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Pistol Packing Pandas | Facebook.

The internet has been used to expose false flag operations.

The internet has been used by the CIA to promote its propaganda.

Google's Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen. CIA Money Launched Google

What happens next?

Google's Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen have written "The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business." 

Engine of humanity: 'The New Digital Age' - - Financial Times

According to Schmidt and Cohen:

1. Most people are moderates and the internet allows moderates to work together for peace.

2. "Generally speaking, connectivity encourages and enables altruistic behaviour."

Unfortunately, the internet helped the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood to wreck Tunisia.

Unfortunately, the internet is being 'balkanised'.

Google increasingly directs people to particular sites, according to their supposed interests. Google Allegedly Manipulating Search Results Favoring Big Brands ... / The Dark World of Google Manipulation. | The Hive

Some Islamophobe in Boston, for example, may be directed to sites that spew out lies about the recent bombings.

There is very obvious censorship of the internet in China.

In the USA and in Europe the process is more subtle.

The Motive Behind the Boston False...

According to Schmidt and Cohen:

Information, like water, will inevitably find a way around barriers placed in its path.

But, Egypt provides an unpleasant example of this, as the Egyptians were able to find the CIA propaganda, aimed against President Morsi.

Richard Waters, in the Financial Times, reminds us that "the Nazis used the information technology of their day to great effect." ...

According to Schmidt and Cohen:

The internet has the advantage of 'decentralised architecture' and 'anonymity'.

This makes it hard to control. 

However, as Schmidt and Cohen admit, the internet records a lot of information about us, and stores it for ever.

This provides a tool for tyrants.

The CIA likes to use the internet to attack truthseekers?

According to Schmidt and Cohen:

Tyrannical governments can use certain websites as 'venting spaces', where members of the public can ineffectually vent their anger.

You have probably seen websites that allow people to blame Israel for such events as the Battle of Banquan, or that allow people to blame Iran for the Lockerbie Bombing.

Richard Waters, in the Financial Times, asks if "the Facebook generation will be too apathetic to use the new-found power at its disposal."

insane> - Yuba City, CA - T...

Richard Waters refers to Henry Kissinger who attacks the "mad consensus" of certain people online.

Kissinger tells Schmidt and Cohen: "Unique leadership is a human thing, and it is not going to be produced by a mass social community." 

In other words, the internet alone cannot topple someone like Ben Ali of Tunisia.

You also need lots of snipers working for the likes of the Pentagon and NATO.

You also need leaders like Obama, and bankers to back them.

"The Facebook generation will be too apathetic to use the new-found power at its disposal."

Richard Waters, of the FT, warns that attempts by governments to control the internet have only just begun!

How do you spot a  conspiracy blog that's run by the spooks?

Such a blog never blames the CIA or Pentagon for organising such things as pedophile rings, mind control operations or people power revolutions.


Anonymous said...

Great post! This is the theme for those who do not align to the official rumors, as sheep align to a barking dog. Privacy by evasion: forget main social frauds, go to IRC instead. Run your own webserver.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Michael Parenti on the 'Make-Believe Media'

dublinsmick said...


Zhohar looks more Jewish than Moses in my opinion.

KPatrickRyan said...

Well, that was a depressing read...

The majority won't give a damn if the internet is regulated. After all, it will be done for safety's sake. I fully expect to see an act of 'terrorism' that's linked to the internet soon. Something like all bank accounts being debited 10% of their balance across the country or even world. Such an act, we'll be told, was conceived by Muslim cavemen and now they're rich! We must save ourselves from the internet! Or a launch of missiles blamed on a hacker. Whatever it may be, something will be done to frighten people of this medium and provide an adequate excuse for a new, worldwide oversight body.

My 2 cents, in keeping with the depressing theme : )

Anonymous said...

The Cabal is always leading the apparent opposition to itself.
Exceptions are either marginalised, bought or eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Check this out:

Anonymous said...


yes. whether an intel-financial-military Hack, such Bankers will in fact 'B the Opposition' WorldWide

yet am afraid most feared, murkin, will be their trigger --miracle mile-- pulled upon timing of flashmobs. racial

nevermind, B4WW, fully stoking while ffurther burning such ethnic trix as is their usual divide et regere

BBut . . . internet terrism . . . perhaps the worst, both as profit and perversion, this's the switch they'll pull, from ongoing-control2total kill-off : closed :

Anonymous said...

Wake up one morning and you're a criminal, your devices awash with videos, images, timestamps proving you were in possession of said device at that time and location.

When you communicate to another human via a smart device, it is the 2 devices necessary communicating with each other. You are just the end user.

When a product is free, I.e a phone or netbook etc.on a contract. You become the product.

All of the above would be fine if the devices in your pocket worked even 51% for you, the consumer.

But they do not. You think you control the apps? The connection? The data? The images you ttake of family and friends? Private videos, sms messages?

You do not.

Wake up, commercially available technology is just that.

Commercial. Designed to break, designed to fail, designed.10 years ago....

If you only knew what you could have...

But how would they control you if you didn't need their technology to communicate?

Go down the pub and talk to a stranger ? Are.those Google glass he's recording you and checking out your social media with...??

Think this is crazy? How hot would your hand get typing this out on a radioactive smartphone?

No seriously, how long and would it start tingling and feeling odd....??

Unknown said...

Thats fine, the best way of outing these assholes is word of mouth. If you have an opinion, why not post leaflets through doors too and put up banners everywhere. Yes they will take them down but just keep putting new ones up!! Be persistant and do not give up. The more people know the more power they have to change things.

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