Thursday, May 16, 2013


Like any large city Moscow features many gay cruising areas.

Newspapers have suggested that the 'CIA spy' Ryan Fogle was trying to gain information about the Boston marathon bombers.

Report: Alleged CIA spy in Russia probing Boston bombings

One assumes that the CIA knows that one of the 'Boston bombers' had meetings with the CIA and not with the FSB. 


So, Fogle was not trying to find out what the CIA already knows.

Gay spy Burgess.

Fogle was reportedly trying to recruit a Russian spy, an FSB agent who specialized in Islamic extremism in Russia.

The Islamic extremists in Russia are financed by the CIA.

"It is thought that" the Russian agent was part of a team "which provided intelligence to the United States about an extremist threat in 2011."

Fogle was caught in Vorontsovski Park, an area in south-east Moscow.


Ben. Not Ryan.


Dublinmick said...

Guy looks a little like rocking Rod Stewart.

andy said...

that is a striking resemblance, welcome t to the twilight zone..

Anonymous said...

Check pics of Ryan Fogle vs Raymond Davis
Is this the approved costume of junior spies? We'll discover Fogle was acting head of the CIA in Russia.
Fogle allegedly was using email address for Stratfor, one of the many private intelligence services that are cashing in big-time on the war on terror.

There are now so many US agencies throwing each under the bus -- CIA, State, IRS, FBI, Justice, DHS, Boston police, and the various mafia factions that as Judy Garland said to her little puppy, "Hold on, we're in for a bumpy ride."
Or maybe it was Michael Jackson's advice to his bunkies.

Anonymous said...

Aaang, it's Off-Topic, BUT:
Deals with the story of Eugene Dinkin and confirms what is written in 'Final Judgment' ...OAS French sniper in Dallas?

Info - Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy [Michael Collins Piper]

The OAS: France's Secret Army, 1961-1963 | Suite101

Anonymous said...

I don't get it - why is there a picture of Ben Fogle. Is this some kind of subliminal message?

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