Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Turkey's 'secretly Jewish' prime minister, Recep Erdogan, is in trouble.

In Turkey, there have been anti-Erdogan protests, for three days in a row, in the town hit by two car bombs.

Many people blame Erdogan, and his Mossad allies, for organising the blasts as part of a false flag operation.

Erdogan's friends. TURKEY'S ERDOGAN IS JEWISH. The Erdogan family secretly does business with Israel. Erdogan's Son Does Business With Israel...

According to the Associated Press on 13 May 2013:

"Some Turks accused their leader of putting the nation's security at risk by backing the rebels fighting Syria's government."

Turkey's Syria policies are criticized as Erdogan prepares to meet with Obama

President Assad is popular throughout most of Syria.

Currently he is winning the war.

The Syrian rebels, who are gangsters working for Mossad and the CIA, are much hated.

Syrians losing patience, confidence in revolution - USA Today

The Syrians do not want Syria to become a series of small gangster states, which would, like Saudi Arabia and Kosova, be corrupt colonies of the USA and Israel.


shirlz007 said...

The splitting up of Syria and the creation of 'The Alawi Republic of Latakia'?

Anonymous said...

The International Cabal has achieved a regional crisis, spanning from Eastern Turkey to Baghdad, Iraq. Center of this crisis is Syria.

Far east are the southern limits of Russia, that keeps an eye on Al-Assad simply because next syrian government could take a step closer to the west.

Far South, the remnants of the Persian Empire, the Iranian State that showed the world the strenght of his Revolutionary Army against Iraq.

The smart ones behind all of these crisis - remember Georgia's Saakashvili? - should really check the map and stop their warmonger's frenzy.

KPatrickRyan said...

Hi Aangers -

Came across this earlier today and had to pass it on to you since you're the finest bloggers at linking together the sexual abuse of children in Europe and the US -

It is an interview from '74 with the musician and producer Brian Eno. In it, he brags of his pornography collection.

More interesting is this quote:

That he's considered to be a film star of sorts in a few very 'elite' circles. - Any chance of him making a comeback to the Screen?

"Some of the movies I did were very funny - they had to pretend to have a plot. Ha ha.

Now, of course, it is the unpublicized films known to 'elite circles' that has me curious....

Don't know if his name has popped up during your investigations, but you might reference this for down the road.


Cheers -

K Patrick

Anonymous said...

"Currently he is winning the war."

Are we really sure about this? IMHO, nobody is winning that war. The place is been torn apart. It is an un-winnable war. When this is over, Syria will just be a pile of ruble.

Anonymous said...

"Israel Tells Russia They Will Wipe Out Syria If Assad Attacks"

Anonymous said...

There’s a fascinating book by Zbigniew Brzezinski, formerly National Security Advisor to President Carter, called The Grand Chessboard, published in 1997. There Dr. Brzezinski, obviously a brilliant man, articulates the core of America’s geopolitical agenda.

In essence: For America to retain its standing as the paramount military, political, and economic power in the world it must exercise a controlling influence in Eurasia (the broad expanse of the European and Asian continents).

“About 75 per cent of the world’s people live in Eurasia, and most of the world’s physical wealth is there as well, both in its enterprises and underneath its soil. Eurasia accounts for 60 per cent of the world’s GNP and about three fourths of the world’s known energy resources.”

And on the grand chessboard of Eurasia, the fate of the Middle East—southeast of Europe … northeast of Africa … south of Russia and the former Soviet Union … west of India and China … (and right in the middle of the world’s largest known reserves of oil)—is obviously crucial.

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