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East Indies

Joost was in line for one of the very top jobs.

But Joost was accused of having tried to seduce a man.

Joost was then murdered.

His rival got the top job.

From the Amsterdam Chamber of the VOC.

Joost Schouten worked for the Dutch East India Company, the VOC.

The VOC encouraged its employees to marry Indonesian women.

This resulted in many divorces and abandoned children.

Those who did not want to marry Indonesians made use of prostitutes.

Sin and Sodomy in the Dutch East Indies

Dutch East Indies.

Many of the employees of the VOC were single and gay.

Asian societies were tolerant of gay people.

Holland was controlled by the Calvinists.

John Calvin (1509–1564) was the classic fundamentalist.

Apparently, Calvin was Jewish, gay and a sadist.

In Holland, in the 17th century, the Calvinists beheaded lots of gay people.

Gay victims of the Calvinists in Holland.

Joost Schouten worked for a time with the VOC in Siam (Thailand) 

In 1640 he was in Batavia (Jakarta), as a member of the Council of the Indies.

He helped to organise Abel Tasman's expedition to the South Seas.

He was rewarded by having Schouten Island, off the east coast of Tasmania, named after him.


By mid-1644, Joost would have known that he had a strong chance of becoming the next governor-general.

In mid-1644, Joost is alleged to have tried to start a sexual relationship with a Frenchman living in Jakarta (Batavia).

Sin and Sodomy in the Dutch East Indies


Joost gave presents to the Frenchman.

The Frenchman went to see the governor-general, Antonio van Diemen, and revealed that Joost had tried to seduce him.

The governor-general told the Frenchman to arrange a meeting with Joost.

The governor-general arranged for his colleague Paulus Crocq and a sergeant-major to break into Joost's house and hide in Joost's bedroom.

Antonio van Diemen


Joost returned to his house, with the Frenchman, and again tried to seduce the young man.

The two men hiding behind the bed leapt out and arrested Joost.

Joost confessed that he had allowed himself to be 'used as a woman' two or three times by a man from Amsterdam, since deceased, while travelling on a boat between Aceh and Malacca in 1641.

Joost confessed that, later, he had committed similar 'vile and gruesome acts' with several other men, the latest of whom had reported him to the authorities.

The court which tried Joost implied that the Frenchman had slept with Joost.

If the Frenchman had really slept with Joost, it is very unlikely that he would reported the matter, for fear of being executed.

Batavia - Jakarta

Joost was sentenced to be strangled at the stake, and his dead body burnt.

The governor-general, Antonio van Diemen, confirmed the court's verdict.

Joost reportedly asked to appear before the judges again in order to confess to further sins.

He said that he had been with more men in Batavia, Siam and other places.

He named 19 men, most of them already deceased or departed from the East Indies.

Two exceptions were Jan van Cleef, a soldier, and Pieter Egbertsz van der Kruyfe, a burgher of Batavia.

Both were arrested and executed.

Cornelis van der Lijn

Van Diemen's successor as governor-general was Cornelis van der Lijn, who had been one of the five judges at Schouten's trial.

One of the other judges was Paulus Crocq, the man who had allegedly hidden behind the bed.

Joost lived at a time when top people in the VOC kept prostitutes.

Sin and Sodomy in the Dutch East Indies

The very gay William III, Prince of Orange

Gay King Billy


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