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Dominic is age seven.

"Dominic is a lovely boy, but last year he started getting agitated and aggressive. He was doing badly at school and then he got into a fight," says Dominic's mother.

"Boston Bomb victim."

"More than 145,000 New York City kids between the ages of 6 and 12 - about 20 percent of the population - struggle with mental health conditions."

Twenty percent of New York pre-teens have mental issues — RT USA

In the USA a survey has found that, in children under six years of age, the rate of mental disabilities has nearly doubled over the last ten tears.

In children under six years of age the rate of neurodevelopmental and mental health disabilities nearly doubled over the study period from 19 cases to 36 cases per 1,000 children.

The survey conducted was carried out by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Have bad parents taken over children...

Professor Amy Houtrow of University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine said: 'Nearly six million kids had a disability in 2010 - almost one million more than in 2001.'

Families with incomes 300 percent above the federal poverty level - around $66,000 for a family of four - had a 28 percent increase in children with disabilities.

The CIA's Strategy of Tension involves carrying out acts of terrorism, such as the Bologna Bombing.

Possible causes of the increase in mental problems among pre-teens could include:

1. Vaccinations, unsafe medications and various pollutants.

2. Children being exposed to 'terror' on TV and online.

The US government would appear to be following a 'Strategy of Tension', using incidents such as 9 11, Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombings to get people scared and easier to control.

3. Poor parenting. Working mothers. Parents spoiling and neglecting their children. Stressed parents.

4. Inaccurate diagnosis.

5. Drugs companies wanting to sell more pills.

6. Mind control operations by government agencies.

Elizabeth Taylor Slept With Reagan and Jfk, According ... - Aangirfan

A Sheep No More | Facebook...

In the US, UK and Australia, the incidence of mental illness in both children and adults almost doubled between the early 1980s and 2000. 


Oliver James, in his book 'The Selfish Capitalist: The Origins of Affluenza' claims that selfish capitalism is a major cause of the decline in our mental health. 

(The big question By genre Guardian Unlimited Books)

Oliver James states that the people of the selfish capitalist, English-speaking nations (US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand) are twice as likely to suffer mental illness as those from mainland western Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain., Holland, Belgium).

What causes mental illness, according to Oliver James, is the combination of lack of money with a selfish culture of consumerism that places a high value on possessions, money, appearances and fame.

There Are No Bad Children, Only Bad...

According to James, selfish capitalism encourages people to be greedy consumers and workaholics.

And when people fail to become as rich as Bush or Blair, they may become mentally ill.

James suggests that we need leaders who will help the poor and reduce consumerism. This will reduce mental illness and help save the planet from ecological disaster.

James refers to an "invisible hand" which attempts to control our minds.

Oliver James

According to someone who worked in a psychiatric hospital:

"Patients had 'events' mostly on days when visited by... 'loving, supportive families'.

"One girl in her twenties, who was before that time a school teacher, climbed the wall when she was told her mother was coming to visit her that day.

"Climbing the wall is an understatement, she became inhuman - not a pretty sight."

Comment by a member of the public on The Genes Don't Fit, by Oliver James, 16/10/2010, New Statesman (Read more)

Why are so many Americans mentally ill?

1. Psychologist Oliver James has analysed the behaviour of George W Bush

"Barbara Bush is described by her closest intimates as prone to 'withering stares' and 'sharply crystalline' retorts.

"She is also extremely tough.

"When he was seven, Bush's younger sister, Robin, died of leukaemia and several independent witnesses say he was very upset by this loss.

"Barbara claims its effect was exaggerated but nobody could accuse her of overreacting: the day after the funeral, she and her husband were on the golf course."

Read more

Not America. By AquaticApe

2. According to UK psychologist Oliver James:

"The closer a nation approximates to the American model ... the greater the rate of mental illness amongst its citizens".

According to Oliver James, Americanism means, for example:

1. Women rejecting the role of the mother.

2. Television corrupting people.

3. Children spending too much time at school.

(OLIVER JAMES INTERVIEWED (2004): If You're Happy and You Know It)

Where the flowers go to sleep....
What happened to the parents? By N A Y E E M

3. Oliver James has written 'How Not to F*** Them Up'.

"Basically I was fucked up by my mother," says Oliver James.

"She had four children under the age of five and found it difficult to cope.

"Often, I was left crying in my pram at the bottom of the garden."

(Oliver James: It's all about you - Profiles, People - The Independent)

4. "Christmas time," explains Oliver James, "is a fixed ritual setting which triggers historic enmities like nothing else.

"The culmination of all these; in the form of present-giving, the pecking order at the table, who does the washing-up, means the shit really hits the fan at this time of year.

"People revert back to being a child without realising it."

To avoid the usual tensions ... Oliver James suggests that we identify what role we occupy in our family, then do the exact opposite.

(Jingle hell: Stories from those who avoid christmas.)

African Boy with Asperger syndrome
By kingdomany. "This boy was born with Asperger syndrome. He was often bullied by elder kids and even grown-ups. We bought some biscuits for him but the elder kids and grown-ups came to rob him every several minutes when we were not beside. I protected him until he finished the biscuits. That last day, when we were leaving, that boy saw me in the minibus and waved his hands excitedly. I was so happy he remembered me."

5. Oliver James is in favour of 'love bombing' for children.

He argues that feeling loved is a better remedy than dishing out rules and punishment.

"In fact, feeling loved is far more important for childhood discipline than rule-making and punishment.

"At the heart of the matter is that a sense of being satisfied only comes from having demands met - needy, aggressive behaviour comes from feeling dissatisfied."

(Love bombing kids to get happy results thetelegraph.com.au)


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Wall to Wall Zio


Mad dog Israel trying to force US hand on Syria


Syrian Government Statement in Response to Israeli Airstrikes in Damascus


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Rockefeler paid kinsey to produce crap about childrens sexuality, rockefeller also paid the psychologist dr spock to say children did not need love just food and warmth
this nonsence was later parodied in the startrek progs by captain kirks pal Spock, who was incapable of any emotion, studies show kids who are lovedby two parents a man and a woman
grow up not criminal and not backward on most cases by far

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giark65 has left a new comment on your post "PRETEENS NEED LOVE":

Started listening to Tami Pepperman and she nailed the family structure dissociations and politician pedos in the states...

Appreciating your inputs.

Abel Danger

CanSpeccy said...

Many factors are likely behind epidemic of diagnosed mental illness. In addition to factors you mention may be the well established decline in mineral nutrient content of fruit and vegetables over the last 50 years, the removal of minerals from city water supplies and the promotion of junk/fast food mainly grease, corn starch and corn syrup, i.e., no minerals.

In particular, magnesium deficiency affects the majority of the N. American population. Probably the same Europe.

I hope to do a post about this in the next few days giving some details and references.

Anonymous said...

I propose that there is nothing wrong at all with "the children" short of the fact that they are struggling to learn how to express the full range of human emotions in a society that views emotions as verboten.

We persist in adhering to some robotic mechanistic model of human consciousness which is false false false. Man is not a machine. Brain is not mind. Consciousness is larger than the physical limits of a human skeleton and epidermis.

But children and adults alike are made to feel flawed and broken and wrong because they feel at a deep soul level that our society shuns innate human creativity and human expression but they lack the words and support to articulate what their being is screaming.

Ve cannot have anyzing but calm, happiness for zee people ya?

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