Sunday, May 05, 2013


Wherever you look, you see Moslems killing Moslems, on behalf of Israel.

Little Israel is surrounded by millions and millions of Moslems, but these Moslems are no threat to Israel's control of Palestine, because these Moslems are so easily manipulated into fighting each other.

Tunisia destroyed itself when its military, working for the CIA, dumped Ben Ali's government of efficient technocrats.

In Syria, the CIA's al Qaeda Moslems have been killing innocent Syrian Moslems.

And Israel has been committing war crimes by bombing Damascus.

Najib wins.

But wait, there is good news.

The good people of Malaysia have ignored the CIA-Mossad propaganda and re-elected the party that has brought them peace and prosperity.

The Malaysians are so much better educated than the Arabs!


Anonymous said...

The Hypocrisy of Ban Ki-moon about Israel’s Attacks on Syria

Israel Used Depleted Uranium on Syria

Like Russia, Bolivia Expels USAID for Supporting Political Destabilization Activities

Turkish Officials are using Syrians for Organ Harvesting

Beirut condemns Israel’s repeated violations of international law, use of Lebanon’s airspace to strike Syria

Israel Bombs Syria: Drumbeats of the Start of a Regional War?

Israel’s attacks have opened the door “to all possibilities” in the Middle East: Regional War in the Horizon?

Iran: Obama Approved the Israeli Attack on Syria

Kal Dani said...

The writing was on the wall when they betrayed president Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi people. Shame.

Anonymous said...

We can not say that Arabs are less educated. Otherwise, you can say the same of European, American and also Israeli. They are unable to choose representatives with a brain and coeur.Des representatives who are more attentive to the needs of the people. Economic, social level ... Arab Syria support their president, whereas they exposed to international pressure. This is proof that we have an education. Algerians are also mobilized against the annexation of their country. And they are also Arab. Everything depends on the information they have access and activism.

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