of Parliament Nigel Evans who has just been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two teenage males. Deputy Speaker Arrested On Suspicion Of Rape

Oxford historian David Priestland recently wrote about Thatcher:

History Magazine

"Since 2008, it has become increasingly evident that she did not lay the foundations for a prosperous Britain...

"It was only in 2008 that the true economic state of affairs became evident : the model built by Thatcher was being sustained by debt."

Thatcher. (Geoffrey White / Daily Mail / Rex Features)

David Priestland, referring to the economic problems of the 1970s, writes:

"Some governments - like the Germans and the Swedish - sought to create a social consensus behind a programme of gradual restructuring...

"But Thatcher, like her fellow militant Ronald Reagan, ... accelerated ... the 'deindustrial revolution'."

Thatcher and Reagan.

Britain's growth rate in the 1960s, before Thatcher, averaged well over 3%, in spite of strikes.

The average growth rate between 1979 and 1990, under Thatcher, was well below 3%, and, according to Priestland: "would probably have been lower without the North Sea oil windfall."


Because of high unemployment under Thatcher, productivity rose temporarily.

But, in Germany, productivity rose more than twice as much, and they didn't have the high unemployment!

Child abuser Savile was invited to stay with Thatcher many Christmases in a row. 

Historian Dominic Sandbrook writes of Thatcher:

History Magazine

"She promised to restore law and order, yet she presided over the worst riots Britain has ever seen.

Thatcher's gay friend DEREK LAUD

"She talked of bringing back Victorian values, yet her decade in office saw divorce, abortion and illegitimacy reach unprecedented heights...

"She unleashed casino capitalism..."

"Public spending actually rose in all but two of her years in office."

Austerity is not necessarily the answer when an economy is in touble.

Howe and Thatcher

"In late 1979, Thatcher's economic minister Sir Geoffrey Howe told Thatcher that inflation was unlikely to fall below about 15 per cent.

"What actually happened in 1979-1981 was that the monetary targets were always overshot and inflation raced away regardless.

"The most obvious effect of the high interest rates that were supposed to tame M3 was, instead, to push up the sterling exchange rate, pricing British manufacturing exports out of world markets."

Sir Geoffrey Howe then introduced a policy of severe austerity.

Alleged child abuser Sir Peter Morrison (left) was Thatcher's closest aide.

Economists Paul de Grauwe and Yuemei Ji have pointed out that Eurozone countries that have introduced the most severe austerity since 2010 have experienced the largest falls in GDP and hence the greatest increases in debt to GDP ratios.

Panic-driven austerity in the Eurozone and its implications | vox


The Thatcher government pocketed "one-off gains from the sale of public assets as current income.

"Together with the tax receipts from North Sea oil (again a temporary bonanza), this pushed the budget briefly into surplus at the peak of the boom under chancellor Nigel Lawson in the late 1980s.

"After the resignation of Lawson in 1989, and of Thatcher a year later, later chancellors were left to repair their financial legacy."


Anonymous said...

Deputy speaker in Parliament (Conservative) arrested on sex charges.

Source Martin Brunt Sky.

shirlz007 said...

Nigel Lawson did give the world NIGELLA!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Guantanamo Prisoners’ Attorney Andy P. Hart: Suicide or Murder?

Anonymous said...

Celebrity after celebrity being arrestred/charged for indecencies... that's all you hear in the MSM now. People will get sick of it, but the problem won't go away... and it's being done by design too.

And where are the politicians in the MSM being arrested/charged?

Have our [s]elected leaders 'learnt' their lessons from the Profumo affair? Keep the public distracted with celebrities whilst the higher echelons of power get away with whatever they want out of public view.

Like chemtrails, always look up... not down.

Anonymous said...

Re: Profumo, There is apparently an expose book to be published in the USSR, 'Check To The House Of Windsor' (one presumes it's a check for money referred to?) revealing the real reasons behind Profumo/Ward, naming D of Edinburgh as main villain. The author says he's seen porn photos of the Royals given to Ivanov by Ward, and via other Red spies in the UK. Ivanov was very proud of his coups.

Tried to google, but no references to this book, the publishing house exists though. (Kuchkovo Pole in Moscow). Either they haven't begun the print run yet or their trying to frighten the Royals into 'buying the rights to the book'. Ahem...

My research does indicate such photos were seen in UK, prints hanging to dry in a darkroom, door left ajar for ventilation. Trying to locate actual witness, but after 50 years and her not known by her real name...

Rumours a KGB guy stole photos and documents and tried to defect, but Putin went bonkers and hunted him down, recovering it all. The thief 'disappeared'.

We can but await with baited breath?

Anonymous said...

All the Search and Seizure laws that these polititian idiots foolishly voted for. They didn't mind because they never thought it would apply to them. Aside from the seriousness of the accused crime, which if true is apalling and I hope Justice is swift ,it is poetic justice.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I promise I am literate, "politician" not polititian. Furthermore, perhaps appalling has two p's.

Anonymous said...

Excellent summary of Thatcher's disasterous economic policies.

Even one of the Tory Grandees accused her of selling the family silver....

Anonymous said...

Margo really BUGGERED UK to the hilt. Even right to the very end. The barbie cost millions!!!

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