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David Icke on defeating the BAD GUYS without violence.

Coming together.

Meanwhile in Watford:

What is going on?


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shirlz007 said...

Martin Luther King - A philosophy based upon dreams and hopes
Malcolm X - A philosophy based upon reason and rationality

'It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence.'
Mahatma Gandhi

'Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable' JFK

Mass peaceful non-compliance is only setting us up for the slaughter...

Anon said...

Dear Shirlz007,

The trolls want us to be violent.

If we are violent, we descend to their level, and end up with a nasty dictatorship.

Tune in to the Tao and avoid extremes.

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Dub said...

Not only did the Praetorian guard of the Saudis cover their faces, it was also the custom of the Japanese Ninja.

shirlz007 said...

thankyou! Ive been pointed to Tao before! and meditation! :D the events in Woolwhich London are a perfect example of what happens when extremist views take hold, and we can presume it will be used in their favour.

Anonymous said...

agreeing with Shirlz007.
Do we have convincing examples of non-violent liberations of oppressed people?
Could it be, that Icke has an agenda to influence the masses in accepting their culling without self-defense? HeinzKissinger is rumored tho have said, "the number of people has to be adapted to the remaining energy reserves, if the remaining reserves can't be adapted to the number of people".
Are David and Heinz from the same tribe??

Anonymous said...

@anon 6:34

". . . we descend to their level . . ."

nor rise to its occasion
already occurred.

". . . and end up with a nasty dictatorship."


Anonymous said...

IN the second video, not being a local, what is the implication in the narrator's reaction to "Shillington"?

Anonymous said...

The second video, visiting the Grove in Watford (the one with "Shillington" at the 3-4 minute mark, is very entertaining:

It would never happen that way in the USofA because:

-- here the cops aren't anywhere near that patient, that informed, or that reserved in their willingness to press the issue with direct confrontation or some level of violence;

-- here we wouldn't find that many journalists or bloggers who are that well-equipped or versatile with their equipment, or that well informed, or that prepared to extend the matter with dialogue alone, or that cool under pressure.

In America, you would probably have a multi-vehicle response within minutes, and likely a fractured camera if not a fractured camera-man.

My compliments to all if this was not staged.

Anon said...

Do we have convincing examples of violent liberations of oppressed people?

The Peasants' Revolt in England was a failure - But life did get better for the peasants because the shortage of labour, caused by the plague, led to an increase in wages.

The English Revolution which toppled Charles I - led to civil war and the dictatorship of Cromwell.

The French Revolution - led to mass murder, many years of war, dictatorship by Napoleon and finally a return to the Monarchy.

The American Revolution - led to years of poverty and rule by Freemasons.

The Russian Revolution - led to Stalin and Gulags.

The Tunisian Revolution, part of the Arab Spring - has led to the destruction of a liberal and prosperous country.

Do we have convincing examples of non-violent liberations of oppressed people?

During the 19th century, various reformers (eg Wilberforce, Shaftesbury, trade union leaders) convinced people of the need for reform (eg. ending the slave trade, improved conditions for workers, giving more people the vote).

Icke is making the point that people should educate themselves, unite, and withdraw support from the bad guys.

Shillington - shills.

Anon said...

There is always 'good' and 'bad'.

If we turn to violence, we create more violence.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875-1961) said in Memories, Dreams, Reflections:

"Natural history tells us of a haphazard and casual transformation of species over hundreds of millions of years of devouring and being devoured...

"But the history of the mind offers a different picture.

"Here the miracle of reflecting consciousness intervenes."

Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

I wrote a thing once that's kind of germane to the topic. If I were to make it more germane it would be along the lines of it's all about perception. And that being the case, then nothing else matters. You win the perception: you win.

Take Gandhi for instance. What if the media had frozen him out? What good would his non-violence have done then? All of his people could have been slaughtered and the motherfuckers could have carried on like nothing happened and with nobody the wiser.

The flipside is the Naxalite rebellion. They're fighting. And the media ignores them, and sure enough the motherfuckers carry on with their extermination.

Do, Don't Do, each is as crap as the other if no one knows. There's only one magick and it's that of the many-minds juju.

This is a discussion of winning and losing you understand. One's personal trip is a whole other conversation.

Oh, and the maybe-interesting piece is here.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Second thoughts,

The other half of the equation pivots on what the death cult tells us by way of their bloc-media. It's perfectly possible to determine what the media wants us to do. That's why they put it there. For mine, they want us to respond violently. V For Vendetta anyone? But we could talk about this, that, and the other all day long.

The key is to do what isn't in the media, ie. what they're scared of and have thus disappeared from our screens. And that's a bit of a toughie. What isn't in the media? Because whatever it is, that's what we should do.

In this regard John Lennon was a complete genius. Billboards in Times Square saying 'war is over if you want it' - bloody brilliant. Did they see that coming? It's no wonder they killed him. What's being rolled out now has been scheduled for decades - even back in the eighties they knew Lennon, with his lethal combination of intelligence, charisma, and incorruptibility, would be a threat.

But never mind him, as for us non-musical, moneyless, and charisma-free nobodies well... I guess we just do what we can. As long as we remember it's all about perception. Don't give them the fight they want. Hell, don't give them any fight at all. My recruiting slogan - Join the un-army!

Very good. I join the un-army, un-fight the war, and un-defeat the un-enemy. Three cheers for not making sense! They certainly won't see that coming.

best etc. etc.

Anon said...

"Join the un-army!"

Exactly correct.

As Icke might say, the bad guys are in trouble if we withdraw support from the TV, newspapers, military, products of certain big corporations etc.

War is over if we all want it over.

What went wrong in Northern Ireland was that people went to war using street protests.

Then some idiots tried violence, not realising that the IRA and all the rest were being run by the spooks.

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