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Newspaper tycoon Eddy Shah with Margaret Thatcher, who was reportedly a friend of a number of child abusers, including Sir Jimmy Savile.

Eddy Shah has written books about an agent of the CIA.

The mid 1990s
Central Intelligence Agency 
Langley Virginia.

Eddy Shah : Works 

A court has been told that the UK newspaper tycoon Eddy Shah had a 14 year-old girl as a sex slave.

The court was told that the girl was sold to Shah by Susan Davies.

Susan Davies

The girl has told a jury that she was forced to perform sex acts on Shah at top London hotels.

Shah is on trial along with Susan Davies and her former lover Anthony Pallant.

Susan Davies and Anthony Pallant are also accused of raping the girl.

Anthony Pallant

The girl says she was forced into a threesome with Shah and Davies.

The girl says that she first met Shah at the Grosvenor House Hotel.

The court has heard how Susan Davies gave the girl a bra, a pair of knickers and a suspender belt on her twelfth birthday and joined in when she was made to have sex with Pallant.

Shah, Davies and Pallant are charged with 13 separate sex attacks on the girl between 1991 and 1995.

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Anonymous said...

no other details on this girl? Where was her family? How did she end up in susan davies' hands? Was she an orphan or her family was scummy and subsequently she was institutionalized?

Ann Diamond said...

Anonymous said...

Claude Covassi won’t be releasing his investigation on the PJAK and the KLA
Claude Covassi, founder of M├ęcanopolis, died at the age of 42.

A Swiss domestic intelligence officer (Service for Analysis and Prevention), he had been tasked to infiltrate the Muslim Brotherhood (Operation Memphis).

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